Dog days at the Pacific Mist Inn…

If you’re happy and you know it wag your tail, well, cici is extremely happy and wagging her tail, she loves being back at the Pacific Mist Inn and so do I.. the friendly, warm, happy greetings, with chocolates for me and treats for her, plus the peaceful, serene environment… it’s just beautiful here…

and this time we are taking advantage of the kitchen !  am cooking eggs for breakfast, egg omelette with cheese and avocado…. and for dinner we will have turkey burgers and pasta, yum !  cici is now waiting to go running on the beach … and we have a few errands and work to do….

but you’ve simply gotta visit the Pacific Mist Inn this weekend or in June for the Dog Days !

Below is the info… register today and tell them I sent you !

May 30 through June 1, 2008 and

June 13-15, 2008

If you want to:

learn to communicator more efficiently with your dog

get away to the beautiful, dog friendly Mendocino

capture a beautiful memory of you and your dog through a photograph

Come, visit the Pacific Mist Inn for two nights lodging (up to two adults and one dog)…

and you will receive FOUR Professionally Guided Owner/Dog sessions

In order to attend the dog must be spayed or neutered, non-aggressive towards other dogs, people, food, toys and leash and current on all shots…

Please indicate what breed(s) best guess, your dog is, sex, and weight and any specific concerns and issues you may have with your dog…

Please bring with you training tools: collar, 3-5 inch retractable leash, toys, and training treats…

Plus, laughter and questions !!!

Katie Mize is a professional dog trainer, certified under Assistance Dog International.  She has been training assistance dogs for more than 12 years.  She has worked with Guide Dogs for the Blind and Canine Companions for Independence and traveled extensively across the usA and Canada, providing training support for hundreds of clients and their dogs.  She has been in the animal field for 16 years and exposed to a wide variety of training styles and techniques.

“I don’t believe there is only one way to train and one tool to do it with. Every dog is unique and has different abilities, challenges, and learning capacities. It’s important to have an understanding of your dog and its needs, as well as your own, when developing a training program,” she says.

Come join the fun at Pacific Mist Inn, dog days… your dog will woof woof woof ….

To register, call 800-955-MIST (6478)..

Visit our website at:

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One response to “Dog days at the Pacific Mist Inn…

  1. I appreciate your comment about dogs having unique and different abilities, challenges, and learning capacities. Even the same breed of dog can be way different. I’ve had two Great Pyranees males and the second one is way different than the first one in personality and intelligence.

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