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Sweet Doggie Reunion

boy, the dogs are having a Grand Reunion in Heaven… Sweet Georgia, Wallace, Frankie, Viva, are just a few of the doggies who have passed on recently…


I Imagine Georgia greeted by Lucas, Wallace, Leo, Red, and a long line of humans and canines who knew her…

She was a Vicktory dog, Handsome Dan’s mama and he got to visit with her one more time before she left this earth.

Now she is :

Running Free




Goodbyes from those who knew her well:



Dearest Georgia,

I am forever grateful to the one who brought Dan to me. I love you old girl. You have endured so much, more than I can imagine. Through rape stands, the fighting pit and having your teeth barbarically removed, you never tried to harm the humans who tortured you. You have made more of an impact than any other dog and saved thousands of victims with your strength and stoic beauty. You are a hero, a martyr, a mother and best friend. I am humbled in your presence.

Please know that I will always take care of your son, that he means the world to me. There is an entire team of people working to bring other victims to safety in his name. Your legacy will live on through every victim of dog fighting who finds their happy ending.

GG, your body is hurting and it is time to leave this world. You will never understand the impact you have made. If I could trade some of the pain your body is feeling right now I would in a heartbeat. Please go softly, wrapped in love and warmth. You are home, you are loved, you are my hero.

With all my heart,

Dan’s Second Mama

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A child’s pet

how can you teach your children about a pet dying?

The time has come… that inevitable time, when a family member, a beloved pet, has lived its life to the fullest, been run over by a car, or has a life threatening illness. How do you tell your children? How can you help them cope with the death?  Should you have a funeral for the pet? Do you talk about the pet and express feelings?

I recently watched the movie Marley and Me and thought that they did a good job of helping the children deal with the death of their beloved dog Marley. The father took Marley to the vet and Marley was put to sleep there. He brought the dog’s body back to their home and they buried him in the earth. The children were encouraged to each write something, to express their feelings to and about Marley and put it in the casket/earth. And the children’s thoughts and feelings were acknowledged and praised. The girl child drew a picture, one of the boys wrote a letter, and the other boy, oldest, just said “He knows.” Each of the children were respected and the dog was buried with dignity and love. The children’s emotions were allowed to be expressed. Sadness, grief, and loss were also modeled by the parents. The children were appropriately comforted. They each had a chance to say good-bye.

Perhaps this movie is a good one to share with children when they lose a pet. Talk about the pet. Share memories, photos, videos and allow the children to grieve in their own way, in their own time. Having a ritual such as a burial helps, allowing the grieving members of a family to come together to say good-bye to the pet in their own way.


Below are some more tips.

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Dog dad’s day gifts

Father’s day is June 16

what better way to celebrate Fathers day then to give dad a few gifts from his best friend?

Say It With Bacon

What dog dad (and his dog) do not love bacon (and cheese, peanut butter and hot dogs?) Get your dog dad a mouthwatering gift box that he can share with his best friend as a thank you to dad for bringing home the bacon.


Every dad needs a Wag More Bark Less baseball cap from Cloudstar…


For those gardening dads, how about a zen dog garden sculpture?

Screen shot 2013-06-01 at 11.00.11 AM

What dad doesn’t like to run with his favorite furry pal? Or walk him at the dog park?  Pick up a pair of stylish running shorts from you know who as a reminder….


For dads who are camera buffs, why not get dad an extra special video camera to take great shots of his doggie pal to post on his blog, Facebook friends, send to friends and loved ones?  You could also book a session with a professional pet photographer for the two of them to capture special memories. Create a photobook filled with images of the two of them.

You could also create your very own photo puzzle from a favorite photo… and/or win a photo puzzle creator from Piczzle here…

Book a massage for Dad and his dog, side-by-side on the table, with full treatment. Get a barber and dog groomer to give them both haircuts. After they’re both looking their best, take the Father’s Day guests of honor out for lunch or dinner at their favorite pet friendly restaurant.

Reserve transportation and a stay for Dad and his best pal at a pet friendly beach town perhaps San Luis Obispo, Carmel, Mendocino, Half Moon Bay, Huntington or Newport Beach. Surf, swimming, coastal hikes and other activities included. Or plan a pet-friendly excursion to dad’s favorite fishing hole that allows dogs. Fetch dad some new fishing gear, and his faithful sidekick ges a new ball, frisbee or rubber ducky to play catch.


Supplies you’ll need for the excursion include traveling food and water dishes, a blanket to lie on and an umbrella to help shade from the sun. Include a new lead and stake for dogs that tend to wander, and a towel…gift your special duo their favorite meal. Pack it up in a picnic basket and let them enjoy a pleasant lunch..

Plan a barbeque for Father’s Day… Be sure Fido has a kiddie pool to splash in when it gets too hot… and since dad loves to cook/grill… the animal rescue site has some adorable doggie related gifts including these canine oven mitts…there are also canine decorated aprons and other goodies for the culinary  minded dad.


Dog dads need calendars to schedule their events, special holidays and vacations with their pooches (doggie daycare, trips to the dog park, groomer and vet) and more… Dad will love his 365 day doggie calendar, woof woof woof


Dad loves to read about adventures, training and inspiring stories about his best friend, right. Why not get him some doggie books about relationships of man and his best friend that will whet his attitude for having more fun with Fido… Books like the tale of Wallace, the world disc champion (who just passed his ninth month beyond the death

sentence he was given … doctors told Wallace’s guardians that he had life threatening cancer and Wallace was supposed to be over the Rainbow Bridge by now… but NOT Wallace !!!)


The Chet and Bernie mystery series by Spencer Quinn share the relationship of a working dog and his detective guardian (fiction) in a fun canine caper way is another good selection of the theme (man and dog).  You could start with the first in the series, Dog On It or jump to the last The Sound and the Furry, or get them all.  Really fun reads.


Or you could go old school/classic and get him Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck.

Blog Hop time…thanks to Life with DogsTwo Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume…  grab the blog hop  link

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pain is the pits

I was diagnosed with fibro in 1996… have relieved 98% of my symptoms and agree that PET THERAPY of the pit bull variety kind helps a lot… since pibbles are funny dogs… goofy… warm… cuddly and silly… much comic relief, lots of laugh, plus calming warmth and an abundance of licks… of course I am biased…

pain is the pits… this morning my lower back was hurting, cici is applying her special therapy upon it and my back feels better already…

more about how I have relieved my pain from fibro is here…

loved that Animal Planet had pit bull puppies in their Too Cute segment but miss Pit Bulls and Parolees, which will be on again January 5.  below is just a Dogs 101 segment about American Pit Bull Terriers…

what do you think????

merry pitti


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doggie holiday cards

Dogs to the world… fa la la la la la la la 




there are 37 different cards to send…

Happy Bodhi Day, Boxing Day, Chanukah, Christmas, Diwali, Hogmanay, Kwanza, Las Pasadas, Magh Bihu, Maghi, Makar Sankranti, St. Lucia’s Day, St. Nicholas Day, Songkran, Thingyan, Winter Solstice, Yule and all forms of New Year (and any other holidays we may have unintentionally omitted!!!

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Pet stories wanted

This week is an Extreme Pet Bloggers Blog Hop… with lots of giveaways and parties… my polka dot princess Cici, a six year old rescued Dalmatian pit bull mix and I (Monterey Bay area dog travel blogger and newshound) provide lots of tips about traveling with your dog/pets with dogitude. And Cici shares her polka dot pig belly and lots and lots of kisses. We have been blogging since October 2007.


Every pet has a story. A past, a present and hopefully, a future with a family. The bonds we share with our pets last a lifetime. The fun we have with our pets make everlasting memories.

Uplifting, poignant, inspiring, engaging, and humorous pet stories WANTED !!!!

Pet memoirs and books focusing on the bond between humans and animals have become increasingly popular over the last few years… do you have a great tale to tell?

Is your pet pit bull a hero, famous, a celebrity?

Has your pet unique qualities (couch puptato, extra adventurous, mischievous, entertaining or curious, or friendly to cats, cows, pigs, monkeys, ducks and other animals)?

Does your pet make a silly noise, have a special trick, a funny quirk or won an award for fetching beer, standing on their head or failed at puppy school?

Will your pet do ANYTHING for treats, food, toys or ????

Are you grieving the loss of your pet? Did they have an unusual illness?

Harboring a fugitive from the BSL wars or saved a pet, rescued one from harm?

Could your pet blog become a pet book???

Would you like to co-create a pet book with me?

Celebrate your Pet

Boast and brag about your pet in a furrever book for your family and friends to cherish the memories.

Amusing shaggy dog tale stories.  

Your travel adventures together.  

Why you love her (or him) so much.  

Poems, photos, cartoons and images.

Cherish the good times. And share the love.

Pet artists, photographers, designers and videographers, too… please send us your pet creations, too…

If you need assistance in getting your pet book published, let us know…

a dog’s eye view of Blood Mountain for FUN…

We will be reviewing some pet books soon… and


Cici and I’d love to share your pet here on our blog, in a book and everywhere… let us know…the ball is in your pet’s court… bounce it back soon…

Blog Hop time…  thanks to Life with DogsTwo Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume…  grab the blog hop code

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Is my dog mad at me?

Cici is going to be six on August 1… From the time she was a six month old puppy when I first met her, she was a cuddler, always snuggling up REALLY close to me, on top of me, to the point of being annoying all the time.  Too close. Constant cuddling. A super snuggler. I got used to it and sometimes I liked it and other times, I needed my own space.

Now, suddenly, the past couple of months, Cici does not cuddle with me at all. It is fine that we do not sleep together anymore, that was getting to be a real pain. I get up a few times a night to go to the bathroom. It is hard enough for me to get up alone with the pain in my knees (osteoarthritis). But Cici would always sleep on top of me and I’d have to somehow get through, over or move her to get off the bed. Not fun.

So when she wanted to sleep in the living room on the chair, it was fine, ok by me. But after breakfast, when she’d have a nap, she used to jump up on the bed and snuggle. No more.  And no other time during the day or evening, either.

Was it something I said or did?

During the time her leg was hurt, it was ok, because I did not want her to be jumping on and off the bed (which she did anyway). But now that her leg is better, what is going on?

Is she getting older now and just needs her space? Is she mad at me? Just not that into me anymore?

Everything else is normal. We play together, I feed her, walk her several times a day, love that silly polka dot girl of mine.

I would love to get a couch so then we could both lie there and watch TV together and cuddle there and then. She seems amenable, if I sit with her on the chair, which is much too small for us both, she will cuddle with me or rather let me pet her.

It’s just if I tell her to come into my room and close the door, she moans and acts like it’s the last place on earth she wants to be. Unless, of course, I have food.

What do you think? Has your dog stopped cuddling with you as they grew older? Is this a phase? Does my dog not love me anymore? Or am I being neurotic?

I found it soothing to cuddle with her, calmed me down. Comforting.

I don’t want to cramp her style, force her to do anything she does not want to do… trust me, I cannot anyway.

So what do you think? Has my baby grown up and needs her own place?

It’s a miracle, well, I bribed her so she is now cuddling next to me… it was clear to me while cuddling, I was fidgeting a lot and uncomfortable so she must pick up on that vibe…

thanks for ALL your good wishes and suggestions…


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Lennox: a rebuttal

Note:  Please STOP the Karen bashing… I did not write this to gang up on her but to state facts as I saw them and make corrections.  ENOUGH… there are many more important and URGENT issues/dogs lives at stake… for instance, the dog in Canada and UK who will be killed in 24 hours and more… we have to STOP BSL NOW.  Thank you.



Lennoxgate… outcry for investigation of BCC

pls share, everyone tweet the prime minister @number10gov and ask him to investigate the BCC re: Lennox,  be persistent… be factual and professional

if Dispatches receives 1,500 emails or more about Lennox they will look into it .. so here’s the email address

Rebuttal to Karen Friesecke of DoggieStylish’s blog post about Lennox …plus some new info that has come to light about this case, a copy of the court document, interviews and more…

here is the link to Karen’s blog post…

First, a rebuttal from Maggie Corchnoy who works as a paralegal in the USA

This is a very biased assessment, masquerading as an objective look at the case. As a paralegal, it is part of my job to read through the briefs submitted by our opponents – this is, in essence, the brief for the BCC. She takes the information she wants to bring forward and ignores that which does not support her case. Look, for instance, at the fact that she accepts Tallack’s status as “expert”. In an American court, it is doubtful that Tallack, lacking sufficient background to prove his expertise, would have been qualified to testify as an expert at all, and would certainly not have been permitted to testify in regards to Lennox’s behavior. In his report he acknowledges that he was not asked to assess Lennox’s temperament or behavior, nevertheless he qratuitiously offers his opinion & does so in a very unprofessional way.

The fact that the trial judge gave more weight to an unqualified person’s opinion than to the assessments of two behaviorists with credentials to back up their opinions would have weighed heavily against the judge with an appellate court in the US – it is highly likely that the decision would have been overturned for abuse of judicial discretion. You cannot substitute, willy-nilly, an unqualified opinion for the opinions of qualified experts.

She takes Alexandra Lightfoot’s testimony at face value, despite what has been brought forward outside of the courtroom that raises grave doubts as to the veracity of her testimony. Lightfoot’s behavior in the videos we’ve seen has consistently shown a person who is quite comfortable with this dog whom she testified under oath that she is afraid of. Her posture is relaxed and she frequently looks like she’s not even paying attention to him. This does not square with her testimony in the least, and certainly raises the possibility of perjury. Her behavior towards the family and online also raises questions as to the character of the woman.

Her discussion of the possibility of an exemption is remarkably off-base, as she ignores the behavioral experts’ assessments that Lennox is a safe dog, while the language she uses makes it sound as if they concur that he could not be safely released. “The judges and people who had ACTUAL CONTACT with Lennox could not be satisfied that he would NOT be a threat to public safety”. Both Fisher and Ryan concluded that Lennox was safe and recommended that he be released back to his family. This is a very old tactic – by avoiding mentioning which “people who had actual contact with Lennox” she makes it sound as if it were the united opinion of all concerned that he was dangerous – while completely ignoring the behavioral experts’ findings and recommendations.

She engages in cherry-picking throughout this opinion piece – and make no mistake about it, this is not an unbiased review of the facts, it is one-sided and anything but an assessment of all the facts in evidence. By starting as she does – presenting posts which easily allow her to tar Lennox’s supporters as emotionally-overwrought and credulous, she makes it easy to dismiss us. Note that she does not present a single post in which facts of the case are discussed, but only those that bolster the image she wants to project. Where, for instance, are there any quotes in the introduction from the website? There isn’t a person who deals in litigation that doesn’t know cherry-picking when we see it. Those are some of the easiest opponents to rebuke in a reply brief because we can take the time to go through & point out each & every little bit of misdirection and half-truth. It’s harder to do in a context like this, unfortunately.

One more note on how she cherry-picks & uses misdirection in an attempt to destroy the credibility of those who have supported the Barnes family & Lennox. Read what she wrote about Victoria Stilwell: “The Victoria Stilwell “noise.” Victoria Stilwell NEVER had contact with the dog and has ZERO education credentials from any recognized institutions as a dog behaviorist. She’s barely a dog trainer. I refuse to take dog training/behavior advice from someone who didn’t own a dog until recently and wrote the book Fat Dog Slim: How to Have a Healthy, Happy Pet”.

Barely a dog trainer? The woman founded a dog-training business, has studied with a number of behavioral experts, has won awards and accolades for her training methods and her personal experience as a trainer. She mentions one of her books, but leaves out the other: It’s Me or the Dog: How to Have the Perfect Pet. Note how leaving out the first book – a dog-training book – demeans her. Victoria Stilwell has never claimed to have had contact with Lennox. She was asked to assess the evaluation videos & reports of the behaviorists & did so, turning in to the court what amounts to an amicus brief. Her celebrity status has been helpful in bringing attention to the case, which she readily acknowledges, but does not render her opinions any less noteworthy. In fact, I’d venture to suggest, going back to my original post, that while Peter Tallack would most likely not make the grade as a qualified expert, Ms. Stilwell would. So we see bias at work once again – more skillfully applied than some of the other proponents of the BCC have managed, but bias nonetheless.

In addition, regarding the court document…

The decision itself was poorly-written and not supported by the weight of the evidence.

when I’m writing legal documents. I would sink with embarrassment if I turned in a work product as bad as that decision!

Now my rebuttal to Karen...

First, notice that Karen starts off using a quote by Stephen Hawking to bolster her “opinion” as if her opinion is the TRUTH and implies that whatever anyone else’s opinion is or the facts themselves are not true. Tricky way to start off. Anyone who starts off by saying something like that, implying that they and they alone hold the truth and everyone else is ignorant, is flawed from the get go. I trust that Karen has NOT been as intimately involved in this case, has not read the court docs, done a ton of research nor read many different articles, listened to radio and TV interviews, watched videos, all from a variety of sources, as I have done. I could be wrong about that. To me, overall, her piece is a knee jerk reaction. Sorry, Karen.

This clearly is a very volatile issue with lots of people speaking and various opinions on all sides. I am all for people speaking their minds, expressing their opinions and appreciate when people back up their statements with facts. I am as biased as anyone else.  My position is I agree to disagree with everyone. And we can still discuss this rationally, if not objectively. When emotions run high, it takes a lot to bite one’s tongue. And I have been known to run off at the mouth, rant and rave and get on my soap box. But I do not masquerade my opinions and try to pass them off as facts. Stick to the facts, ma’am is usually the best way to go. All of us human beings are flawed and biased. Although I am a reporter/editor, I do not subscribe to and was not taught in J school the myth that journalists are objective. Although we may attempt to present a fair and balanced view, our opinions DO color the facts.

For instance, in my last term of college, I did an independent study of a controversial topic of my choice, abortion. My assignment was to research many different newspapers and to see how the topic was presented. Was there bias or objective journalism going on? I found out through many hours of reading newspapers from many different states that overall, at the time, in the early 80’s, for the most part, whenever pro-choice folks were quoted, they were presented as educated college folks and the article appeared on the front page or first page. However, when the pro life crowd were quoted, the article was on a last page and they were shown to be religious fanatics and nut cases. Perhaps this was coincidence but I think not.

I went to college and studied journalism, became a reporter and have worked as a reporter and editor since the 1980’s, my credentials, by the way.

Moving on.

Peter Tallack, the BCC “expert” is a police dog handler who was paid to testify for the BCC so he was NOT an impartial adviser. He had/has a biased agenda, an ax to grind. Do you believe celebrities or others who are paid spokespeople for a product or your best friend or neighbor who has NO financial stake ???

According to the provisions of the Dangerous Dog Act, Tallack does not have the necessary credentials to be an “expert.” He does not have a college degree.  He also offers opinions that he was not asked for including saying that Ms. Barnes shouldn’t own a dog because of her disability.

Personally, I condemn violence and threats. Victoria Stilwell, who many around the world hold in HIGH esteem due to her professionalism and qualifications as a dog trainer, a person who knows and understands dog behavior and who has worked with ALL types of dogs including aggressive dogs and pit bulls is definitely a credible person. No one paid her to talk about this. No one paid her to take Lennox to America. All you have to do is watch her work  on It’s Me or the Dog and read her books to know that she has integrity and is willing to speak the truth even when she probably should not. She has said that she has received threats by BCC employees and was even sued by Peter Tallack or at least he tried to sue her but he did not actually have a valid case against her.

Her words:

“I do not approve of threats and intimidation being done to anyone on either side and would appeal to those who conduct themselves in such a way to stop – you are not helping matters. But also be aware that those of us who have supported Lennox and the family themselves have also received threats, some from the very people that BCC employ.”

As a government witness for the Belfast City Council, Tallack tried to extort money from Victoria Stilwell.  Peter Tallack was paid by the BCC to condemn Lennox. He also attempted to extort money from The North Country Gazette apparently, threatening to sue and seek an injunction to attempt to stop the news publication from writing about him.

According to Victoria Stilwell’s Facebook page, Tallack tried to extort money from her.

the BCC’s ‘expert’ did try to sue me for speaking out against him and questioning his credentials, and yes, he did expect money from me to settle the dispute. He was not successful because all I did was speak the truth.”

Apparently, a formal complaint against Tallack has been lodged with law enforcement officials.  Read more here:

Karen dismisses the above as rumors. Clearly, they are not rumors.

BCC has a reputation for bullying folks. And now have a campaign against everyone and anyone who is speaking out against what they did to Lennox.  Dogs Today Magazine’s advertisers have been targeted and the company was threatened with calls to the police. For what? For speaking up for Lennox. Gee, all these rumors.

Karen also mentioned Cesar Millan as if he somehow had more qualifications than Sarah Fisher and Victoria Stilwell. He is a man and also a dog trainer. Does that make him more qualified? He also offered to rehome Lennox behind the scenes. He did not say publicly (as far as I know) if he was able to discuss options with the BCC or not). However, his methods of dog training have been condemned by some as being too dominating, even abusive (kicking dogs, pushing them down, etc).

Stilwell is a dog trainer and behaviorist and works with pit bull type dogs all of the time. Many dogs she works with are aggressive, fearful, full of anxiety. I have seen her work with people and their dogs including pit bulls on TV numerous times. Her credentials are years of experience working with all kinds of dogs, some who have actually bitten people. Lennox NEVER bit anyone, was muzzled in public and was a family pet. Victoria arranged for Lennox to be rehomed in the USA in a sanctuary (she does not say which one but presumably Best Friends where the former Vick dogs live. I can say this as having worked there and knowing that this is something that they would do).

Even if Lennox was a dangerous dog there would have been NO danger to the public as Victoria had the transportation all arranged and the people at the sanctuary have years of working with difficult even so-called dangerous dogs and know how to do so safely.

Lennox had offers of sanctuary from some of the best-known dog advocates in the world, Cesar Millan, Victoria Stilwell, Jeff Coltenback, who has a pit bull rescue in New Jersey and has 20 years experience rescuing dogs and working with dogs including pit bulls. Lennox would NOT have been in a public setting and therefore he would not have been a threat to society as Tallack, Lightfoot and the BCC claimed.  Victoria and Jeff never received a reply from the BCC although they both made many phone calls and sent numerous requests.

Employees of the BCC received a memo issued in December, 2010 by an official of the BCC’s Health and Environmental Services Department which told members of the BCC not to discuss the Lennox case at any council meetings.

For the most part, the media in the United Kingdom also did not print articles about Lennox for the two years before Lennox’s death.

Government officials in Northern Ireland and the BCC knew of the situation as they received many many requests for clemency, phone calls and emails and obviously did nothing to stop the execution of an innocent dog.

With the exception of First Minister Peter Robinson who publicly said he did not agree with the court decision to kill Lennox, no government official has publicly addressed the worldwide outcry to save Lennox and requests for mercy from even the Italian government who also offered to rehome Lennox. There also has been no response to requests for an investigation into the BCC.

James Crosby, an expert witness in the US in several State Courts and one Federal District Court on dog aggression, canine behavior, dog assessment and dog attacks has 30 years experience working with truly dangerous dogs, 30  who have actually killed people. His comments:

“Whenever I evaluate an allegedly truly dangerous dog, I wear protective gear (kevlar gloves, etc.). If Lennox was so bad, where was the AC Officer’s protective gear? I used to make my AC Officers wear gloves at least when catching strays….Jim Crosby

for the rest of his comments, read his post (link below) and listen to his interviews (see below)

“Even though the dog wardens claimed Lennox was dangerous, they never muzzled the dog in any of photographs and videos for assessment and evaluation”.  More unanswered questions and evidence at the link below.

If the BCC have nothing to hide, then why wouldn’t they let anyone, including the family, see Lennox before and after his death? why did they not allow the Barnes family a last visit (which they certainly had the authority to do). Once he was dead, Sarah Fisher stated that she offered to take the dead body to the family so that they could bury him but the BCC refused. WHY? What possible danger would he have been to anyone once he was dead? Why have they refused to send the family his body and/or his collar as a keepsake for the young girl??? And why have they refused to COMMUNICATE with anyone in the public responsibly???

another opinion

Lightfoot’s promotion to Animal Welfare Officer

Perjury of Lightfoot

Lets not forget this dog warden shown in the pictures above gave evidence in court under oath stating that Lennox is aggressive, uncontrollable and she is afraid of him. The pictures raise the obvious questions, does this dog warden look at all afraid of Lennox? Does this dog warden look to be afraid of being in the same vicinity as Lennox? Does this dog warden look like she cannot control Lennox? Does Lennox show any signs of aggression toward this dog warden? Everyone can see that Lennox is willing to please and show love toward this warden and for this same warden to stand in court and claim under oath that she is afraid of Lennox is a disgrace to the dog warden service, the Belfast City Council for employing such an untrustworthy person and to the warden herself. The warden can clearly be seen in the picture placing her face up close to Lennox’s face which is not something a normal person would do if they claim they are afraid of a certain dog or claim it is aggressive and they cannot enter the same vicinity as such dog.

The BCC has either ignored phone calls or on the morning of Lennox’s death, they made rude animal noises to people calling and asking if the dog was still alive and hung up on them. And they even lied to at least one person’s face. A woman who was truly concerned and wanting to find out about the fate of the dog called the BCC for info. Two hours AFTER the BCC had released their statement (the woman did not know about this until later), the BCC assured this woman that Lennox was still alive.

What truly disturbs me is the horrible condition Lennox was in when Sarah Fisher met with him. He had NOT been in such terrible shape before when Lennox was with his family. Hair loss, sores on his body,a hurt neck and damaged paw. Were they taking proper care of him as they stated (see below)?

Here are court documents from the case

Some notes/excerpts about the court document…

In several instances they call Alexandra/Sandie Lightfoot… by the names Ms. Whitefoot and Ms. Lightwood…  if they cannot get the names correct, what else is incorrect in this court document? (I used to be a legal secretary and typos are not allowed never mind incorrect names)…at least in the USA this docment would not be acceptable… and inadmissible and certainly not considered a professional court doc.

The dog had a problem with stress and Ms. Barnes admitted that he was bad with strangers but had never bit anyone. She never let the dog near strangers, adults and children. She was willing to comply with muzzling, had insurance. The dog was registered as an American bulldog/Labrador on his license.  (see photocopy below).

Tallack was supposed to measure the dog, that is it. He had no expertise regarding dog behavior. But he said that the dog had a severe personality defect. He is not a dog psych nor a vet. He criticized Sarah Fisher’s methods. He thought that a dog biting a lead/leash as Lennox had was a bad sign (poppycock) and decided that Lennox was an accident waiting to happen… a mature dog fixed in its ways. (The former Vick dogs refute this nonsense completely)…

Sarah Fisher has not had experience with pit bull type dogs in the UK but HAS had experience with these dogs in the USA where they are NOT illegal. Fisher’s assessment started with Lennox being in a van. He was distressed and wanted to stay with Ms. Whitefoot who he clearly had a good relationship with. She clarified her methods, she used a clicker to see if that would upset the dog, introduced and withheld food/treats and tested the dog’s reactions to see if Lennox would react aggressively and he did not. She dropped the lead a couple of times, people walked by and Lennox did NOT attack anyone.

She mentioned his health issues and recommended that he visit a vet surgeon. She said that if the dog was in pain that could make him difficult to handle.  (Was any of this ever addressed by the BCC?)

Fisher then discussed David Ryan’s assessment… the court doc calls him Ramsey instead of Ryan a few times. (again, if they cannot get the names correct in a court document, this is indicative of other errors)…

Ryan noted that the dog could be muzzled and kept in the home of Ms. Barnes. Being in a kennel would be too traumatic for Lennox. More so than other dogs, he said. (Was this ever addressed by the BCC?)

Fisher noted that Lennox could have bit Ryan but did not do so. She concluded that Lennox was a well behaved dog.

There are opinions taken as facts by the court… I was impressed by the evidence of the dog warden… that is the dog’s warden’s opinions were considered facts. It seems according to the court/Judge that the opinions of the dog wardens and paid expert were viable but the real dog experts reports were dismissed.

it goes on talking about the factual evidence of Mr. Tallack which was NOT backed up by any factual evidence, we would call it hearsay.

Mr. Ryan recommended that Lennox go home with the Barnes family.

But then the court says that all of the experts said that Lennox was dangerous. Clearly, this is contradictory and NOT true. Fisher and Ryan said that Lennox should GO HOME.

Then it talks about public safety.

And how the court could not justify allowing Lennox to be in public and be safe according to the experts testimonies. (again ONLY the BCC’s testimony and opinion of the dog warden and Tallack were considered).

and the Judge dismisses the appeal.

Why was the same judge allowed to sit on the bench for appeal? He should have recused himself.

The court decisions in the Lennox case were all  based upon opinions of the BCC.  The decision whether or not he was “dangerous” was not based on facts—it was totally personal and subjective NOT objective.

Both the trial court and appellate court ignored the most important assessment reports from highly qualified dog trainers and behaviorists. David Ryan is listed on the UK’s Registry of Expert Witnesses, certificated as a clinical animal behaviorist by the Association for the Study of Animal Behavior, recognized by both the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and the British Psychological Society and is a highly qualified, independent and impartial expert.

But the court instead took the word of  Tallack, a paid witness not an impartial outsider, someone who is known to have a strong dislike of pit bulls, and a person unqualified to give expert testimony.

The government’s response to a Freedom of Information request submitted to the BCC in November 2010 by a family member seeking “the actual conditions in which Lennox is being kept and a full description of the care that the dog is receiving, i.e. human contact, daylight, exercise, stimulation, feeding”, clearly debunks the government’s claim that Lennox was erratic and unsafe and that the staff was scared of him.

JV Corkey, Environmental Health Manager, wrote “Lennox is currently housed in a DARD approved kenneling facility. His pen is cleaned out on a daily basis.  He is fit and health and receives daily exercise.  He has a lot of interaction with the staff of the facility, has plenty of toys, has blankets for bedding and his pen is adequately heated.  He was recently examined by a vet who said that he appeared to be well cared for and settled.”

The First Minister of Northern Ireland saw no reason why Lennox could not be rehomed. Since I do not know how their system works, I don’t know who had the authority to allow Lennox to be rehomed to the USA. But I do know that exceptions and exemptions are allowed in the USA and could have been found IF the government officials wanted to do so.  We were told that the Queen could have offered clemency and that other officials including the BCC officials could have given Lennox a second chance, to be rehomed in the USA, despite their insistence that their hands were tied and that they had to abide by the court’s decision.

The BCC fought for their right to destroy the dog no matter what. They seemed determined to destroy him. For whatever reasons, I do not know. But from all of the work that I personally did learning about the system, talking to people in the UK and Northern Ireland, the BCC could have allowed Lennox to be rehomed IF THEY HAD WANTED TO DO SO.

Interview with BCC “expert”, Victoria Stilwell, Sarah Fisher and James Crosby

James Crosby on BSL

Karen’s call to mobilize the Lennox army???  I laud her being against BSL and for calling for people to take care of pit bulls in the USA. That is all good and fine. She is also calling for Sarah Fisher to release her tape and David Ryan to release his assessment. Um, there are already photos from Sarah Fisher’s assessment as well as a video of Ryan’s assessment with Lightfoot.
Karen, is this your comment or someone who commented on your blog?
“You really do have to laugh at people who claim to be a “journalist” and unbiased and just reporting the facts. Anybody with a computer, internet access and a dictionary can lay claim to the title Journalist in this day and age. But most seem to be lacking that one important quaility; integrity……..Or, in other words, BEGONE TROLL, YOU HAVE NO POWER HERE!”


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Santa loves Senior dogs

A recent poll found that just over half of American pet owners will buy gifts for their pets this holiday season, and they’ll spend an average of $46 on their animals, with toys and treats topping the list. Overall spending in the pet industry (including food, supplies, veterinary care, grooming, boarding and pet sitting) was just over $48 billion in 2010, with over $50 billion in spending projected for 2011, according to the American Pet Products Association.

Don’t know how many folks have senior dogs but we think that seniors of both species should be honored … they are special and often get overlooked. Thankfully some folks have not forgotten seniors.

Santa has come by early for Cici this year… and anointed her his Senior K9’s helper…

the adorable polka dot princess aka Santa’s polka dot elf has a new pal…  the Hear Doggy “Flatties” (since they don’t have the stuffing)  are available in Rabbit, Skunk and Deer. And these ultrasonic toys come with a squeaker only the dog can hear. We have been having a blast!  The toy seems indestructible… we have even played tug of war with it and it looks fine. Cici has chewed on the toy and look ma, no marks on it. Amazing.  Don’t they look adorable together.

and we are donating a bounty of cool items including two flatties, bamboo and charcoal, harness, massager, toothbrush for oldsters, and more…

to Peace of Mind Dog Rescue, who rescue senior dogs and assist senior pet owners


to some very special V-dogs at Best Friends Animal Society…

the V(icktory) Dogs were rescued from a dog fighting ring in April of 2007. 22 of those dogs went to Best Friends Animal Society. Of the 22, there are 14 who are still there. Of the 14, there are two (Lucas and Meryl) who will remain for life. There are a few up for adoption (see below).

If you wish to send gifts to any of these dogs (and a friend at the sanctuary), here’s the info:


Best Friends Animal Society

5001 Angel Canyon Road

Kanab, Utah 84741-5000

Main phone: (435) 644-2001

Please write the name of whomever you are sending in for. I want to make sure they all have a little something.

The V Dogs currently at Best Friends (links to their Guardian Angel pages):










Willie Boy:

V Dogs for adoption (please read their bios, as with all potential adoptions, there are some considerations. As much as we would all love to give a V Dog (ANY dog) a home, we may not suit their needs.) To become a Guardian Angel, click the “Sponsor” tab (the same page as the others will open).





Magnetic therapy for your dog (or cat). The Silver Tails Magnetic Therapy puts magnets right on your dog. The sleeve is available in small, medium and large sizes and starts at about $5. The collar sleeve and other items in the Silver Tails line (part of the Quaker Pet Group) are sold at Petco stores and online at various retailers.

Magnets work to increase blood flow to an area which means more oxygen and more nutrients to help speed healing. It’s non-invasive and has no harmful side effects.

We know a few pooches who just had surgery who can use one of these harnesses…

The Silver Tails Bottoms Up Harness is perfect for dogs suffering from weak rear end ailments. It supports the dog’s back end while walking, climbing up steps, or entering a vehicle.

The adjustable harness strap fits around the dog’s back legs and clips to the dog’s collar. You can then use the strap handle to lift the dog’s butt giving the dog a boost to stand up. Use the longer leash strap for added support while walking with you.

Whether your senior dog suffers from hip dysplasia, arthritis, or is recovering from surgery, the Bottoms Up Harness will enhance their quality of life.

The harness is adjustable and fits dogs from 20 to 150 pounds.

Bamboo Charcoal Mats

These all-purpose mats and pet bed covers are designed to increase an older dog or cat’s comfort. The mats absorb moisture and odors and help keep pets warm.

Best of all they are machine washable and keep car and furniture dry. The bamboo insert is hand washable and gets recharged by the sun.  Looks lovely, too.

Cici cannot wait for me to use the massager and tooth brush on her…ok, I must admit, I have not brushed her teeth on any regular basis or any basis at all. I think it is important and all that but well, although I do stick my fingers and hands inside Cici’s mouth on a regular basis, the idea of brushing her teeth, has not seemed exactly appetizing. But I will now that I have a proper doggie toothbrush.

The Silver Tails™ Vet-Tech Dental Care System includes everything you need to easily clean your pet’s teeth and gums. The one-handed, ergonomically designed handle allows for greater control and a more pleasant dental cleaning experience for you and your pet. The system includes two kinds of disposable micro-fiber heads. The textured cleaning heads absorb tarter build-up, food particles and debris, removing it from your pet’s mouth. The polishing heads smooth and seal the enamel surface for a longer lasting clean.  Brushing sparkling white teeth and healthy gums. Cici is pretty mellow about me doing most things so I think it will be pretty easy to do.

Speaking of teeth, freeze this toy and voila… a yummy toy that soothes sensitive gums. To ease common senior mouth discomfort, simply soak the toys in water, freeze, and then play. Silver Tails toys are great for teething puppies too!

The Silver Tails Infrared Massager features two heated massage heads – a large head for greater coverage and a small head for smaller breeds and concentrated joint relief. A three-function switch allows for separate heat and massage control. Use daily to help soothe sore muscles, arthritis, hip dysplasia and other age-related discomforts. Rechargeable Battery & Charger Included.

The Silver Tails Hand Held Massager allows you to stay in contact with your pet, creating a great bonding experience. Two massage heads promote healthy circulation while relieving stress and muscle soreness. The flexible design lets you control pressure and the telescoping cradle fits almost any hand.  Just say Ahhhhhh…

when going for a ride with your pup, the Seat Sling is essential. It is a hammock for keeping the car fur free. There are storage pockets and slits to put your dog’s seat belt harness through. And easy washable with soap and water.

Silver Tails is part of Quaker Pet Group, LLC.

Time for our weekly Pet Blog Hop thanks to Life with Dogs,Two Little Cavaliers and Confessions of the Plume…  Grab the code and hop away…


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heroes welcome: adopt a Vicktory dog

Today am feeling sad about a neighbor’s sweet puppy Coco, a chi mix, a tiny dog with markings similar to my Cici… the neighbor brought Coco to me last night for help and assistance, and wanted me to keep her… I could not do so, the dog is only six months old, not house trained nor fixed. At the time they visited I was reeling from the violent police attack on Occupy Oakland as well as just found out that the dogs below are up for adoption, so I was a bit scattered. I called my friend and dog rescuer for assistance and she told me that the people would have to surrender the dog to the SPCA and then another rescue group could get the puppy and get her adopted.

looking back, I feel sick to my stomach. The boy David was crying when I told him this. We brought him and Coco to another neighbor to see if they might want the pup to play with their dog. They said no. If I had it all to do over again, I’d still be knocking on doors until someone said yes.

The sweet shy little puppy, I kissed her head several times and she kissed me back… I do NOT want her to go to the SPCA. She could get lost in the system. I called them this morning and was not very assured. They have a lot of chi’s and chi mixes up for adoption. The gal was ok but there are four gals and some kind of evaluation process. IF Coco passes the eval then she goes to adoption. If not, she gets euthanized. The shelter system is BARBARIC.

So I worry about what happened last night to Coco. The mother of David told me that her friend was going to pick up the dog and keep her for the night. Apparently, the father or her boyfriend, is mean and told David that the dog could not stay. And the mother does not have a car to take Coco to the SPCA. Hoping that the friend came by and got Coco and can take care of the puppy.

Now am thinking of all the things I should have done… I should have taken a photo of Coco, I should have gotten their phone number and address and last name, we talked about it but it did not happen, I should have let David sleep in the living room with the dog last night and so on and on…I pray Coco and David are ok.

Cici, who used to cuddle with me ALL THE TIME, every day for five years, has not been lately, all of a sudden, for about the last month, has come up to me today and is snuggling right beside me… what a comfort she is to me !

Currently, at Best Friends Animal Society, there are FIVE Vicktory Dogs who are up for adoption. Don’t you think it is time they go home??? It HAS been 3 1/2 years. Ellen, Squeaker, Georgia, Ray and Oscar♥. please share.

Little Red

10-26-11 I’ve been thinking about the Vicktory dogs Georgia, Oscar and Squeeker. They have been in sanctuary for over 3 1/2 years and every year that goes by is one year less they will live in a home. (Little came home at 8 1/2 years old). These dogs are ready or nearly ready to find their forever homes. I hope people will reach out and adopt them as soon as possible so they have a chance at a happy home. I can’t tell you how close I came to NOT applying to adopt Little. I had been watching her progress & sponsoring her for over 3 years. I day-dreamed about adopting her but I thought there would be many, many other people with pitbull experience who wanted he. I didn’t think I would be considered since I had 4 other dogs. I met Little twice & spent a week volunteering in her unit. The last day I was at BF — the last hour before I was leaving for home — I got up the nerve to go to the adoptions office and ask about her. I expected to be told that she already had a home — as soon as she passed her CGC. I was floored when I found out no one else had completed an application. Kristi told me there were people interested, but no applications. That was all I needed, I started the process that day and 6 months later she was home. The moral of this story — if you think you are interested in adopting these dogs – go for it. Don’t wait and expect someone else to do it. They need homes now and they are getting on in years. It would be a tragedy if these dogs pass away without ever knowing the joy of living in a home. Little’s Mom






How to Adopt

One of the most awesome dogs that have already been adopted (they are ALL awesome), Cherry Garcia was adopted by a family in New England who have another pibble and have two cats. One of the cats, Walker, really helped Cherry settle into his new home.  They are best buddies, still regularly snuggle together and groom each other. Cherry (a Very Important Dog) and  family go to lots of events to show how fabulous Pitbulls are. Even after the horrible situation from his past, Cherry shows no aggression toward anyone. Like all dogs, he just wants to be loved.  Check out the progress of Cherry, Ginger Girl, Little Red, Handsome Dan, Hector the Pitbull and others on Facebook.

These dogs are shy and need the confidence that comes from being loved every day by a family. You can follow Cherry’s progress at Vicktory 4 Cherry. If you think you’re ready to bring one of these special dogs into your life, contact Best Friends Animal Society at

Tours and volunteer opportunities at Best Friends

Call (435) 644-2001 ext 4537. Full tours take approximately an hour and a half and wind through the magnificent red-rock landscape of Angel Canyon.

If a tour just isn’t enough, and you have time to interact more closely with the sanctuary animals, please contact us about volunteer opportunities at (435) 644-2001 ext 4119.

love the new badrap website

find the former vick dogs under blogs,_nypd_gets_violent_during_solidarity_march/


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