dog weddings in England… German dogs wear shoes…

I sent the doggie wedding links and videos to a friend in England who replied, Only in America… then I was did a search about dog weddings around the world, and what do you know, I found all of these about dog weddings in Harrod’s in London, a gay dog wedding, dogs at ay wedding ceremonies and so on… hah, I told him… hah… England swings… so if you ever go to England, bring your dog !

the thing with English people is that they have this stiff upper lip image but can be quite funny… humor makes the world go round…,,30200-1233704,00.html

A drag queen bridesmaid, a “page dog”, and a gay men’s choir have helped to mark a wedding on the first anniversary of civil partnerships becoming law.

and a shaggy wedding story

and then we have these German dogs wearing shoes…



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2 responses to “dog weddings in England… German dogs wear shoes…

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  2. Yep, just goes to show that the world is now a smaller place and even dogs aren’t safe from bad taste. Still funny though :-)

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