The Elusive Search for a Cure for Ringworm…

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and now on to the Ringworm Cure Search is On…

I tried what the vet gave me

I think the antibiotics she was given after her surgeries may have contributed to the ringworm… which is a fungus…

I tried tinactin

I tried aloe vera, plant and juice

I tried tea tree oil (seemed too strong so I stopped)

I give her yogurt, she loves yogurt, and probiotics to give her tummy the good bacteria she needs (the vet gave her biodophilus)…

one pet lady person keeps calling and emailing me to shell out a hundred or more bucks for a whole blue algae product supplements… which I have not tried…

I tried vinegar

her paws may be itchy, she keeps licking at them either out of boredom or itchdom, so the vet suggested that I immerse her paws in vinegar for 10 minutes, yeah, sure, right, lots of luck with that … have you ever tried to immerse a 50 pound dog in anything? hah! I have been able to pour some vinegar on her toes and swab them with vinegar soaked cotton balls… but immerse her, in what universe?

I am giving her vitamin c and magnesium in her doggy food, plus olive leaf, and oregano oil (herbal capsules)…

and the vet also gave me iodine gel, which took away the bruising, she bruised herself last Sunday, but not the ringworm, well, I would not count the iodine out as a cure, but she started licking and eating the tasty iodine gel off her rump, which gave her the runs, so I stopped putting the gel on her for a couple of days…

yes, she’s got a cone and I would/should put it on her head… but she gets so disoriented and off balance from it and has such a difficult time getting comfortable, ie, sleeping, with it on that I use it only on a limited basis… like when I need to go outside.. and want her a bit tipsy so she will sit down, stay down, and not do anything like jump on the couch or bed while I am out…

call her tipsy… conehead, bonehead, bug, bub, and bubbalicious… and cc writer…
some of her nicknames… I also sing to her… and make up songs, like If you’re hoppy and you know it wag your tail… if you’re hoppy and you know it wag your tail, if you’re hoppy and you know it and you’re not afraid to show it, if you’re hoppy and you know it, wag your tail… if you’re silly and you know it, wag your tail, etc. and my puppy has a first name, it’s c c c c c, my puppy has a second name it’s c c c c c…
ok, this is what happens when you are bouncing off the walls with a dog in tow…

she’s so smart, now when I take her out, she has started sniffing along the way to prolong the walk, and once we get outside she tries to make a run for it… or she will sit down and wait and sniff the air, to see what’s out there… why hurry… sure, I have got all day to stay outside in the cold at 6 a.m. to watch my dog sniff around instead of doing her doggy business…

maybe I should try chocolate to cure her ringworm… ONLY KIDDING… ok, not funny… well, any other ideas?


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4 responses to “The Elusive Search for a Cure for Ringworm…

  1. doug

    Yes, ringworm is just a plain simple fungus. But the horror of it all! Follow your vets’ instructions with treatment and it will go away. These spots will naturally heal by themselves in about four months, with treatment 1 to 2 weeks. Then the hair grows back, and you won’t be able to tell it ever happened.

    It sounds like the licking may be from boredom. I’ve seen this before. Try some new “interesting” toys.

    Good luck!

  2. Kathleen

    Have you tried adding pieces of garlic cloves to your dogs food? Or wrap tiny pieces in cheese and feed it to your dog until the ringworm goes away.

  3. The homeopathic remedy bacillinum in 200c potency often works very well for ringworm and I cured a case with it in just a couple of days.

    But believe me just because they say its ringworm does not mean that it is so. I was misdiagnosed with ringworm and tried several medicines that never worked. I had given up trying treatments. What did work, that I fell upon my accident, was the supplement CMO. With this it, whatever it was, was gone in 2 days!

  4. Observing proper hygiene would totally be a big help for the safety measure of the disease. Anyway, thanks for sharing your smart thoughts and ideas. These would surely be helpful for anyone especially for those who got infected.

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