Ellen DeGeneres and Halo pet food…

Ellen Degeneres is now an owner of Halo pet food




homemade dog recipes


She also had this group of guys from NYC who rescue animals called Rescue Ink…


The Pit Bull Awareness Program

Dog fighting is dead wrong, and Rescue Ink™ is leading the fight to stop it. What some call a sport is an abomination, a cavalcade of horrors that cannot be tolerated. Through this program Rescue Ink™ is exposing dog fighting and alerting the authorities of its practitioners; we are informing the public how to spot training and fighting facilities, and teaching them how to recognize and report backyard breeders and fighters.

To further combat the growing popularity of this horrific practice, Rescue Ink™ is developing a PSA program to spread the word that “Only A Fool Thinks Dog Fighting is Cool”.


If you know or suspect cases of animal abuse, find abandoned animals, or have animals that you are no longer able to care for, please call the Rescue Ink™ Hotline at;

631-Rescue Ink™ (631.737.2834)

and what a great idea, a cat food bank for pet owners to get food to feed up to four cats for a month… from Cat Adoption Team, Sherwood, Oregon



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4 responses to “Ellen DeGeneres and Halo pet food…

  1. Just wondering. I have been a high-end pet food demonstrator for 5 years. I love going into the pet food store, sharing great experiences with the animals, their moms and dads and explaining how good food with good ingredients can benefit no only their pets but their pocketbooks. Better food, less is better, and better outcome for all. How do I sign up to become a Halo demonstrator? I’ve read the ingredients and it is way beyond standard – even for the highest of highest pet food. I thank you. Good luck Helen!

  2. no idea what you are talking about

  3. pinuprescuecats

    Thanks for putting the word about how horrible and wrong dog fighting is.

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