an inn for all seasons and reasons… Howard Creek Ranch Inn…

Seldom in this world today does one find a location which ingrains itself upon one’s very soul. Where one can remove oneself from the chaotic modern world and return to a simpler time of peace and tranquility.

The innkeepers, Sally and Sunny Grigg, have, over their 30+ years of stewardship, transformed the (c.1871) ranch through masterful craftsmanship and heartfelt restoration into a realm of quixotic romanticism seldom found. Through the warm-heartedness of the innkeepers and staff, the made-from-the-heart breakfast presented gracefully elegant, one is enveloped with a sense of kith and kin.

Plato called beauty a privilege of nature; Carneades, a solitary kingdom; Aristotle, that it was better than all the letters of recommendation in the world; Homer, that it was a glorious gift of nature, and Ovid, that it was a favor bestowed by the gods. Beauty is Howard Creek Ranch Inn….Nita and Peter von Sintzenich

Whether you seek a romantic getaway, a peaceful healing nature or spiritual retreat, or a pet friendly farm to bring Fido and Fluffy with you on vacation, come to  howard creek ranch in westport, ca about 15 – 20 miles north of fort bragg…

it is about an hour and a half south of the Avenue of the Giants and same distance north of the Anderson Valley wineries along highway 128.

I was not feeling well, an upset tummy and a bit dizzy and after a few days back at the ranch, have gotten my equilibrium back… it was dicey for awhile there.  I have never had motion sickness but I felt like I could not drive one more mile.

Cici and I stayed in the lovely Willow room suite… two rooms with a king sized bed  in one and a queen size bed in the other, front and back doors, modern shower, small kitchenette… lovely quilts and tree motifs on the redwood walls….

The blue balcony room is a nice alcove type space for a lone traveler or couple but is not pet friendly and has a microwave and sink in the adjacent living room.

Another pet friendly room is a boat house made from a former boat. A couple from San Francisco stayed there for their honeymoon 11 years ago and come back to visit from time to time. The SeaView is also a very romantic location with ocean views and is pet friendly as is the Meadow room.  Hello young lovers… wherever you are, with stars in your eyes… The Beach House is the perfect place to while away your time together.

Beautiful fragrant award-winning gardens make your heart sing and soul soar. There are numerous trails and acres of Nature conservancy to explore and sheep, llamas, a horse, and other creatures are plentiful. We saw a lovely deer and doe on our way to the beach, could not find a way to drive to the beach, but you can walk… the beach is 300 yards from the Carriage House and is accessible along a short path.

Sally makes the most flavorful hearty home cooked breakfast on the coast… scrambled eggs, sausage, country potatoes, fresh fruit, muffins, mint tea straight from the garden, and if she does not have something you want, she will improvise. I needed ginger tea and she made me some from the spice ginger she had on her shelf and it worked.  Just a spoonful of ginger makes the tummy ache go away. Mint is wonderful but doesn’t make my tummy ok.

Another morning we had french toast, salsa quiche, turkey bacon, fresh fruit.

For other meals, bring your own sandwiches or stuff to barbecue or there are restaurants within a few miles down the road.

Cici met a new boy friend named the Divine Mr. M(arshall) who is a 7 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel obsessed with sticks. They ran on the beach together, mostly Cici trying to take the sticks away from M, but he prevailed, burying one big stick to hide it away from her. Bark softly and bury a big stick is his motto. Cici also played with a girl dog named Callie who loves to fetch balls. Finally, she got some good exercise, burning off all of those treats people fed her in Sutherlin, Oregon.

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  1. It must be great to travel with your dog. This is a neat blogg. I enjoyed reading it.

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