Dog day afternoons at doggie daycare camp, K9 approved Four Paws Up…

These mutts of ours have it ruff ruff, bow wow… I tell Cici all the time when she’s whining about something trivial like I haven’t played with her in five minutes that she’s so deprived… NOT… spoiled rotten pup…



I have never taken her to doggie daycare or doggie camp but am very inspired by these places below… I picked places around the country that just seemed like a lot of fun… what pet owner wouldn’t want to leave their dog for a day, a week or two at a doggie ranch where the pooches play inside and outside, romp, work, swim, and are teamed up with dogs who match their energy, size, and temperament?  Some of these places have acres of fun, a structured environment, sometimes play, naps, meal times, individual attention (the best ones, I think), to give the pups the best of all worlds… and best of all they are cage free… no steely stark hard cold jail-like confinements for these mutts… some have comfortable homes with couches and others give the mutts and their owners a choice of accommodations. It’s a dog’s life!


If you are an owner or manager of a doggie daycare ranch or resort or if you know someone, I would LOVE to work with you (especially if you are in a warmer climate, California, here we come again !)   and I also would like to visit and write about the experience, so invite us for a visit and we will let the world know about you!

it has been snowing all week, brrrrrr…. and while Cici loves to play in the snow, her mom, wants to move south asap… and I would love a job where I could bring my dog to work…  and I also work freelance…

Our Bed & Biscuit Suites are the ultimate in luxury. Each private suite comes with a flat screen TV built into the wall. Every guest gets a full sized toddler bed, toys and food. They even get a massage before bedtime! These suites are more quiet and are a great choice for dogs that tend to get easily stressed or for older dogs or just for those dogs that enjoy the good life.l


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One response to “Dog day afternoons at doggie daycare camp, K9 approved Four Paws Up…

  1. Hi!
    You and Cici are more than welcome to visit us at Creekside Critter Care dog daycare in Auburn, WA (just outside of Seattle). The late spring and summer are spectacular out here in the Green River Gorge area.

    We love what we do and welcome the opportunity to share our passion with others. Maybe you can even try a Dog Breath Yoga class !

    Warm regards,
    Maryellen Elcock, PhD
    Owner, Creekside Critter Care

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