this dog is for hire… dog scouts of America…

for all you dogs with jobs… and those wannabe dogs who want jobs… I think it’s a good idea to put dogs to work to earn their keep… :-)  cici could sure use a job besides stalking cats, squirrels and birds…  anyone got a job for my polka dot gurl?

thought that the info on the sites below is kinda cool…

How to become your dogs pack leader

dog scouts of america

Dog Scouts of America is a non-profit organization established by Lonnie Olson in 1995.  Dog Scouts is dedicated to educating the public about responsible dog ownership, increasing the human/canine bond, and helping dogs and their owners learn new things while having fun.  They promote positive methods of dog training and are built on the premise that dog homelessness could be significantly reduced (and, perhaps, even resolved entirely) if every dog owner socialize their dogs properly at a young age, invest time in training their dogs, spay or neuter their dogs, and properly contain their dogs.

will cici get a merit badge for being a polka dotted spoiled brat ?  only time will tell…

want to start a troop?  let me know…  (is this too cute or what?)

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