Getting inn touch with your inner K9 … innkeepers welcome




If you want to promote your pet friendly inn, let me know, perhaps I can help  you… win win win… for more info, visit this page… with helpful tips…


Here’s our new free giveaway contest for the week…sponsored by Doggytug…Kelly now has an instructional video on how to use the toys… on the product page, upper right hand, click on the photo…

Dottie the traveling bikini dog panties (you do remember Dottie) says: Answer this question and win… who played Bonnie Blue Butler in Gone with the Wind?  (hint: i recently had breakfast with her)… 





if no one gets the answer to that question, then the first person who names three of the nine inns I recently wrote about (in May 2008) will win the free weekly giveaway contest…  so you’ve got two shots at winning a great goodie bag filled with wonderful doggytug toys… send us your answer before Friday, May 16, 2008… 

Doggytug toys are the tug toys that dogs love to play tug of war with…  just ask Lainie… who is Lainie you ask, check her out playing with her tug toy… from her free giveaway package… she is playing with the floatie that is for swimming with, by the way…




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2 responses to “Getting inn touch with your inner K9 … innkeepers welcome

  1. Lainie gives Dog Tug Toys 2 BIG BARKS UP!!!

  2. Thank you for providing so much information along with coverage of interesting subjects. You really care about pets just like me. Moms dog FOO FOO died today (pekinese) not a very nice mothers day for her. Love you mom

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