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so long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye

I have been receiving doozies of comments lately.

one person must have dug through all the almost five hundred blog posts I’ve written here and found the one out of two posts I wrote that mentions for a brief sentence anything political to exclaim that by posting that lil ol sentence that I lose half my readers.

say what?

Yesterday, I had more readers than I have had for awhile.  Why? Because I have been expressing my opinion about Obama. It ain’t rocket science. last time I looked, this was still America, although we’ve taken a lot of hits against being the home of the free… (tsa patdowns, tax cuts for the wealthy, republicans/faux news on the rampage against everything decent and good in our country, seniors/boomers becoming the new poor and homeless, etc).

news media ie, newspapers, bloggers, magazines, TV and radio folk, beware.

are you kidding me?

Rachel Maddow, Keith Olbernmann, Faux News, and many other news people constantly write and say stuff on their blogs that is political and get hundreds if not thousands of comments from readers on all sides of the equation.  duh…

A blog is to express opinions. That is my right to do here. And I do express my opinions.

If you do not like what I say, speak up and express yourself. If you do not agree, speak up.

I will agree to disagree with you.  We can all be adults here. Children and adolescents have hissy fits and refuse to talk to people who don’t agree 100% with them.  Or go sulk in the corner.

The way it works in the real world, here, in reality is that people have all sorts of opinions about all kinds of different topics. If you insulate yourself, isolate yourself, and only want to hang out with people who shut out the rest of the world like you do, that’s your choice and I am OK with that.

But don’t tell me what to do and act all holier than thou about how you love dogs and would like to support my work, but heavens to Betsy, I said ONE wrong thing and that forever banishes me from your kingdom.

Alas, so long, farewell, chus (or however you spell it, it’s German expression for bye bye, auf Wiedersehen), goodbye… see ya…

all next year !!!

may all your New Year’s eve’s be merry and bright…  and keep your pets safe.

Happy New Year 2011, the year of HOPE…

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just a dog…

About 12 years ago, when my sweet Abundance cat ran away and my world was turned completely topsy turvy upside down inside out and devastated, a very out of touch person said to me, “It’s just a cat.”  Ok, at the time, the person was going through a divorce with kids.  Still don’t think they’d say anything different today.

to me that cat was not just a cat. That cat was my sweet baby boy, my friend, my companion, my muse, my furry feline, always there, purring, making my life sweeter. He meant everything to me.  I found out later more about what else was going on behind the scenes, but losing that cat and then having to let go of his brother Precious was very painful to me.

and so it is with Cici, she is not just a dog. For anyone to say that, they just don’t get animals and the roles they play in our lives.

How they make us laugh, keep us warm, take us for walks, make our lives more meaningful and fuller, how they give us so much more than they take, how they light up our lives with their joy, spontaneity and wisdom.

Animals are a gift and should never be taken lightly. If you keep a dog outside all day and all night, you should let that dog go to someone else who will love and take care proper care of it. Am hoping that Lola next door will get a better home. It is so cold outside and she was out there early in the morning and late last night. I called the SPCA again, hopefully they will talk to the owners. Another group will take her if the owners don’t really want her. If they did really want her, they’d keep her inside where she’d be safe and warm. Pray for her, please. She is a sweetie and deserves a better home.

I love this :

these pit bull rescue folks get it, that a dog is not just a dog… they helped with the rescue and healing of the former bad newz dogs, am now calling them the good news dogs, and were recommended by BadRap who took in I think 13 of those dogs.  Support this and other animal rescues with your time, dollars, energy. They deserve it… for the dogs. just the dogs. especially the rescuers who are taking care of all of the pit bulls and mixes. They are my heroes, for all they do. For the dogs.  Thank you.

beautiful video,


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spoiled dogs

A new AKC survey finds that dogs are going to beat out kids and spouses in the gift-getting department this Christmas. Thirty-eight percent of respondents said their dogs would get the most money spent on their gifts, beating out kids (36%) and spouses (26%). In addition, if holiday expenses are being trimmed, 55% of people would spend less on their spouse than their pooch. To add spousal insult to injury, 78% plan on buying for other family members’ dogs, 66% plan on buying for friends’ dogs, and 15% plan on buying for their dog’s friends at the dog park.

Did you spend more on your dog(s) than spouse and kids this christmas? what did you get your dog(s)?

Also, a significant number of travelers said they intended to fly less and drive more, according to a poll of about 500 travelers, conducted by the Consumer Travel Alliance.

A combination of the TSA’s screening techniques, fees for baggage and a lack of customer service are pushing people towards driving their cars more and away from air travel.  Good for the dogs, too.  Are you taking your pooch anywhere special in 2011?  on the road or by air?

Personally, I agree, I don’t like flying anyway. And I’d never let Cici be in the baggage compartment. I would fly her on Pet Airways but I’d rather drive or take a train, if only Amtrak let dogs on. If only we had a high speed train system like they are having in other parts of the civilized world. If only our country would stop worrying about profits and instead focused on how to actually serve people. Plenty of money and profits giving people what they actually want instead of the garbage we get because companies focus too much on the bottom line and not enough on customers wants and wishes.

Speaking of wishes, what are your New Year’s resolutions, dreams, wishes?  taking your dog anywhere fun for New Year’s Eve?  let us know.


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My Dog’s New Year’s Resolutions

Cici was up all night preparing her New Year’s Resolutions. Here they are:

* I will no longer pull my human down the street, exceptions may apply. (exceptions include other dogs, cats, squirrels, rabbits, lizards, and other prey who may go by at a moment’s notice that I just HAVE TO CHASE) .

* I will not fart, burp, or make other weird and disgusting noises in my human’s face nor breathe on her especially not while she is sleeping.

* I will not slurp my food nor slobber it all over the bowl and floor.


* Even though the toilet water is delicious, I will drink the water out of my bowl without whining.


* I will wait patiently by the door until my human decides it is time to take me out. And when she takes me out to the yard, I will not bark, nor whine, nor make other strange noises to indicate my misery.

* I will not eat large bones in a hurry until I choke on them, make my human worry about taking me to the vet and end up puking the bones all up.

* I will not eat poop under any circumstance, even if it’s a yummy taste sensation, cat litter snack and not even if it’s outside, in the neighbor’s yard, nor at a dog park.

* I will not growl at NOTHING in the dark, in the yard, nor chase after invisible NOTHINGS in the dark in the yard.

* I will not smile at my human with innocent looking eyes, indicating that I may have done something wrong but am covering it up by looking adorable and irresistibly cute.

* I will not be good while my human is in the house and then sneak into the garbage for a snack while she is away.

* I will not chew on dirty underwear, dirty socks or other tempting human clothing to appease my taste for my human’s scent.

* I will not stare pleadingly into her eyes until she does whatever I want her to do (feed me, walk me, play with me, rub my belly).

* I will no longer hog the bed, leaving my human hanging from the edge, nor sleep on my human’s head or butt, nor snore into my human’s face while she is sleeping.

* Barking at the treats will not make them pop into my mouth.

* When the doorbell rings, I will remember that it is not necessarily for me and let the humans answer the door. And when someone comes in the door, I will not jump on and slobber all over them.

* Mail sometimes comes for my human, large packages are not always for me, so I will not assume they are and poke my nosy cold wet nose into every package.

* I will not lick my butt and then lick my human or any human in the house in the face.

* When it is raining outside, I will go and do my doggie business quickly, despite not wanting to get my puppy paws wet. And I will not complain nor whine nor bark and then proceed to pounce into the mud and roll around in it.

* I will take my baths in stride, without a whimper, nor putting my puppy tail behind my bottom, looking sad and scared, all to make my human feel guilty for wanting me to be fresh, clean and smelling good.

* My first instinct to jump into and roll around in the horse poop, waste pile, manure, stinky dead animal or other obnoxious odors will lead to another bath I don’t want.

* When I shake myself off after my bath, I will do it out of range of my human. Flying water and fur is not on my human’s list of favorite things.

* The oven and stove are hot and if i stick my puppy paws or nose anywhere near the heat, I will be kicked out of the kitchen for good.

* When I am chasing my tail and scratching my butt, I will fall down and if I do, my human will be laughing her head off.

* I will no longer chase cats, nor sniff them in the air, or look all around the house for them after I hear cat noises on the TV screen, the big box with the moving pictures on it.

* Birds are my friends. They are not to be eaten or played with.

* I will not wag my tail at the speed of light and give my human and other humans tail lash and break all local tail wagging ordinances.

* I will not lick the baby in the mouth, nor knock over any children in order to give them a big swipe of my large tongue.

* Dog cookies and human cookies are not necessarily the same.

* I will try to not do lick-by’s even when tempted with naked human legs and feet as they walk by.

* Yes, the neighbor’s dog Lola is outside all of the time yapping. I do not have to yap or bark back at her every time I go outside in the yard.

* I do not need to bark whenever I am tied up outside of a store, certain that I am being left outside for good, or else one of these days, this might come true.

* When the humans are on the Internet, I will not sit so close that I knock them off the bed where they are sitting.

* If my human tells me to move away from her legs because they hurt, I will not sit on her legs to make them all better.

* When my human is typing at the computer, she does not need me to sit at her feet and keep them warm.

* Computer and TV wires and cables are not to be played with EVER.

* I am written about on a blog in her computer, so I will be happy, satisfied and grateful for my fame and fortune and all the perks that come with being a polka dot princess.

* I will sit patiently for my human to take lovely photos of me that she can post on said blog and let the world know what a lovely polka dot princess I am.

* I will not hamper my human from typing on the keyboard when my human is writing about me and other important xitpbeuxmeuemeictthhggg6453ncm.

* Any critter that has it this good should be willing to work for their snacks not demand them. I was not brought up in a barn and I should have table manners by now.

* I will not stalk lizards when I won’t do anything about the ants we sometimes get in the house.

* I will not eat tripe and garbage and then refuse to eat my veggies.

* A warm pepperoni pizza does not have my name on it.  The pizza delivery box is not always for me.

* My human’s breakfast, lunch or dinner is not always good for me.

* I will no longer bark at other dogs when I am on leash and scare everyone to pretend I am a tough girl when really I am a softie at heart and have my breed to be a good ambassador for.


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dear president obama/updates

gotta love these,

send the POTUS (President of the US)/White House a copy of the Lost Dogs book by Jim Gorant if you can.

Mr. President and First Lady Obama
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

now, Dear President Obama, I love you… read on, it’s great…

Does the Trojan corporation get a phone call from President Obama if it gives Tiger Woods “a second chance” with an exclusive multimillion-dollar condom endorsement deal? Would Trojan then be about the business of changing the perception of/leveling the playing field for philandering professional athletes? Imagine the campaign slogan…
“Unleash the Tiger in your pants! Got Wood?”

Michael Mountain, one of the founders of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, speaks out about vick and President Obama.

Rehabilitation starts with acknowledging what you did.  vick has never admitted doing anything personally that he did.

yes, now we’re cooking, huffpost has posted an article about best friend’s blog and polled people if they think obama owes them a call, 80% said yes, please chime in, thanks !!!

obama should call badrap too for that matter, they took care of a lot of the dogs, too, and I called the white house, it was great, send obama the lost dogs book, we are having impact for GOOD,

ok, finally Best Friends weighs in, been harassing them all with emails…other people probably have, too…. yay !!!

here we go again, barf and bark…

Please write to President Obama, NPR, the New Yorker

re: michael vick

sign this petition:

NewYorker The New Yorker 

To-Do List: Second Chances for Michael Vick, Alvin Greene:
nprpolitics NPR Politics 

Obama’s Praise For Vick’s Second Chance: Good Call?

here is what I wrote:

Dear President Obama, please read the book lost dogs by jim gorant. should child molesters be able to adopt children?

85% in usa today poll say vick should never own a dog. he said he would still be dog fighting if he had not been caught. he never was charged with animal cruelty though he killed dogs with his bare hands for fun & profit.

i met 3 of the dogs. never let vick near bo. we can forgive but never forget. playing football is not a standard by which to let a dog killer near dogs ever again.


your name

Here is the petition letter…

I would add that if Obama was trying to win Pennsylvania votes, that strategy was POOR JUDGEMENT, wrong for the country and that you will not vote for him unless/until he changes his stance.  I hesitate on this because I know that his opponents are jumping on this (Fox News) to hit him over the head with… sometimes I think Obama self-sabotages. Still, there is NO ROOM for politics when dog’s lives are at stake !!!

Dear President Obama:

It has been reported that you felt compelled to call the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles football team, Jeffrey Lurie, to “thank” him for giving dog-fighter, Michael Vick, a second chance. It is baffling that you would step into the ring surrounding this controversial individual who has killed dogs in heinous ways with his own hands and barely served 2 years jail time for his actions. For some reason, you did make this choice, and as a Pit Bull advocate – a dog advocate – I cannot sit back and allow you to think you’ve done the right thing without hearing from my side.

There is no rehabilitation for this type of criminal. Particularly when the perpetrator himself has repeatedly said that he would still be fighting (killing) dogs if he hadn’t been caught. He has refused, time and again, to meet the rehabilitated survivors of his abuse – which would be a critical step in the right direction for him making amends with the dog community. Now he claims to want another dog in his home for his children – an arrogant statement only meant to fuel the fire he has created since his arrest. He deserves no such opportunity – ever.

It is particularly disconcerting to me that you have chosen to commend the criminal but have not once acknowledged the victims of his actions or, for that matter, the law enforcement officers and dog experts who handled the case. Until you meet some of these dogs, read the book The Lost Dogs by Jim Gorant, and commend the people involved in ending the Bad Newz Kennel operation, I don’t see how you can embarrass yourself by making this phone call. You should apologize immediately for this decision.

this is a blog hop, i put in code, did it ten times, hopefully it will get you to where you are supposed to go…

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happy howlidays

these are really cute…  Enjoy !

deck the bowls…jack russell leaves santa some milk and cookies

12 dogs of christmas

jingle bell dogs…



merry merry ho ho ho…

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joy to the world

If you are traveling for the holidays or any time you drive with your dog, you must get this fantastic complete dog travel package from Bergan no pooch should be without… they thought of everything but the kitchen sink !

1. slobber bag (don’t you love that name?) with adjustable straps, easy breezy to carry all your dog’s favorite goodies in even to the dog park. It has a drool proof water resistant inner lining, is durable and  easy to clean

2. machine washable travel pad with soft fleece for comfort and water resistant, put on the floor or bed as makeshift bed or to cover furniture to keep dog hair off

3. bowls for food and water in various sizes and zips up to keep food fresh

4. a harness to keep your dog safe in the car. It comes in four fully-adjustable sizes:
- Xlarge: for pets 80-150 lbs
- Large: for pets 50-80 lbs
- Medium: for pets 25-50 lbs
- Small: for pets 10-25 lbs)

it is lightweight for comfort and meets or exceeds Pet Safety Durability Test. there’s even a Youtube video for people to see how to put the harness on the dog (people like me who are unable to figure out how to do the simplest things).

plus there’s a portable dog bed, seat protectors and more.

am telling you me and Cici are going to go for a ride just to give the package a workout… oh yeah, it’s raining, it’s pouring, all the dogs are snoring, but no worries everything is water resistant…  still, us humans prefer inside to outside when it rains.

good thing, we can use everything right here at home, too.

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Pit bull mix attacked by Beagle

I live for the day this type of story is commonplace and makes the news.  It makes me ill to constantly see “news” stories that report that pit bulls mauled somebody or their dog. This story below is actually based upon an experience Cici and I had just yesterday. And Cici has been attacked at least five or six times. After she was thrown down on her back, throat attacked, blood drawn, Cici still wanted to play with the dog that attacked her. After her head was bitten by another vicious dog, she still has scars, she did not thankfully want to play with that dog.  Sometimes I think she is too forgiving. Don’t know if the dog yesterday was actually a Beagle because it was sort of old and brown and mangy looking. But suffice it to say that these types of stories never get reported, ever. Not now. But maybe someday they will.

Woman saves her pit bull mix from beagle attack

The Astute Press
SEASIDE, Ca. — A Seaside woman was walking her pit bull mix dog down San Pablo Street going to the store on Noche Buena when an 8 year old mangy-looking Beagle attacked her dog through an old dilapidated wooden fence. The owner of the Beagle apologized for his “overprotective” dog.  “He’s just an old guard dog doing his duty,” said the neighbor.

The Seaside Sheriff’s Office reports that 61-year-old Sue Grace was wary of walking on that side of the street because the Beagle had viciously tried to attack her dog once before. But the owner of the Beagle insisted that his dog was safe. She proceeded to the other side of the street after the man closed the fence door leaving the Beagle behind it. But as she and her pit bull mix proceeded down the street and passed the fence, the Beagle went crazy Wednesday afternoon.

Grace quickly pulled her dog away and went on her way. Her pit bull mix had been wagging its tail and wanting to play with the Beagle. But the Beagle growled viciously and tried to bite the pit bull through the fence.  Her dog, Cici, whines every time she goes by the street.  She still wants to play with the mean old Beagle.

In the past three years, 4 year old Cici has been attacked by a nasty Shiz Tzu, Cairn Terrier, mutt of unknown origin who got her by her throat drawing blood at a dog park, two Labrador retrievers, an unsocialized Jack Russell, Cocker Spaniel, and a Border Collie. She has played nicely with more than 600 dogs of many different sizes and breeds including poodles, Yorkies, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, Dalmatians (she is part Dalmatian), Boxers, Great Dane, hound dog, Golden Retrievers (her favorite), Labradoodles, an Australian Shepherd she loved the most and many others.

Animal control does nothing about dogs unless they are pit bulls or pit bull mixes. The pit bulls and pit bull mixes are blamed for the wrongdoing of other dog breeds such as malevolent Beagles even though American Pit Bull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier’s temperament testing studies have concluded that Beagles, Lassie (collies) and Toto dogs (cairn terriers) tested with scores below that of the Pit Bull breeds and mixes.

The American Temperament Testing Society (ATTS) conducts annual evaluations for all dog breeds, and pit bull mixes consistently rate higher than some of their more popular counterparts, including the Golden Retriever and Collie. Bully breeds also excel at the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) Canine Good Citizen (CGC) training, which is a program that teaches good dog manners and responsible pet ownership.

According to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), many dogs involved in attacks are incorrectly identified as bullies in media reports, which fuels the belief these breeds are always to blame. But the Center for Disease Control reports that the chow chow, German shepherd, Rottweiler and even the Yorkshire terrier have all been responsible for fatal attacks throughout the years, so it’s not a breed-specific problem.

Six US presidents have had bullies.
The executive pooch to Theodore Roosevelt was a bull terrier named Pete, but Pete wasn’t the only bully to garner good favor with a commander in chief. Calvin Coolidge, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Warren Harding, Woodrow Wilson and Jimmy Carter have all called a bully breed their First Dog.

Nanny dogs
Bully breeds such as the Staffordshire bull terrier have a long history of being good with children and are often called “Nanny Dogs” in England thanks to their sweet and nurturing demeanor around kids. Bullies that are well-socialized and properly cared for are generally wonderful pets for children, as they are able to handle any rough-housing and are drawn to kids’ carefree dispositions.

can pit bulls even be heroes? yes, say many people who know and love them.

And the lesson learned from the supposedly most vicious dogs from Michael Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels have taught many is that even fighting dogs can become good canine citizens, therapy dogs and service dogs.


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hurry hurry, get your dog gifts

The recession-proof pet-gift industry grew from $28.5 billion in 2001 to an estimated $47.7 billion this year, according to the American Pet Products Association. And a recent American Express poll reveals 31% of consumers plan to buy their animal a gift.

Our Picks: Twelve Grrrreat Gifts For Your Dog

1. Zen Pawz aromatherapy, yummy eco-friendly aromatherapy spritzers and buckwheat beds for dogs, watch for our upcoming review of these products…

2. Earthbath waterless shampoo and wipes, that’s right I said waterless, watch for our upcoming review, hint: cici hates baths, but waterless wipes, hey, no problem !

3. Slobber bag and travel package from Bergan, your dog needs a harness in the car while you drive plus the whole kit and kaboodle dog travel package, watch for our upcoming review of these products

4.  Dog treats and dog bowls by Loving Pets, see my blog post, It’s a miracle, your dog needs these tasty dog treats (healthy) and bowls, slobber-proof

5.  California K9 Adventures e-guide

Plan your trip to Carmel, Monterey, LA, Mendocino, Palm Springs, San Diego and other pet friendly towns and cities with this 145 page e-guide that features 75+ great places to stay with your dog, rated for dogitude (attitude of dog friendliness) from Ahwanee to Yountville, California and a lot of beaches, deserts, mountains and forests in between. Each listing includes local pet friendly stores, beaches, dog parks, wineries, pet stores and more…

6.  The Lost Dogs book by Jim Gorant

On April 26th 2007 police raided a house at 1915 Moonlight Road in Surry County, VA, a home belonging to Michael Vick, who was then the starting quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons and one of the highest paid players in the NFL (10 years, $130 million). The officers found evidence of dog fighting and had soon taken 66 dogs off the property. Within four months Vick would plead guilty to charges related to the dog fighting operation known as Bad Newz Kennels. He served 18 months in a federal penitentiary, entered personal bankruptcy  (He was NEVER charged with animal cruelty)…

7.   Tee shirts from CafeExpress…

8.  Dogbook on facebook, set up an account for your pooch and show off, bark off, wag your tail off

9.  Through a dog’s ear music soothe your dog with the sounds of classical music made just for them, cici fell into a deep sleep, very relaxing

10.  Michael vick chew toys raise awareness about the dogs we love

11. Stella is a Star, a Kid Book by Bernadette Petes about a pit bull who wants to be a ballerina rather than a dog no one likes, awwwwww, get this kid book,

12.  A gift from the heart, share … Give pet food and stuff to needy dog rescues like Tails of Joy does

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it’s a holiday miracle !

Loving Pets treats and products show that they really do love pets…all of the treats are 100% natural for starters…

Cici is not a big fan of fruits and veggies as I’ve said before… in fact, she has been known to spit them out, if she lets them into her mouth to begin with… but Loving Pets knows how to lure dogs into eating apples, bananas, sweet potatoes, carrots and other veggie and fruit goodies… wrap some chicken around them and Score !

not only did Cici scarf up every treat, but she was barking at me for more… now she loves her treats and cookies as most dogs do, but she does not usually bark at me for more as she did with these…

and her gorgeous new pink Pupparazzi bowl is delicious, too… slurp-free… cici is a big slobbery eater but this bowl makes her eating a slob-free experience… she also seems to eat slower so between the treats and the dog bowl, these products are a miracle for both me and Cici.

four paws up plus two thumbs up to Loving Pets for these great products for dogs.

Availability: Loving Pets products are available at Petsmart, Petco, and independent pet product stores.

For More Information:

  • call 866-599-PETS (7387)


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