want to help to rescue a dog ?

There was the sweetest one year old lab mix black with a tiny white spot on his chest at the campground today… it’s owner left it tied up in the hot sun all day yesterday and today… I let Cici play with him this morning and really would love to take him with us … I reported it to the park and will see about finding him a good home… NO dog should be left outside in 95-100 degree weather !!!!    I left the owner a note, and splashed water all over him in the hopes of keeping him cool, too…

Cici goes with me wherever I go, Office Depot, Staples, banks, Lowe’s, and other stores allow pets so there is no reason to leave a dog tied up, especially not a puppy with a lot of energy that needs to play, run and companionship!

there was also a black feral kitten at the campground… so many animals to find good homes !!!

I found this photo at Free Will Astrology, great horoscopes, fun site…wouldn’t it be great to see people giving money/cash out to passersby on the freeway, rest areas, and supermarkets and shopping malls?  You’ve been blessed… Give to someone you love today and Pay it Forward !!!

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  1. good site i like it . See you later :)

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