Can you save money on gas by organizing your car?

Can your cat or pooch help you get organized?  Well, Cici has a new boyfriend that looks almost exactly like her, spots in the same places and same color ears, he’s a Lab pit mix, 8 months old and will have photos soon… they had a blast together at the new dog park we just found…

Meanwhile, in the process of moving I have discovered that disorganization can lead to crisis purchasing and unnecessary spending. Everybody is looking for ways to save money these days, especially on gas. How much money are you spending by not keeping an organization system for your pets in your car?

Just as travelers load up the car to go camping with essentials such as flashlights, batteries, matches, tents, sleeping bags, coolers, first aid kits, and other camping supplies, pet owners can save money keeping pet items handy and easily accessible in their car.

Linda Hecht (no relation) spent an extra $35.36 on crisis purchases without her organizer. Money spent unnecessarily.

She created the Hecht of an Organizer® for use in her vehicle in 2004 but I just found out about it.

“Having a car organizer reduces duplicate purchases. With receipts in the car, you can return purchases. With stamps in your car organizer, you don’t have to buy extra stamps when you go to the post office. Keeping coupons in the car, you can save money with discounts on products.

“By applying the three tips of organizing and using a versatile and flexible organizer, you can create an organization system that works specifically for you and your lifestyle,” she explains.

Three organizing tips:

Group like items together

Give items a home

Make the items you use most often easy and accessible

In addition, she suggests ten ways to save money through keeping an organizer filled with files and supplies in your car.

1)       Emergency kit including disposable camera, gloves and first aid kit. In case of an accident, you can provide on scene photos as proof for claims.  The first aid kit could include items such as flea, tick spray, hydrogen peroxide, Rescue Remedy for shock and trauma, medications, supplements, healing ointments, and other  essentials.

2)      Spare keys. Lost keys can cost a lot of money and time. Why spend money for a locksmith.  AAA provides an extra plastic key for members.

3)      Consolidate shopping trips.  Buy pet food online and have it delivered, take the dog to the vet, groomer and to the pet store in the same mall or vicinity.

4)      Keep a contact list with you (the vet, groomer, pet store where you get treats, toys, pet daycare provider, pet sitters, and other pet related places) in your organizer which reduces fees for calling information, 411 calls. You can call 1-800-goog-411 to retrieve phone numbers, but this can take time if you want to call a few people and not everyone is listed. Have a phone card, batteries and an extra charger in case of loss of power to electronic gadgets.

5)      Reduce and/or eliminate crisis purchases by keeping pet items in your organizer. You could keep extra cans of pet food, dry food, leash, collar, plastic bags, gloves, toys, treats, bones, and other items.

6)      Keep receipts so you can return purchased items and for tax purposes.

7)      Families who share cars can prevent extra trips retrieving articles left in their spouse’s car.

8)      Turn wasted time into productive time.  Keep letterhead, postcards, notebooks, and stamps in the car so you can catch up on reading, letter writing, and writing thank you notes while waiting to pick up kids from practice or classes or waiting for the vet.

9)      Have coupons on hand for the car wash, bottled water, and dog bakery and chain stores.

10)   Keep spare change just in case.

11)  File copies of documents such as vaccination and vet medical and dental history, evidence of ownership, and other records in the car organizer for easy access.

Linda Hecht invented the Hecht of an Organizer® in 2004  to help keep her organized while she traveled for her job over several states in her car. She wanted a product that was durable, portable, attractive and, most importantly, would keep her papers and office supplies organized in her car, but she couldn’t find anything that fit the bill. Today, with the Hecht of an Organizer®, you can save time and reduce stress, as well as stretch your dollars by making fewer trips and saving money on gas.

The Hecht of an Organizer® is great for Pet Owners, Teachers, Real Estate Agents, Artists, Busy Moms, Entrepreneurs, Sales Reps, Writers and others…

The Hecht of an Organizer® has proven  effective in streamlining daily workflow:

-  Group Paperwork, Supplies, and Tools together, increasing workflow.
–  18 open pockets give items a home, which makes it easier to put them away, and find again.
–  Versatile, use with file bin, file tote, sample trays, laptop, etc.
–  Easy to carry with one hand, and easy to get in and out of vehicles.
–  Rugged and eco-friendly will hold over 50 pounds.
–  Will out-last other organizers. Hecht of an Organizer® patent design uses two slip-covers (water resistant polyester, pvc coated and nylon pack cloth, or cotton/lycra® blend). When used in combination they cover all four sides, interior and exterior of a cardboard box.
–  Box size 16”L X 12”W X 7½” T.
–  Covers are machine washable.
–  Box inserts come with initial order and are also replaced for FREE for years to come.
Custom embroidery available
Cost: $35.00

Cici says it’s ok for this cat to be on this blog post today, just so long as I don’t allow cats to run rampant all over the blog every single day….

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One response to “Can you save money on gas by organizing your car?

  1. not a bad idea! My car is a mess right now so I could really put something like this to good use!

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