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Hot heads: cool off about the dog in NC

How do YOU feel when people call YOU names, accuse you, and threaten you?

I also understand that when you have not heard anything, that during the void, you can think the worst possible scenarios have happened. But cooler heads need to prevail. Take a chill pill. Pray. Meditate. Eat chocolate. Walk or hug your dog. Drink or do something constructive. Step away from Facebook.

I think I understand people’s concerns more than most, I cried all night for that dog and I want him to be really safe in a NEW HOME. And sometimes we have to let sleeping dogs lie when there is nothing much we can do about a situation. Am aggravated EVERY DAY that my next door neighbors have TWO puppy dogs outside 24/7 no matter the weather. And one dog is part husky mix and the other a tiny 10 pound poodle. The husky mix is becoming much much bigger and it is crazymaking but I’ve called the SPCA and spoken to animal control (she is great) AND there are no laws against the dogs being outside. At least I got the poodle, Lola, unchained from a huge brick months ago. And every day I want to cry and/or take the dogs away from my neighbors but am not going to threaten them. Have tried to talk to the neighbors too and they pretend to not understand English and my Spanish is pocito. So I talk to the dogs through the fence, offer to have the dogs play with my Cici and what else can I do????  Sometimes all we can do is pray. I know how lame that sounds. But if you believe that prayer works, do it.  If you don’t, I don’t know what to tell you.

Mob mentality reigns down on North Carolina… Irene’s After Wrath

There have been rumors, threats, name calling, demonizing and all sorts of accusations launched against the city of Greenville Animal Control, shelter, the owners and rescues trying to help with the dog called Irene abandoned during the hurricane. The photo of the dog sitting on top of its dog house outside in the rain sparked a lot of emotion for people worldwide. It has become a firestorm inciting people to make uncalled for remarks. Crossing the line, bullying, threats is counterproductive to helping the dog get the assistance it needs and reinforces the stereotype image of “animal nuts.”

Get a Grip

Get calm, cool and collected. Breathe. Facts and logic are helpful. Acting like a nut case is getting in the way.

The city of Greenville, animal control, the police and fire rescue may have made some mistakes, the dog’s owners obviously made the mistake of leaving the dog outside during the hurricane, but adding to the fiasco is counterproductive and shutting off valuable communications.

here is what I wrote before about the city and owners… basically, there is NO EXCUSE in my humble opinion to leave a dog outside chained up during a hurricane… and for the City of Greenville to go out there FIVE times before bringing the dog inside was NOT humane plus the comment they made on their Facebook page that the dog was happy sitting on top of its house (that I took a screen shot of and have the copy of it on the other blog post) was beyond infuriating. Now, the City is blaming the “animal nuts” which is WRONG BUT PEOPLE YOU ARE GIVING THEM AMMUNITION.

Pitt County Animal Control did offer to assist all homeowners to bring their pets to the shelter during the hurricane, Half of the county still has no power, no water, and the Hurricane is the worst they’ve ever seen.

Right now, the dog is safe. The dog is a 2 yr old husky mix, neutered, male, sheltered in an undisclosed location. The City says it is because of all of the threats received by people all over the world. Threats of storming the office, stealing the dog and worse… WHY GIVE THEM AMMUNITION and not only shoot yourselves in the foot but more importantly, put the dog in jeopardy????

‎”IRENE” is a neutered male lab-huskie mix named Flint who is still under the care and custody of  Greenville/Pitt Co. Animal Services.

Rebecca, the Foster Coordinator for Two Loons Pet Rescue (pit bull rescue) stepped into the fray/void because she lives a few minutes away from where the dog was located. She offered to assist in the situation, has made numerous phone calls to Animal Control, the shelter and will continue to follow up and monitor the situation. Because she has no new information, the rescue she works for also been demonized and threatened, called names and worse.

The rescue can be a valuable resource since it has connections to volunteers with foster homes from NC to NY (Arkansas, North Carolina, eastern Tennessee, southwest Virginia, South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, and northern/central Florida).

Below is the statement on their Facebook page:

“At this time, we are not authorized to release any additional information regarding the Pitt Co. (NC) dog known as “Irene.” However, we have been asked to reiterate that harassing phone calls, emails, and internet postings (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) will be prosecuted. This includes behavior directed towards: law enforcement personnel, animal control personnel, rescue personnel, the dog’s owners, etc.

IF the dog known as “Irene” is admitted into our rescue program, she will be fostered with a professional K9 behaviorist/trainer and will not be available for adoption for a MINIMUM of 90 days.

When we are able to provide new information we will do so. Any further negative, harassing, or inappropriate behavior will cause the offender to be immediately removed and blocked from this page. Let’s stay POSITIVE and PATIENT!! :)

There is to be absolutely NO harassing of my staff or board members WHATSOEVER; this includes, but is not limited to, obtaining and posting personal information, slanderous/libelous or abusive speech, threatening, etc.

Please be assured that we are NOT withholding information and that we WILL update you as soon as we are able to do so.

Jessica Vandett
Founder/Executive Director
Two Loons Dog Rescue

no pets left behind

The State Animal Response Team has rewritten emergency planning procedures for dealing with pets. In 2006, following Katrina, the federal government passed the Pet Transportation and Safety Act, which requires emergency preparedness authorities to plan for pets as well as people.

In Pitt County, Cora Tyson operates one of those places. Helen’s Grooming World and Pet Motel. The facility, designed for boarding animals, has brought in extra cages, water and supplies for Hurricane Irene.

Pitt County Animal Shelter Manager Michele Whaley, who heads CART, County Animal Response Team,  had a trailer brought in to hold as many as 50 extra cages if Helen’s Grooming reached capacity. The county animal shelter also served as a back-up facility to house animals if needed.

Some of the volunteers and staff took dogs home during the storm.

Mr. Steve Hawley – Public Information Officer – Communications Manager:

“Due to the hundreds of responses and threats made by many people, the city of Greenville will not release the location of the dog. The dog is safe and is being taken very good care of.  The owners were in compliance with the laws. The owners were not in violation of any laws. Therefore, charges against them will not be filed.

The animal related laws of Greenville, North Carolina can be found on the city’s website:

Certainly, people can disagree with the City and the owners. But threatening and acting like a vigilante mob has NOT solved the situation. Attacking, complaining, bullying and name calling is never the answer. Two wrongs don’t make a right.  There have been NO offers to help a city of people under seige from the hurricane.

Those who are concerned about the laws in North Carolina can work to get the laws changed.

Has anyone offered to assist Two Loons Rescue, the city of Greenville, and others who were affected by the hurricane in any way?


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the doggie detective

Book Review

The dog who knew too much

by Spencer Quinn

What makes a good shaggy dog tale? A few good guy characters, lovable, flawed, fun to relate to and get to know over time, a plot with surprising twists, treats and turns, mix in a bit of humor, turn up the heat with some clues, bad guys, an unexpected adventure or two, more than a little fingernail biting peril, a dog as narrator, and you’ve got a heart and soul warming blend without the syrupy sweet sentimentality of too many books with pets that play a starring role in them.

I cannot stand reading those pet books where the hero dog is a too cute super canine with antics like no other and ends up dying in the end. Gushing over other people’s pets and kids gets old quick. If that is what you are looking for this is NOT it, thankfully.

I don’t remember the radio show The Shadow Knows but in this case I’d say the Nose Knows… this whodunit book is one of the tales in a mystery series that will delight dog lovers. Chet and Bernie make a great team at the Little Detective Agency. Bernie, the human, is a private detective and Chet is his loyal pooch companion and fellow sleuth. Chet the Jet is a dog who failed K-9 school. He is a mutt with one white ear and one black ear and his communications with Bernie are often telepathic. He enjoys riding shotgun in Bernie’s old Porsche, checking out the local prey and food, slurping up cool water, having a swim and other canine pursuits. He is a very lovable character and the book is laugh out loud funny.  There are some human issues that Chet just doesn’t understand as he explains along the way. This series is going on my top 10 all-time favorite author list.

Kidnapping, Murder and Mayhem, Crooked Old Boys and a Gold Nugget adds up to a Wild Ride: Oh My!

The books are well written and from Chet’s point of view. Chet, the narrator, is k9 adept at sniffing out the bad guys in every situation. In this book, the fourth tale of the series, Bernie is hired to be a divorced mother’s “friend.” The plot thickens when they arrive at the wilderness camp where the son Devin is supposed to be and find that he is missing. Someone at the camp later turns up dead and Bernie is wrongfully plotted against. Will Chet help Bernie solve the crime? Did the ex-husband kidnap the boy? Who killed the dead guy? And will Chet receive a suitable and substantial K9 reward for keeping his nose on the job?

I forgot that I read the first book Dog Gone It a couple of years ago. And enjoyed it too so I just ordered the two books I missed in between, To Fetch a Thief and Thereby Hangs a Tail. You can order the books on Amazon or go to your nearest book store. Ours, Borders, just closed so Amazon was my choice.

I laughed and cried and wondered what the heck was going on with this page turner.  Could not put it down. Rooting for Chet and Bernie from page one on. Each book stands on its own although there were a few references to other books made along the way that I did not understand since I had not read the other books. They were asides in my humble opinion that slightly took away from the action. Not enough to keep me away. I guess they were thrown in there for the fans to feel an insider rush or were supposed to be clues? Don’t know.  The only comparison I have is to Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series where there is either not commentary like that or it is relevant and/or explained.  But I guess being a dog Chet remembers cases and people while Stephanie’s distractions are food, family or fooling around with men which I can relate to.

But I agree, there’s genuine suspense and intrigue, combined with humor and deep insight into the bond between dog and humans. From a dog’s-eye perspective, crime has never been so much fun.

I cannot imagine my Cici being so loyal nor limber as Chet but I can imagine how she would get distracted in many of the situations that Chet gets in. Well, she is after all a polka dot princess not a sleuth dog.   I did recognize her universal doggie ways and antics in Chet which made the read extra hilarious. Nancy Drew for grownups, and gone to the dogs. Maybe Stephanie should get a dog but then again Bob is enough dog for her and Rex a better choice as her pet. But I digress.

A great read that makes you appreciate your best friend. A winning combo. Four paws up !

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feeding my dog’s inner wolf

When I think of New Zealand, I imagine a country with clean air, pure water and fun people. I had a friend from NZ who constantly regaled us with stories from her home country. It sounded idyllic, a pristine paradise.

And the idea of raw freeze dried dog food sounds like the perfect blend of elements… raw food in a palatable yet easy to give to your dog form. Add warm water and feed.

K9 Natural says their food is about feeding your dog’s inner wolf.

Well, Cici LOVED it. She and I both liked that we did not have to wait for the food to cook as we did with the other raw dehydrated foods she has been eating. She is not very patient and neither am I. She was very happy and scarfed the food down, licking the entire bowl clean. Happy camper !

I liked the packaging, too. It was easy to open and dispense the food. Plus, they give you a scooper and guidelines of how much to feed BUT I HAVE NO IDEA HOW MUCH 1% OF MY DOG’S WEIGHT and do not know how to calculate ounces either. I decided upon three scoops in the morning and three in the afternoon ad FINALLY got that confirmed. If your dog is overweight, they suggest giving less food and more if your dog is normal. They also suggest feeding a raw bone every day.  Am not keen on that since Cici tends to barf after eating them. She seems to do ok sometimes but too many bones and one a day is definitely too many is not good for her.

There was no odor, the food looked a little chunky and meaty. And besides all of the wonderful ingredients (see below), WE DID NOT HAVE TO WAIT WHILE IT COOKED.

Only thing is I have noticed her acting a bit wolfy lately LOL…  don’t even know what that would mean…

Cici and I give K9 natural four paws up !

Here is what they say about their food:

K9 Natural Freeze Dried is made with 85% meat (derived from grassfed, ranch raised animals and free of antibiotics and hormone growth), bone, blood, tripe, liver, kidney and heart plus vegetables, fruit, egg and garlic. K9 Natural is a nutritionally sound and species appropriate diet which can therefore be fed to dogs at any stage of life: from puppies to seniors, during pregnancy and lactation. It is also suitable for any breed of dog, from toy to giant.

FLAVOR: Lamb Supreme

PACK SIZE: Net weight 1.1lb. Makes 4.4lb of ready-to-serve raw food when reconstituted with warm water. Contains 20 daily servings for dog size: approx 11lb.

INGREDIENTS: Fresh lamb 85% ground bone, blood, fresh broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, silver beet, cabbage, other seasonal vegetables, whole eggs, fruit (apples, pears and other seasonal fruit), green tripe, heart, liver, kidney, garlic.

K9 Natural is a 100% total and natural diet. Supplementation is not recommended or required, however a raw, meaty bone a day is suggested for clean teeth, gums and breath, and for your dog’s enjoyment. Alternate the flavors of K9 Natural to give your dog variety.

I pose two questions to dog owners I meet who seem reluctant to consider natural raw foods: “Have you ever seen a dog grazing in a field of wheat?”, and, “Have you ever seen a dog cook or heat its food?”

speaking of wolves, Lobos next door, Husky wolf mix, has started howling whenever he hears sirens…

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goodbye Irene: hello Lucky dog

With all of the media frenzy crazy about the Hurricane Irene, seems like it was not the BIG HUGE disaster it was hyped, thankfully. Our prayers were answered. Not that there was NO damage or flooding or deaths. Eleven deaths and billions of dollars of damage so far. But what got the attention/focus of many many animal lovers was one photo posted on Facebook.

A terrified dog chained outside to fend for itself during the hurricane in Greenville, NC. There were many rumors. Apparently, the owners took a puppy with them when they evacuated but left this dog for an unknown reason. A pregnant neighbor took the photo and posted it but was not able to bring the dog to safety. Many folks, myself included, commented, posted and called the police, fire, animal control folks. Finally, after FIVE visits to check on the dog, the dog is supposed to now be safe.  You can read about it more below.

But the City of Greenville, NC wrote a ridiculous comment on their facebook page about the dog wanting to be on top of its dog house outside in the rain which drew the ire of many folks. Here is the screen shot:

From Sasha Sabbeth: I just got off the phone with the Public Information Officer for the Greenville, North Carolina police regarding the puppy abandoned outside in Hurricane Irene’s natural disaster situation.

Here are the facts directly from him: 1) The dog was removed from the home late last night and put in a temporary shelter. 2) The Animal Control and police officers made 5 visits yesterday to check on the dog. 3) Finally, the situation changed slightly so that they saw a technicality that would legally allow them to remove the dog. 4) They had made repeated efforts to contact the owners and were unsuccessful. 5) A photo of the dog in its safe temporary location is forthcoming.  Thank you all for the army of passion that we all unleashed to save this baby.

Someone just wrote on the Irene facebook page linked below:

Same owners had an “outdoor” cat a few months back. The same girl that posted this picture opened her front door and saw the cat lying on her front porch about to die. She tried to give him water, but he wouldn’t drink and barely moved. She called Animal Control at that time as well and they came to get the cat…with the owners watching on their front porch. They didn’t say a word. Please don’t give up on this puppy dog ♥ He/she deserves BETTER!

It has been a few hours since she posted the above and so far have not seen a safe dog photo.

A facebook page has been put up about the dog:

People are now concerned about the dog’s safety at the shelter. A local rescue group is being contacted to pull the dog and get it into a good home.    Clearly, owners who would leave a dog outside in a hurricane chained up are cruel and should not get the dog back, many think. And animal shelters kill dogs. This dog has no idea how many people are concerned about its safety.

the latest info / update as of Tuesday August 30, 2011 is that some rescues have said they would help and have NOT taken care of the dog which is in an undisclosed location.  Please contact the media. If the dog was returned to the owners, this is NOT the answer/solution.  This dog deserves a decent loving forever home. Thank you.

here is a photo of the dog:  (beautiful sweet/souful eyes, looks like a white Siberian husky or a German shepherd)

If anyone has any more info, please let us know asap. Thank you all, especially Sasha and others for your part in getting this dog inside.

more info:


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what would you do if you found a dog…

There are so many situations/dilemmas we animal lovers find ourselves in daily. Sometimes, we see dogs on the Internet or cats or other animals and we want to help them all. But alas we cannot. Limited time, resources, energy. Some people post incessantly, some try to change laws to save lives, and others donate what they can. All good although the postings get to be too much for me. So many animals in need, dying, on death row, abused, treated cruelly, not getting the homes and care they need. Breaks your heart. Then occasionally, a heartwarming tale with a happy ending makes your day.

Now, this morning, I scanned my facebook news to see if I could post something somewhere, as my way of contributing. And I saw this story below.  What would you do in this situation if you were the truck driver?

A group/facebook page called People for Pit Bulls had written/posted about this a number of times and were asking for media attention so I first posted what they wrote onto The Patrick Movement for California page and other pages. Then I suggested that they contact local media, I found one local media person and wrote to her myself. I shared this with P4P and suggested that they get as many people as people to write/call local media in Bakersfield. This is what I wrote:

a truck driver from Pennsylvania found this little dog limping on the side of the road in Bakersfield. The driver had to leave the dog at the local animal shelter where the dog will be put to sleep unless help can be found asap. The truck driver will donate as much as possible to get the dog vet care and/or boarding until a proper home can be found. Is there a local rescue group who can help this dog?  Can you write about this situation?   Thank you.

Kern Co. Animal Control bakersfield
ID# A865670
(661) 868-7144 or (661) 321-3000
Unaltered male, 2ish years old. Beautiful blue with white markings, light brown eyes.   around 45 lbs…

here is the response I received from the reporter:

Thanks for your interest. I’ll forward this to my editor, though I can’t guarantee we’ll be able to cover it. I’m not sure if we can recommend any particular local rescue groups, though just off the top of my head I might suggest contacting the local Humane Society or SPCA.

Thanks again,

I think it is important when in the process of doing a rescue, to not blame the media, other people, or shelters, it is counterproductive.

P4P wrote that they had contacted doggie magazines and some other folks. WRONG. Doggie magazines require MONTHS lead time. Newspapers are DAILY. So is TV and radio. Plus, this is not a national story. (well, the deplorable state of our animal shelters IS a national story). But the fastest, easiest and best way, in my humble opinion, as a reporter/editor with media background, also as a publicist for 25+ years, is to contact THE LOCAL MEDIA. Also online media if you have contacts or can find them.

This is what they wrote:

People For Pit Bulls According to a Marketing Group in NYC on the news. He (Patrick) was very well marketed….I read that in the New York Times months ago and a cruelty group posted on it a few months ago also…I have just found it strange that there are so many abuse cases, some as bad and worse, and they never get the attention they should. I am glad PAtrick got it, but now others need it…perhaps it is in the money.

what I wrote back:

Patrick got media attention because people CARED about him, and there was VISUAL PROOF of his abuse. Dogs are NOT marketing material. People responded to Patrick OUT OF THEIR HEARTS not some marketing scheme.

I realize that the people are probably upset, frustrated, and stressed because they’re trying to save a dog’s life. Just don’t bite the hands that are trying to FEED YOU.

Now there was another post saying that someone is willing to adopt the dog, but a rescue still needs to pull him from the shelter.

Is there anyone reading this that can help in Bakersfield or nearby?????

Good fortune. I hope this turns out well.

I am writing about this because this is a very common scenario that I see over and over and over again.  There HAS to be a better way. There HAS GOT to be a better shelter system. And there HAS to be better education. People have to understand that dogs are not something to throw away like trash by the side of the road or in a garbage bin. That if they are moving, allergic, the dog has fleas, barks too much, they are having tough times financially or they’re having a baby, that is NO REASON/EXCUSE to GET RID of their pet dog, cat, iguana, rabbit, whatever. THERE ARE SOLUTIONS if one wants to find them. If one is willing there is a way.  If you have a pet, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to feed, house, keep safe, train, and LOVE. If you throw your pet away, ie, take it to a shelter, it will more than likely END UP DEAD.

How someone who has loved an animal for any length of time can do that is beyond me.  I once had to take a sweet kitty cat to a shelter (Pasadena) to get put down because it was terminally ill of cancer and the owners had thrown the poor kitty out in the street. They had that kitty for 15 years. And then their son/daughter had a baby. So out with the kitty cat into the street !!!! I had been feeding the cat and then I talked to other neighbors and they were also feeding the cat. Yet, the cat was very skinny. Finally, someone suggested that I take the kitty to a vet or shelter. I did not want to do it. But I put on my grown up pants and went. The vet confirmed that the kitty was dying and in pain and it would take a lot of surgery and still not save the kitty. She was willing to take the kitty but suggested the humane solution was to put the kitty down. I cried the entire time I took the kitty to the vet, at the vet and at the shelter. The BEST shelter EVER. They let me be in a private room with the kitty to say good-bye and pray which I did. They gave me all the time I needed, too. Very beautiful. And when it was over, I was sad but knew the kitty was in a better place. And when I told the owner, she cried and THANKED ME for doing what she did NOT have the courage to do. I did not tell her that it could have been different. That she had inflicted how many months of pain onto that kitty. IF she had been responsible, perhaps that kitty could have lived its last years with LOVE and DIGNITY in a new home with another family. She could have asked the neighbors. Someone might have taken that kitty into their home. Personally, that is what I would have done. But I have learned that people do not always do the right thing.  Oh well.

What would YOU Do??? Curious minds want to know.  Thanks.

Now for some inspiration.  A video I created for Patrick. Look at the DIFFERENCE that LOVE and CARE made for this once starved and thrown in the trash dog, transformed into a healthy and handsome boy !!!

An interesting event to help rescues/shelters across America, Best Friends Strut Your Mutt…

and I also made a video for The Vicktory dogs… look at how far they have come. Once, made to fight or used as bait dogs, chained up 24/7, unsocialized, traumatized and abused daily, 7-8 have now become therapy dogs, and most of the 52 dogs have been adopted into happy homes. It is worthwhile telling the GOOD NEWS over and over again.

and yes, I am HAVING SO MUCH FUN creating videos. If you’d like one, let me know.

Now it is that time of the week again, Blog Hoppin time… thanks to Life with Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers and Confessions from the Plume, hop on board by catching the code here….


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a slice of dog heaven: Santa Cruz

DOG FANCY magazine ( has named Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, the winner of the 2011 DogTown USA competition, saluting it as America’s most dog-friendly city.

This year’s contest also named four regional winners:

·         Northwest: Bend, Ore.

·         Northeast: Doylestown, Pa.

·         Southeast: Knoxville, Tenn.

·         Southwest: Santa Cruz, Calif.

Congrats to our friends in Bend, Oregon and Santa Cruz. Uh oh, what happened to Carmel????  It did not even make it in the top five. Santa Cruz is nearby. Seems like Carmel should be at least in the top ten. But apparently the magazine did not include Carmel at all.  They did not say why.

The criteria used to select the winning city included plenty of dog-friendly open spaces and dog parks, events celebrating dogs and their owners, ample veterinary care, abundant pet supply and other services, and municipal laws that support and protect all pets.

Dog Fancy editors traveled to Coeur d’Alene to present the city with this top honor and present $5,000 to the Kootenai County Dog Park Association. Additionally, Natural Balance Pet Foods will donate 1,000 pet food meals to Kootenai Humane Society on behalf of Coeur d’Alene, and 500 pet food meals to each of the regional winners.

For the complete story on DogTown USA, pick up the October issue of DOG FANCY (, on newsstands August 23, 2011.

Labor Day weekend is almost here, so a good place to visit with your pooch(es) would be Santa Cruz. Sun, sand and fur.

More about Santa Cruz:

Dog Off Leash areas

Hikes with dogs in Santa Cruz county

Dogs parks

Dine and shop with dogs and more

Charmer of the week from the SPCA in Santa Cruz  (good karma to adopt not shop)

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groovy video of cici the polka dot star

been waiting to hear from someone since 8 am to find out info about another post, just found out and will post it but this is soooo cool… if a technlogically challenged person such as me could do this, so can you… it is easy and free, too… wow…

oh well, it won’t post like a youtube url… but here it is a 30 second video with music of my cici… from photos…


what do you think????  is Cici a star or what??? !!!!

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would you like to swing on a star? gee officer krupke

Yay, Leslie Smith, ditto, what she said…

spots = unchanged

Sad and well said

It is nice to see the media, LA Times, finally come out and say something near to what we’ve been saying all along… although there are the usual mistakes about how Vick went to jail for dog fighting (nope) and so on.

L.A. Unleashed
Los Angeles Times Sports columnist Bill Plaschke on Michael Vick’s latest interview in GQ: “Nice to see that Vick is still trying to rationalize his behavior at the expense of the millions of people in this country who don’t use their depressed economic status as an excuse to fight dogs.”   (ya mean not all poor people kill dogs? not all poor black folks are serial dog killers?   who thinks Vick is a vicktim of his background??? of course, his background made him become the most notorious animal killer of our time and we should feel sorry for him. poor vick he got caught COMMITTING CRIMES AGAINST NATURE.   he is a cold-hearted serial dog killer who wants people to think he’s a vicktim, hah).

please vote on this at their website (I voted for tragic outcome): when did it ever go away????

please comment on Vick’s GQ magazine interview at the GQ website…

“Since his release from prison in July 2009, Michael Vick has had a team of “at least seven” PR professionals working for him. He says they laid down a plan while he was still locked up, a plan “I try to follow to the letter.” They have him working with the Humane Society, with whom he recently came out against an Android app called Dog Wars. (“It just sends the wrong message,” he said in a press release.) Most recently, he appeared on Capitol Hill to back an anti-dogfighting bill…”

In the interview conducted for; Mike Vick discusses the cultural aspects that lended to his dog fighting ways:

“[The media is] writing as if everyone feels that way and has the same opinions they do. But when I go out in public, it’s all positive, so that’s obviously not true … You got the family dog and the white picket fence, and you just think that’s all there is. Some of us had to grow up in poverty-stricken urban neighborhoods, and we just had to adapt to our environment. I know that it’s wrong. But people act like it’s some crazy thing they never heard of. They don’t know.”

(Yeah, it’s not some crazy thing we never heard nor conceived of, that makes us want to puke/vomit/barf… everyone knows that all poor deprived black people kill dogs in sick twisted psychotic ways and fight dogs all the time because of their background, that is what Vick is trying to get everyone to understand, he is just soooo misunderstood in the media, so we should all believe that all poor black kids are serial dog killers, just like him, because their culture makes them that way. So every successful black person who got out of the ghetto and did NOT kill dogs are what rare? you buying this crap, puhlease)

Read More

he’s sociologically sick, yeah sure right, he’s got a social disease… no one wants a fella with a social disease

Gee Officer Krupke


Would you like to swing on a star?
Carry moonbeams home in a jar?
And be better off than you are?

Or would you rather be a mule?

A mule is an animal with long funny ears
Kicks up at anything he hears
His back is brawny but his brain is weak
He’s just plain stupid with a stubborn streak
And by the way, if you hate to go to school
You may grow up to be a mule

Would you like to swing on a star?
Carry moonbeams home in a jar?
And be better off than you are?

Or would you rather be a pig?

A pig is an animal with dirt on his face
His shoes are a terrible disgrace
He has no manners when he eats his food
He’s fat and lazy and extremely rude
But if you don’t care a feather or a fig
You may grow up to be a pig

Would you like to swing on a star?
Carry moonbeams home in a jar?
And be better off than you are?

Or would you rather be Mike Vick?

Vick won’t do anything, but play football and kill dogs
He has no conscience or remorse but here’s the hook
To fool the people is his only thought
And though he’s slippery, he still got caught
And wonders why people still think he’s crazy as a loon
Don’t grow up to be sick Vick
Cause you’d be a felon and get locked up for 99 years since you’re not slippery Vick

All the crazies aren’t in jail
You’d have to come up with a whole lotta bail

So you see it’s all up to you
You can be better than you are
You could be swingin’ on a star

Saturday Blog Hop thanks to Life with Dogs, Two Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume, catch the code …

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Overcoming Facebook bans with Creative Solutions

Taking Matters into our Own Hands…

Since waiting around for Facebook to get with the program is frustrating at best, here is a possible CREATIVE SOLUTION for overcoming the Facebook ban/suspension: Attn: all Patrick movement admins and other animal advocacy rescue groups, Amelia Latham was just telling me that if you will create “group” pages, all these community pages should create them then we can post to group pages, it seems without restriction.

And if you are wondering how to do it as was I, I first went to the Animal Book facebook group page and saw on the left something that said Create Group. I clicked on that and voila. I was able to create a group page. Now I noticed that there it is on my page to be able to create a group.

How about it? and if you are a poster and are not banned, can u please let others know about this, pls share, thanks!

Facebook has received a lot of great publicity due to animal rescue efforts that have saved the lives of many animals

Patrick (featured prominently on News 12 in New Jersey facebook page)

The story of Patrick, the pit bull who was found abandoned and near death in a trash dumpster at a Newark apartment building, has garnered worldwide attention, and donations have been pouring in from those wanting to contribute to his care. Patrick visited the News 12 New Jersey Studio to be a guest on “The Pet Stop.

a dog in Connecticut

Rocky the military dog who just got saved due to the efforts of dedicated animal rescuers

just to name a few of the lives that have been saved. There have been dogs who have been rescued from kill shelters, dogs who have been adopted, cats who have been rescued from abusers, and many other animals lives who have been saved thanks to animal rescuers and just plain people who care about animals, who are on Facebook and network with each other to get the animals to safety, sign petitions, are working to change laws about animal abuse (stricter and enforced), end breed discrimination and stop puppy mills.

So why does it seem that Facebook is in no hurry to fix the snafu that is hindering the efforts of animal rescue groups this week…which is putting many animals lives in danger EVERY DAY?

Animal rescuers are not the only ones affected by the glitch but animals lives ARE constantly on the line. Rescuers are concerned that each and every hour of every day animals that could be saved are dying because the rescuers cannot post and crosspost to the groups nor make comments to the groups to get the word out.

Networking has slowed down considerably and many feel frustrated and wonder how long “being in jail” on Facebook will continue.  There is word that Facebook is aware and working on the problem but so far, there is no indication as to when this is going to be resolved.

Like too many corporations and big companies these days, fantastic Customer service, par EXCELLENCE, does not seem to be a priority for Facebook. There is little communication, no way to reach an actual person and all people get back are automatic form emails which is insufficient feedback. No public statements have been made by Mark Zuckerberg or his minions. No media have discussed this topic except for bloggers like myself.

People are seeking creative solutions including finding another social media platform that WILL respond to the needs of their customers, even non-paying ones.

People all over the world are generally FED UP and tired of governments, politicians and big corporation lack of response to their needs.

And then there are stories such as this that highlight how welcome, rare and indeed miraculous it is nowadays when a company DOES care about their customers, DOES provide Excellent customer service, and as a result obtains favorable PR and new customers through their own efforts.  I’ve never even heard of this company nor do I even eat steak, but I would DEFINITELY go to their restaurant because of this.

So we need to come up with more CREATIVE SOLUTIONS for overcoming the Facebook suspension. But please share this one:

Attn: all Patrick movement admins and other animal advocacy rescue groups, Amelia Latham was just telling me that if you will create “group” pages, all these community pages should create them then we can post to group pages, it seems without restriction. How about it? and if you are a poster and are not banned, can u please let others know about this, pls share, thanks!

Where there is a WILL there is a WAY !!!!!

and we also need to think outside Facebook too I think… not have all of our eggs in one basket !!!

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patrick is my homeboy… animal groups gone wild

well it is supposed to be Pit Bull Appreciation Day but with Facebook glitching, cannot post as much as I’d like to about pit bulls… and especially with all of the paranoia running wild… yes, people it is a conspiracy… of course the musicians, artists, business people and just regular people who also are affected by the suspension are just a smokescreen, covering up for Mark Z.’s targeting animal groups… please get over yourselves for the sake of the animals!!!

got a very nice t-shirt from the good folks at (appropriately named for today) Crazy Dog

a very nice size (extra longer and larger than i thought it would be),  a very nice kelly green color…

ok, the printing comes out in reverse on my computers camera and I don’t know how to fix that… but here’s what it looks like (I was going to dress Cici up in it, the shirt would have covered her up from head to to toe, but she would have none of it…

they asked me to pick out a t-shirt and so of course, in honor of Patrick, since they did NOT have a Cici t-shirt, I got the St. Patrick is my homeboy… not a photo of Patrick but of the actual saint.  very nice quality shirt, love it.

they have a nice selection of dog shirts, although no pit bull ones… I like the Holy Shiz Tzu one…and Pugs Not Drugs… some seriously silly ones like Amish Gone Wild, movie ones, and others…

so go look at the other t-shirts they have and tell them Cici sent ya !

sorry, they do not have a Facebook hates animal groups t-shirt… sorry I hate to be the one to break this to you diehards, but not everybody hates you, and the world does not revolve around you, seriously????


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