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isn’t it romantic…

cici and her new boyfriend spike…

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when a German Shepherd dog met a baby moose…

So far, Cici has met, chased and/or played with bugs, bees, birds, cats, chipmunks, chickens cows, dogs (over 200), deer, ducks, geese, goats, horses, llamas, peacocks, sheep, squirrels, yaks and other animals…

Do you have a photo with your dog playing, meeting or being with an unusual animal playmate?  If you’d like to share the photos, we’d like to put them up here…

By the way, over the weekend, someone suggested that the polka dot at the top of Cici’s head must be her on/off button… and that since Dalmatian dogs are kinda schizy (hyper) dogs, that it must be her pit bull side that is the sweet, loving, gentle aspect of her… she had mucho puppy playtime yesterday to make up for a few days without… first, she played with the Lab dog who was tied up and abandoned by its owner at the campsite and then she went and played with a sweet Jack Russell puppy… and met his cat friend… she went cuckoo and it was decided that she must have had some kind of bad experience with a cat, that she was sounding stressed, anxious and crying out in fear of another attack… don’t know what happened for six months of her life but I suppose it’s possible… am hoping to get her to stop going wonky every time she sees a cat… suggestions are welcome…

Here’s a rescued baby moose with a dog… how cute is this…


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want to help to rescue a dog ?

There was the sweetest one year old lab mix black with a tiny white spot on his chest at the campground today… it’s owner left it tied up in the hot sun all day yesterday and today… I let Cici play with him this morning and really would love to take him with us … I reported it to the park and will see about finding him a good home… NO dog should be left outside in 95-100 degree weather !!!!    I left the owner a note, and splashed water all over him in the hopes of keeping him cool, too…

Cici goes with me wherever I go, Office Depot, Staples, banks, Lowe’s, and other stores allow pets so there is no reason to leave a dog tied up, especially not a puppy with a lot of energy that needs to play, run and companionship!

there was also a black feral kitten at the campground… so many animals to find good homes !!!

I found this photo at Free Will Astrology, great horoscopes, fun site…wouldn’t it be great to see people giving money/cash out to passersby on the freeway, rest areas, and supermarkets and shopping malls?  You’ve been blessed… Give to someone you love today and Pay it Forward !!!

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Along Highway 5…

the sutherlin inn is on the way to the coast, between grants pass and medford areas or from eugene in the north (on highway 5), and reedsport and florence in a little tiny town called Sutherlin.  I keep calling it Slytherin, due to Harry Potter but it is definitely NOT Tom Riddle aka Voldemort’s house.

The people here are truly nice people.  I got a rain check from the McDonald’s and in Florence, the McDonald’s would not honor it and in fact the guy there was RUDE and obnoxious.  Plus, the McD’s was dirty and loud and chaotic. Apparently that is acceptable there, ugh.  I wrote to corporate three weeks later am still waiting for a response. None so far, and I went back to this McDonald’s in Sutherlin and they honored the meal courteously.

There are three motels here clustered with the fast food places (Burger King, A&W, probably KFC and a few others)…  the other two motels, one looked seedy (relax inn) and the other looked snooty with a sign that said no dogs on the grass ever. So we chose to stay here at the Sutherlin Inn…  the rooms are small and compact, FRESH sheets, big TV, wireless and FREE LONG DISTANCE PHONE CALLS… I’ve never come across that before plus they are pet friendly, too…  they will soon be having microwaves and fridges in the rooms, too…

there is a lovely back yard with grass for the dogs to cavort and do their business.  Plus, it is affordable, about the same as we have been paying, only BETTER ROOMS AND SERVICE !!!   why doesn’t Motel 6’s step up to the plate??? If one motel can do it, so can the others…

Plus, Tasia, the front desk clerk who will soon become Assistant Manager, was the sweetest, kindest, friendliest and just plain nicest person we’ve come across in awhile. (I cannot think of one other place in Oregon we’ve stayed at that were like this). She gave Cici dog biscuits, let Cici be in the lobby, although Cici was misbehaving so I put her in the car.  Cici was just wanting to run and play after being cooped up for a few days due to stormy weather.

I was sorry to leave Florence, although Florence DOES NOT HAVE ANY DECENT MOTELS. NONE. They are all overpriced for what you get.

Here there are 80 rooms, three floors, an elevator, free breakfast from 5 to 10 am, and the nicest people, which makes all the difference. Cici and I would definitely stay here again.  Four paws up !

Microtel is one of the fastest-growing budget hotel chains in the US and the recipient of many awards and accolades over the years. Take it from those who know. For an unprecedented sixth consecutive year, Microtel Inns & Suites has been “Ranked Highest in Guest Satisfaction Among Economy/Budget Hotel Chains”*. This recognition is just one testament to our long-standing dedication of offering quality service and unmatched conveniences to our guests.

1400 Hospitality Place
Sutherlin, OR 97479
Tel: (541) 459-6800

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new definition of a bear hug… :-)

these photos have nothing to do with each other, they are just too cute though…

hugging a baby…

waiting for dinner…

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it’s reigning cats and dogs in Florence, Oregon…

Three of the pet friendliest places in Florence, Oregon… are the Aloha Pet Grooming in walking distance to the library on 8th Street, where Cici had her toe nails clipped by a kind woman named Pam… Digital Dunes, on Laurel Street, near to Old Town, a wonderful photographer who specializes in pet portraits and Reigning Cats & Dogs at 1384 Bay Street, near the pier in Old Town. Indi and Dave Brown are the owners of this delicious establishment… they offer treats, samples and wonderfully realistic looking stuffed animals (Cici was barking at several the first time we went inside the shop)… along with all kinds of fun doggie products, food, shampoos and just about anything and everything you could want to give a gift to your friend the dog owner or your pooch.  Tell Indi and Dave CeliaSue and Cici sent you when you visit… this shop is a MUST stop for dog and cat owners… one of their fun bumpers says that My Karma ran over your Dogma…  Cici was the hit of the crowd, center of attention when she did her usual laying down on her back and showing off her belly pose. She received belly rubs and treats galore for her efforts.

saw the cutest bunch of kittens over at the Humane Society, near to the beach. One little tabby that truly won my heart… She and her brothers and sisters are just edible.

although many people have dogs and cats in Florence, there are not many houses or apartments that take pets. Plus, some of the inns and motels do not take pets. A few do and they are overpriced for what they offer. One inn told me that they only take 20 pound dogs. Have not stayed at the Best Western or the Holiday Inn Express but I heard through the grapevine that the Holiday Inn Express has waffles along with their other usual fare for breakfast. Yum.

This is one of Curt Peters lovely photos from Digital Dunes….


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how much is that doggie toy in the window? woof woof…

Dogs just wanna play with dog toys and have fun… except when they want to sit around, contemplate their dogdom, sniff the world around them, go fetch, play catch and swim in the lake or ocean… and what every dog needs is a dog toy chest filled with a variety of toys that keep them busy and fun quota filled up… every dog has his or her day and that means chewing on rubber toys, as well as sinking their teeth into dog toy balls…

and what dog doesn’t like to lick everything and everyone they come into contact with?  that’s why it’s a good idea to dog proof your home just as you would child proof your home.  dogs just gotta be safe because Fido and Fluffy are a beloved member of the family… just keep small items out of their way, along with harsh and toxic chemicals and chocolate… keep your lawn free of pesticides, dog repellent goo and small plastic gnomes and elves… if you just got to have bird feeders and bells and whistles, keep them high up on shelves and away from your doggie’s reach…  Cici is an escape artist and she has been known to climb over and under and through places otherwise normal dogs cannot, so if you gotta fence your dog in, make sure that the fencing is doggie proof and safe …

Cici also just found a bean bag chair is a great place to sleep on, she does not have her own bed, she just hops onto the bed with me… but there is a lot to be said for giving your pooch their own place to snooze… a dog bed has a lot of benefits, no more bed hogging, snoring and woofing and breathing in your face, and no more falling off the bed because your dog’s four furry paws have pushed you onto the floor !

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top 15 places to travel with your dog…

Exploring places to visit with your dog in the wild west… California, Nevada and Oregon…?  check out the places Cici and I have visited this summer and last summer…  from Carson City, Nevada to Florence, Oregon…

please join our sisterhood of the traveling bikini dog panties… (remember, Dottie)…

Cici and I have decided that these are the top 15 places to travel with your dog

Mendocino, California

Carmel, California

Grants Pass, Oregon

Florence, Oregon

Las Vegas, Nevada

Hollywood, California

Grand Canyon

Rocky Mountains


New York


Sequoia National Park (the trees, the trees)

Sierras (Tahoe)



check out our reviews of many of these places…

Tail Waggin Travels is a cool Pet Adventure Travel Show. Deni the Golden Mix and Rob travel across the United States finding great places to stay, eat and have fun with your pet.

and these are just fun places to take your dog anywhere….






bank (for treats)

chocolate shops and factories (samples for the human, none for the K9)

Don’t forget to stop and smell and sniff the roses (botanical gardens)

and eat ice cream you scream we all scream for ice cream (cowlick’s, dairy queen, bj’s)

Now that you have all your travel tips, from road tripping to flying with your dog, where do you go? Well, we’re glad you asked. With a couple of clicks of the mouse on the Web, you can find all kinds of destinations that are pet-friendly. Depending on what your preference is, from the big city to the great outdoors, there is something for everyone.

For those with stars in their eyes, you can take Spot to visit his favorite movie star in Hollywood. You and your dog will enjoy a self-guided walk through the Star’s Homes. Not much of an infatuation with the stars … how about a shopping trip? In Hollywood, California, some shops in Beverly Hills will allow well-behaved, leashed dogs to visit their clothing shops. If that’s not quite what you had in mind, but you want to provide some culture and refinement: how about a trip to Napa Valley? Napa Valley of course, famous for the vineyards, is also pet-friendly. Vineyards such as Beringer Vineyard, Sullivan Vineyards and many others, welcome dogs on the grounds and some even in the tasting room, but be sure to do your research before leaving home. In addition to the fabulous vineyards, Old Faithful Geyser and the Petrified Forest are great places to enjoy with Spot.

For the city travelers …. be sure to travel to Chicago and visit Shakespeare Garden at Northwestern University for a nice walk, or attend a baseball game for Dog Day at the Park. On a Sunday afternoon take a Canine Cruise with Mercury Skyline Cruiseline. Catering specifically to you and your dogs, this cruise highlights downtown Chicago landmarks.

Still looking for more … off to New York City you go to visit the Statue of Liberty. Then take a stroll down the many avenues and dine at an outdoor restaurant such as Barking Dog Luncheonette or Grey Dog Café. Have you both eaten too much? No problem, give Pet Taxi or Pet Chauffeur a call to take you to your next destination or to your pet-friendly hotel for the day.

Okay, so none of that is really what you are looking for, so here are some basic cool places to go with your dog. We’re sure he’ll love it! It’s cheap, usually generally accessible and you always have it available. Yes, it’s the great OUTDOORS! Typically the backyard, local park or maybe even a state park, are places you would take your dog to visit. Have you ever thought about how your dog might like to see the Wild West? Yellowstone? The Grand Canyon? Rocky Mountains? By doing some simple research you can easily find state or national parks that have paths specifically designed for you and your dog. You will want to make sure to plan ahead, as there are still some areas where your dog is not allowed.

Some additional tips to keep in mind, while traveling with your dog can be a wonderful experience, always remember to be a responsible dog owner. Always keep clean up baggies with you and clean up after your dog. Your dog should always be on a leash for his safety and your well being. So get out there and enjoy the city life or great outdoors with man’s best friend!

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cici’s new friend…

Sweet Shadow …  she’s a lab, golden retriever mix…

and George’s very beautiful garden…  a lovely and peaceful place for Cici and Shadow to have fun…

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into the Sunset…

Driving into Grants Pass, Oregon off of Highway 5, there are two exits, one, where the big chain stores and hotels are located and the city center area, where the quaint shops and smaller mom and pop motels line the streets.  Take your pick, from older to sweet inns, with price ranges from $50-100 and up. Pet friendly motels and hotels abound here. This is a dog friendly place. You can take fido to the various parks, swimming, kayaking, and into the banks and auto dealerships.

Cici now thinks that banks are places to go for attention and treats since whenever we go into the bank she gets both… there is another bank on our walking path and she keeps stopping there waiting to go inside and get her treats… we finally walked in there and they did give her a treat… and last night, after the bank closed, she wanted to go inside again to get more treats…

where to stay :

Sunset Inn
Address: 1400 NW 6th Street
City: Grants Pass
State: Oregon
ZIP: 97526
Phone: 541.479.3305

If you are looking for a quality pet friendly motel in Grants Pass, consider the Sunset Inn, owned and operated by Jan Zimmerman and her dog Sammy, a five year old Shiz Tsu. He loves people and is very friendly. Jan has always had dogs and likes the Benjie kind of dogs, shaggy and smiley.

She bought the motel from her brother, after retiring from the telecommunications industry a few years ago. Most of the 30 rooms are individually decorated and there are four pet rooms and four rooms for smokers. There are three rooms for families, that accommodate 6-8 people, the only motel in Grants Pass that offers this size room.

Jan loves to garden and fresh flowers decorate the lobby daily. The pool is heated by the sun and the inn offers eco friendly soaps and shampoos and a solar panel heats their hot water heater. The location is in close proximity and walking distance to many area restaurants, from Chinese to Greek and fast food places. Also nearby are quaint gift shops and boutiques.

The location is half hour from Medford, 1-1/2 hours from the beach and two hours from Crater Lake. Cave Junction is 40 minutes away as are the wineries in nearby Jacksonville, a small artsy village, similar to Cambria in California, where Jan lived for many years.

Jan enjoys meeting new people and values the retirees and business travelers who visit the inn. She offers special rates for groups, as well as a delicious continental breakfast, with yummy real bagels and cream cheese, muffins, hot chocolate as well as juice, tea and coffee. Plus, during the summer, she is offering a $5 gas card promotion. The other cool thing is that many motels charge an extra pet fee, for $5-50 a night that is non-returnable. Here at the Sunset Inn, there is a $10 pet fee that is returnable upon checkout. Another nice feature that makes your stay enjoyable and value-filled.

The rooms do not smell like a motel and there is free wireless Internet and Serta mattresses. Nice homey and comfortable touches.

Chocolate friendly

Cary’s of Oregon,
Grants Pass OR 97527
Hours: Mon-Fri 9-5 Sat 10-2

Rogue Valley Fudge offers handmade fudge made with real cream and butter. Rogue Valley Fudge is located in the heart of downtown Grants Pass on 6th St. The address is 229 SE 6th St.
Hours: Monday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. times vary on Sundays.
Telephone: (541) 955-5225

Valley of the Rogue River camping

Valley of the Rogue State Park is a pleasant green oasis. In southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley. Valley of the Rogue Park has both a day-use picnic area and an overnight campground along three miles of shoreline on the Rogue River. Exit 45 B and follow the signs. This park also offers free internet wireless access.
Telephone: (800) 551-6949

if there is free wireless internet, I could not find it… a lot of bugs found me though… it was hot hot hot during the day and cool at night and morning time… humid… and not a lot of river doings, we found one small boat launch area by the rest area but that was tiny and not a whole lotta beach…  one night there was supposed to be a presentation and the presenter did not show up, it was a great area the next morning for cici to run and sniff around without bothering anyone though…

Grants Pass City Parks
(541) 471-6435- Call for reservations or for more information

Josephine County Parks
(541) 474-5285- Call for reservations or for more information

Oregon State Parks
(800) 452-5687- Call for reservations or for more information

Day trips include the Oregon Caves, Crater Lake, Wildlife Safari, House of Mystery or the nearby beautiful Redwood Forests. If you feel lucky, the Seven Feathers Casino is less than an hour away.  There are more than 10 golf courses, a diverse range of sporting activities and winter skiing is less than an hour away. It is a town surrounded by trees.  The local economy is good with job opportunities in support of the retirement community, lots of churches and is home office to Fire Mountain Gems, which sells beads worldwide.

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