luxury pet resorts for pooching on the ritz …

I thought it would be fun to research LUXURY pet accommodations, from the outrageous to the sublime… and what I mostly found was a lot of places call themselves luxury dog care when they clearly are not. Kuranda beds and cots do NOT make pampered pets feel spoiled.  Just having comfy sofas do not either. Most places charge between $20 and 50 a night. There is a pet hotel in Las Vegas that charges $70 a night but does not look like its services and accommodations are worth the extra expense. Charging people that much, the place should be truly spectacular, in my humble opinion. A veritable Doggie Palace fit for royalty.  People don’t want to pay extra unless there is glitz, bling bling and glamour involved, people.  Just to say that your dog or cat stayed in a pet hotel in Las Vegas, is that worth the additional cost?   

Here are a couple of places that actually live up to the name luxurious and do not charge exorbitantly for the privilege. 

And if you are interested in starting your own doggie daycare business, here are a few pointers. 

and a doggie castle



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