did you ever hear elk mating, well, we did…

we had a day… or a few of them, was feeling dizzy for the last couple of days, and pulled over by an RV park with a bunch of elk, I mean 40-50 elk and they were just sitting around the grass… people kept coming by taking photos of them. it was south of a town called orick before you get to arcata and eureka. we decided to spend the night there and heard the elk all night making noises, as Ken and Fran explained, the elk bull was telling all the other males to keep away from all his females… it was a very melodic sound… kind of cold and could not find my generator to pump up the air bed, so we slept on pillows and hard ground.  cici slept, i slept a couple of hours. we stayed in a crescent city motel the night before… most of them were full for some reason.

then we drove past eureka and arcata to near garberville… past the avenue of the giants, before the one log house…  it was foggy and cold along the coast and hot in garberville… we stayed at richardson state park where there are redwood trees and a very small river, there’s been a drought.  the benbow campground was closed and this was the next nearest place on our way to leggett, now we are back to westport and the howard creek farm… stay tuned, next post !

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One response to “did you ever hear elk mating, well, we did…

  1. Interesting area.

    I’m just beginning to adjust to enjoying a few spots in Orick. There is some good food there in a couple of places.

    So far, the people have been exceptionally friendly.


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