what, customer service and the power of choice…

customer service, the operative word being customer, when did the customer stop being right and start being nickeled and dimed and treated badly by the hospitality industry and others?

Stephanie was telling me how she was woken up by a customer at 5 am who wanted to stay at the motel. The customer rightly wanted a discount at that early hour. Stephanie offered them a late checkout until 2 pm with a fee. Not exactly what the customer wanted. The customer was from Nevada and decided to stay somewhere else.  Good for the customer.

Now admittedly, Nevadans are spoiled by hotel casinos going the extra mile, giving comps and discounts and great prices (usually)… AND this is the first time I have ever heard of a late checkout fee.  I usually opt to stay until noon or 1 pm and have NEVER been charged a fee for checking out late.

Excuse me, hotel and motel owners, who is paying your employee’s salaries and who is paying your profits???  Your customers. And if you don’t treat your customers right, you won’t have any customers sooner or later.

Yesterday, I talked with Wyndham Rewards… I’ve spent $1,000+ on motels in the last month or so and they are supposed to credit me with points so that I get free rooms… yeah, right… ok, at least the program does not cost anything but when I asked if my stays were recorded they told me that the stay I had a few nights ago is not in their system yet, it takes 10 days. Ok.  Then I stayed at one motel in Medford, Oregon for ten nights and the guy tells me that doesn’t count because I used a coupon… so what I still spent $500 there that should count for something. It is really starting to annoy me that you spend so much money on these places and they don’t feel any obligation to give you anything, not even a decent room.

Maybe I am spoiled. The hotel casinos in Nevada do give great deals and they do that because people spend so much money gambling… so why then when I called one hotel casino in Oregon, they wanted $89 a night…do customers have to go to Nevada for fabulous rooms and great service, and forget the rest of the country???

Wise up, people. In this economy and even when times are good, people want the MOST bang for their buck. And your bad attitudes and cheapskate ways are gonna lose you customers. It’s just business. Plain and simple reality. And dog owners are going to revolt, too. Who wants to be charged $5, 10, 25 or $50 extra a night to bring along Fido or Fluffy?

and who wants to spend $28-50+ on a dog’s own hotel suite if the service is not superb ?

customers have the power of choice… if you could choose between a motel that does not give you the amenities that it tells you it has, is rude, and the place smells, and a motel that is clean, fresh and homey, both for the same price, $50-55 a night with dog?  (crown pacific vs. captain cook inn, both in Lincoln City, Oregon), where would you stay?  no brainer, right… I chose Captain Cook Inn… and I figure if one motel can offer a great room and service for $54 a night, then so can the others.



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One response to “what, customer service and the power of choice…

  1. I love traveling too myself but how were your accommodations? I remember staying in this one hotel that smelled like being downwind of a row of porta-potties, mixed with cigar smoke…it was disgusting! Have you ever had any other bad experiences, OMG please share!

    Check out this funny video, called “Ballad of a Traveler”, it is hilarious. He totally sums up the travelers experience:

    YouTube – Ballad of a Traveler

    I work with Hampton Inn, and I’d love to hear your horror stories! What’s the worst experience you’ve ever had at a hotel? (I always get a kick outta this!)

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