when a German Shepherd dog met a baby moose…

So far, Cici has met, chased and/or played with bugs, bees, birds, cats, chipmunks, chickens cows, dogs (over 200), deer, ducks, geese, goats, horses, llamas, peacocks, sheep, squirrels, yaks and other animals…

Do you have a photo with your dog playing, meeting or being with an unusual animal playmate?  If you’d like to share the photos, we’d like to put them up here…

By the way, over the weekend, someone suggested that the polka dot at the top of Cici’s head must be her on/off button… and that since Dalmatian dogs are kinda schizy (hyper) dogs, that it must be her pit bull side that is the sweet, loving, gentle aspect of her… she had mucho puppy playtime yesterday to make up for a few days without… first, she played with the Lab dog who was tied up and abandoned by its owner at the campsite and then she went and played with a sweet Jack Russell puppy… and met his cat friend… she went cuckoo and it was decided that she must have had some kind of bad experience with a cat, that she was sounding stressed, anxious and crying out in fear of another attack… don’t know what happened for six months of her life but I suppose it’s possible… am hoping to get her to stop going wonky every time she sees a cat… suggestions are welcome…

Here’s a rescued baby moose with a dog… how cute is this…


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3 responses to “when a German Shepherd dog met a baby moose…

  1. Very cool. My dog is so hyper that the other animals take off long before he can ever get close enough for us to take a picture.

  2. Nice picture.. for some reason, I imagined the moose would be huge… like five feet tall or better.

  3. I own a german shepherd myself lol

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