wild turkeys, Himalayan yaks and deer, oh my…

did you ever see a baby Himalyan yak stand up for the first time and walk, well, i almost did…

woke up this morning to the sound of wild turkeys gobbling… then around 4 pm, another baby yak was born; one was born about a week ago… and this new one was very weak, people and yaks were hovering, taking photos, and one big yak seemed to take a liking to me, avoided his horns… getting pushed down into a pit did not appeal at all…

the baby was born in the hot sun and was moved to the shade, given water, and now, about 6 pm, the owners came and think that the baby may not make it… apparently, they are supposed to walk upright within half an hour of being born… the other baby is huge already… they were getting milk from the mama to give to the baby who still had not stood upright.

Shambhala Ranch truly is an incredible property on 140 acres and a welcome change from Ukiah and Santa Rosa, lots of greenery and beautiful views… the best way to get here, in my humble opinion, is to go to the coast and then take the road just north of Little River, which is Orr springs Road, it is nicer and less twisty and windy than the same road from Ukiah…  although the road from Ukiah is supposed to be shorter, that was not my experience. 

The cabin we are in is small, there is no a/c, nor mosquito netting or screen door, there is a fan that cools the air off, phone, TV and other modern amenities are in the main house… am able to get on the internet, this is a place for a relaxing getaway… 

The ranch is gated and fenced so cici can go off leash as long as she does not disturb the other animals… in that way, it is the dog friendliness place we have stayed at…  there are two pet friendly rooms, some people leave their pets while they go about their activities and the staff takes care of them… with treats, food and toys….

Personal touches that i love… the little handwritten signs everywhere that say glad you are here… thank you for being here… the essential oil soap in the bathroom… love the cool shower curtain and rug… looking out at the Tibetan yak pasture with lovely purple bluebell flowers… and green trees…


the funny thing is that it turns out that owner Stuart Marcus and I both went to the same high school, a year apart, Martin Van Buren in NYC. 

It is soooooooo peaceful and sooooooo hot, a record breaking 100+, time for a jump in the pond that you can swim in, there is also a hot tub to relax in. It’s quite a meditative environment, who could ask for anything more? 

well, cooler weather and a less twisty windy road to get in and out… 

Montgomery Woods State Park nearby is home to the tallest tree in the world. Also in close vicinity are hiking trails, lush gardens, and a  fruit tree orchard.  There are also multi-media rooms perfect for yoga and dance groups), if you are seeking a peaceful eco-friendly place to hold a retreat, wedding, seminar, workshop, party, reunion, girlfriend getaway or a romantic getaway, Shambhala Ranch just may be the venue for you.








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One response to “wild turkeys, Himalayan yaks and deer, oh my…

  1. What a wonderful experience. Prefer waking up the the crow of the cockerel, however sounds great just “Me my dog and peace and quiet”

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