dream big doggie dreams…

It can be tough to start up a business… most businesses fail within the first few years and yet many people have the dream of creating their dream doggie business…

Perhaps you are looking for funding for your pet related business and are seeking an angel investor or venture capital… sometimes people max out their credit cards, get business loans from the Small Biz Administration or ask friends and family to help them out.  Not a good idea to mix business and relatives…

I would like to get funds from angel investors to create a doggie day camp and holistic dog healing center. And now that we’ve stayed in a yurt in a campground, I would love to find people who would like to fund my dream.  Perhaps there are others out there who have similar dreams and we can pool our resources.  Hawaii, Calfornia or Oregon coast would be wonderful places for this… Tag, you’re it !

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One response to “dream big doggie dreams…

  1. I would be great to run a doggie camp but I have enough on my plate tending to the demands of Conan my German shepherd of who I have to reciprocate all his friendly sloppy licks when ever I arrive home.

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