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Senior dogs need Grrrreat sendoffs

In with the new, out with the old… well, while we are on the subject of old and new, let’s talk about older dogs.

Senior dogs. (Do senior cats count, too?) Of course they do silly. If you know me, you know that. Once upon a time, I was living in a place in the LA area and a neighbor cat was skinny, too skinny and was going around asking for food. It seemed that the cat was homeless. And I fed the cat every day. In a short time, I found out from other neighbors that they were feeding the cat, too. Yet, the cat remained skinnier than skinny. Bones and fur.

It was suggested to me that I maybe should take the cat to a vet to see what was up and I did. I found a vet who took a few looks and tests and delivered a heartfelt decision. The cat had late stage cancer. Nothing could be done to put the cat out of her suffering. There were expensive treatments but in the end none of it would prolong her quality of life. I cir, the vet cried and suggested that I take the cat to the Pasadena SPCA. Thinking back, do not know why the vet didn’t do the euthanization right there but maybe she would have had to charge me for it and I would not have been able to pay. Plus, I was not the owner.

Nevertheless, crying all the way, I proceeded to the shelter. There, they let me spend a few minutes alone with the cat to say goodbye. I did and did a prayerful meditation seeing the cat going up into the light and being greeted by friends, and surprising some of my relatives. Then, I handed the cat over to the technicians and they put her softly to sleep.

I cried all the way home. And a few days later, I ran into a woman neighbor who i got was the cat’s owner. She asked about the cat and I told her what happened. She cried softly and thanked me over and over again for doing what she could not do for the cat. Apparently, her daughter had a baby and they did not know what to do with this cat that they had for 18 years. So they threw the cat outside to fend for itself. An indoor loved cat thrown out onto the mean streets. That poor cat suffered for a year or two for no reason other than her owner did not know what to do. Imagine.

These kinds of scenarios makes me crazy. How could people possibly be so cruel. And yet it happens every day with once beloved pets. The family moves, an elderly person dies or the family has a financial loss. Or maybe they just do not want to take care of a senior pet any longer or do not know what to do so they toss the pet out with the garbage.

Thankfully, there are organizations like Peace of Mind Dog Rescue in Pacific Grove who think that these senior dogs are valuable, deserve much more than being tossed out onto the streets at the end of their lives.

POMDR rescues senior dogs, fosters them, and finds them forever homes for their golden years. They also help senior folks like me with their pets, getting them to the vet on time, assisting at times with a helping paw donation for vet care, and/or with much needed pet food or other items (collars, cones, kennels and more). POMDR is a 5013c and raises funds in numerous ways. One of the charitable organizations that helps to fund POMDR’s great work for homeless senior dog s is the Grey Muzzle Organization .

According to their website, “The Grey Muzzle Organization improves the lives of at-risk senior dogs by providing funding and resources to animal shelters, rescue organizations, sanctuaries, and other non-profit groups nationwide. We are not a shelter or rescue. Rather Grey Muzzle funds programs such as hospice care, senior dog adoption, medical screening, and other special programs to help old dogs at animal welfare organizations across the country.”

Grey Muzzle funding supports the following senior dog programs nationwide.

  • Adoptable dogs medical care programs
  • Hospice and long-term foster care programs
  • Seniors for Seniors adoption programs
  • Keeping dogs with their owners programs
  • Senior therapy dog programs
  • Animal food programs
  • Orthopedic dog beds for at-risk senior dogs in shelters nationwide


Thankfully folks like POMDR and Grey Muzzle care about senior pets and take care of them in proper fashion. As Cici ages (she is now 7), I want to make sure that she is properly taken care of in her golden years, too. It is good to provide a will and instructions for others to know how you wish your beloved pets to be taken care of after your demise and / or if you become bedridden and/or unable to care for them any longer. It is a relief to me to know that I can count on POMDR and Grey Muzzle to care if / when I no longer am able.

Now, here is what YOU can do to make a difference in the lives of senior dogs, too.

My fellow pet blogger, Edie Jarolim recently decided it was time to bid adieu to her beloved senior dog Frankie. And she made sure that he had a special bone voyage sendoff. She had provided Frankie with the best of care for him throughout his life, administering insulin shots twice daily, needed for his diabetes. And so at the end of his life, she wanted to do something really wonderful for him. So she fed him ALL of his favorite foods that had not been able to eat during his last 30 days.

Now, Edie wants every senior dog to have a loving send-off like Frankie did. She started “Frankie’s Fund” via Grey Muzzle.


Every contribution that is made to them via Frankie’s Fund will go to help hospice care costs. Grey Muzzle volunteers lovingly take in dogs that may not have long to live and provides them with palliative care and a loving home.

All donations will make a difference. Grey Muzzle is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) charity so contributions are tax deductible. When donating, please enter “Frankie’s Fund” in the slot under “I want my donation to be dedicated.”

Thank you.  And if you can do a donation today, it will be a good way to say out with the old 2013 and in with the new 2014.

Happy New Year !

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Give an Angel a Bone

Update:    Thanks everyone for posting about and sharing Tori’s fundraising info and donating to her vet care.   they now have enough money to cover the cost of the surgery. However, Tori will need several months of after-care and continuous monitoring by the vet and lots of x-rays to make sure the bone graft is successful. If not, she may need another surgery. Any future donations received for Tori will be earmarked for her follow-up vet care.

Dear friends,

This blog post is a heart felt plea. There are many animals in need and I do not usually ask for your help. But Tori is the sweetest dog living with enormous pain (and a great foster family who want to adopt her) and she needs your help. Can you please read her story and if you can, please do what you can to help her. If you cannot donate, please share her story with others.  Thanks.

Give an Angel a Bone


Angels usually do not need extreme makeovers. But Tori, an adorable and very sweet little 6-yr-old bichon girl, needs an extreme makeover of the pain relieving kind. Tori has everything a former shelter stray could want: a loving home with foster parents who want to adopt her, lots of toys, treats, yummy food, and a new best friend named Samantha. Tori has everything a dog could ever want – except a jaw bone that is.

Tori’s story starts out like so many others at the shelter – running scared on the mean streets of Fresno, fending for herself. Unknown at the time was the fact that she was unable to eat anything but the softest of food, which explains why she was a bony nine pounds when she was rescued.

Tori’s vet exam revealed that she was healthy but in need of a dental cleaning. She didn’t want her mouth touched, but that’s pretty normal for anyone who has bad teeth. Nothing could have prepared us for what we saw on the x-rays. One of Tori’s teeth had decayed and abscessed to the point that it fractured and completely deteriorated her lower right jaw.

The excruciating pain she must have been in for so long is unimaginable. It is amazing that she has never complained or shown even one smidgen of aggression or bad temper.

Tori is now on round-the-clock pain medication, but she needs surgery. The preliminary estimate was between $3,000-$4,000. We’ve been told that with surgery her prognosis is excellent . She will live a happy and normal life. BUT WITHOUT THIS SURGERY WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO HER? The one thing we know for sure is that she can’t stay the way she is.

We decided to take a leap of faith (that’s where you come in!) Tori’s surgery is scheduled for October 16, but we desperately need your help!!

We hope that you will find it in your heart to help Tori’s makeover dream come true. Whatever you can spare will help, be it $5, $10, $50 or $500 on Tori’s behalf. Your donation is tax deductible and we will provide a receipt for your tax records. K9BFF is a 501c3 nonprofit charity (ID # 26-1185144), operated entirely by unpaid volunteers. 100% of your donation will go toward Tori’s vet expenses.

Imagine how great Tori will look and feel after her surgery! Just knowing that you helped make it possible, that you contributed to ending this angel’s suffering and giving her a new leash on life will be a divine gift.

Donation info:

Credit card payments can be made via Paypal on the website:

Checks can be mailed or delivered to K9BFF or directly to Tori’s vet (please specify it’s for Tori):


8839 N. Cedar Ave. #320

Fresno, CA 93720

Waterhouse Animal Hospital

1115 E. Champlain Dr.

Fresno, CA 93720

Your generosity is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!

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in your dog’s Easter bonnet

Does your pooch have an Easter bonnet or gift basket? Whether or not you celebrate Easter or Passover or whatever holiday or not, you can still have some fun with an Easter Egg dog hunt on Sunday, March 31… can be for treats, bones, toys, whatever gets your dog in the mood for fun…dogs love finding treats in the grass so why not give them some special time and treats to hunt for. Cici loves to sniff the grass at the park near our house every day and she comes up with all kinds of awful surprises. This could be a fun way to channel your dog’s inner sleuth in a positive way.

An Easter outfit with bonnet is optional, but here’s how to make a costume if you must


Your back yard or closest dog park or even a room in your home can suffice to be the place where your doggie will sniff out his prizes… If you want to take photos of the event, you probably should take them before the treasure hunt unless you want some photos of your dog with their goodies and their costume off.

Suggested prizes: 

an Easter bunny stuffed animal

a hardboiled egg or two

small bits of cheese cut up into squares

a bone (deer antler perhaps)

a few cookies (homemade or others)

chicken or turkey jerky or bits of hot dogs

some kibble thrown around in the grass

If your dog is a seder dog who celebrates Passover, the treats can be appropriate to that holiday. For instance, bits of gefilte fish, tuna, and/or salmon.

Popular Easter treats like jelly beans, marshmallow chicks and chocolate eggs can upset your dog’s tummy and make them sick.  DO NOT give any dogs chocolate treats since chocolate is toxic for dogs.


If your dog is a piglet like Cici, do not toss out too many treats for your pooch to consume or they will eat all of it and then still want to eat their meals. These treats can replace one meal that you normally feed them.

On a larger scale, this can make a great charity fundraiser for your local pit bull rescue or shelter and an adoption event, to boot. For a community dog hunt, use plastic eggs and put the treats inside the eggs for the dogs to find. Have someone dress up as the Easter Bunny so pet guardians can take photos with the bunny and their pooches. Be creative. Offer fun dog activities such as agility, a parade, some donor booths filled with goodies and food for humans and pooches. Sponsors from the local community who donate will get Free publicity and a tax write off.

Please let us know about your event at home or in the community and send us photos of your dogs in bunny ears/outfits.

Below is one event taking place in the Sacramento area soon…

here is an event taking place in New Jersey

gotta love Polka Dot doggie biscuits…


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doggone it, homeless kids

Funny thing is, ironywise, this morning, I met Pat LaMarche on the internet because Alternet had an article about her tour titled Pit Bulls, Mama Bears and Fire-Breathing Dragons, oh my… I was a tad perturbed by the negative image of rabid pit bulls and told her so… AND that started our conversation rolling… she is a pit bull fan actually and she thought that the analogy of her being like a pit bull is not a bad thing… it is actually a compliment… ok then…

some pit bulls are teaching homeless kids to learn to trust again…




Starting today, Jan. 22 in Little Rock, AR and rolling westward for a month through Steinbeck-land and beyond, Pat LaMarche and Diane Nilan will strive to call attention to and raise compassion for homeless children and youth. They’ll collaborate with local activists and hold events, including film screenings (My Own Four Walls and on the edge: Family Homelessness in America), book talks (Left Out in America and Crossing the Line), and meet with mayors to survey them about local homelessness issues and efforts.

Both HUD and the Mayors gloss over the fact that millions of kids—babies, toddlers, school-age, and youth—are homeless. And, homelessness hurts, especially if you’re a kid.

It hurts your chances of success, it trashes your most formative years, it ruins your health, it undermines your academic performance, it devastates your self esteem, it shatters your friendships, it obliterates your sense of security and stability, and I could go on and on….

Ask any reasonable and knowledgeable person in any community if they think we’re doing enough to meet the needs of kids and families without homes. No. Ask these knowledgeable persons if their mayor is aware of this gap in housing and services. No. The Babes of Wrath aim to change that.

Homelessness hurts. And kills.

And if you would like to donate pet food for pets of homeless kids and families, please contact me at prmatchmaker at… Cici and I have a feeding Pets of the Homeless collection site where we receive pet food donations and give the food to the homeless. thank you.


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Comfort the survivors

10 Golden Retriever therapy dogs have arrived in Newtown, CT to comfort the survivors

The animal shelter of choice is The Animal Center, located right in Newtown. There is a link to donate on their website, or you can mail your memorial gift to PO Box 475, Newtown, CT 06470.

we pray for the survivors that they heal and find peace and pray for our nation, that we ban assault weapons and provide gun control regulations and take care of mentally ill NOW…

‎”These tragedies must end. And to end them, we must change.” —President Obama at yesterday’s vigil in Newtown, Connecticut

In 1996, Australia banned semi-automatics. In the 18 years before, there were 13 mass shootings. Since then, none.

Piers Morgan @piersmorgan
Key question for gun lobby: if owning guns protects you in your home, how come Mrs Lanza died – given that she had 6 of them?



This is Victoria. She died a hero Friday. She hid her first graders in the cabinets and closets after hearing the gunfire. When the shooter came to her classroom, she told him that her students were in the gym. He then gunned her down and moved on. She saved the lives of all of her students. She deserves to be remembered for her bravery.


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Pets and Hurricane Sandy

It is in times of need that true humanity and love of one’s neighbors really shines. May we all remember these actions even when we aren’t caught in such circumstances.  Share the good, power, millions of folks are still without power…
Obama on Hurricane Sandy: “I am not worried at this point about the impact on the election. I’m worried about the impact on families.”–1280166863.html

The Huffington Post

A resident and his dog are evacuated on Tuesday from a neighborhood in Little Ferry, N.J., one day after Hurricane Sandy slammed the East Coast:
Photo Credit: Getty Images

alley cats,30205/?utm_source=Twitter&utm_medium=SocialMarketing&utm_campaign=standard-post:headline:default

Instead of donating $5,000 to the Red Cross, Romney spent $5,000 staging his own charitable event for a photo op with canned goods.  Red Cross doesn’t want canned food or photo-ops. It needs cash. Text “redcross” to 90999 & give $10.

From the NJSPCA:  Patrick and the Scavelli’s did fine during the storm just another new adventure for Patrick.  looks like at least 10 days before power is restored here at a minimum. Sorry for the disruption of information. We were hit pretty hard. Please contact your local shelters and see what help they need. NJSPCA is working with many hard hit shelters. Capt is dreaming of a hot shower sometime in the future…

“Hurricane Capt” will strike NJ next week dealing with any and all shelters that refused to accept people with their animal companions. Seriously there are still shelters that will not allow animal companions ?? New Jersey Governor Chris Christie told people to keep their animal companions with them as they headed to shelters. Shelters that allow animals are comforting for all involved including children and the elderly. If anyone is refused entry into a shelter here in NJ because of an animal companion Capt wants to hear from you. Take your companions with you and do not accept being turned away. Stay safe and again do not be intimidated into separating from your animal family. Capt

I’ve lived in Jersey most of my life and have NEVER seen such devastation. I have close friends who lost everything they own including their home. Food is scarce and gasoline is a 2.5 hour wait if you can find it. Yet through all this NJSPCA agents and officers are fighting the destruction to help save lost/missing pets – starting with the hardest hit, the Jersey Shore. These animals need food, blankets, crates, towels, cleaning supplies, etc. Donations are urgently needed. NJSPCA will transport and distribute the supplies to animals and shelters in need. Monetary donations can be made at hurricane chipin. Thank you for your help! Tiffi

If you want to give / donate for pets, give to local rescues and no kill shelters such as our friends who have helped Patrick, at the NJSPCA,

  • 1119 Livingston Ave.
  • New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901
Phone (800) 582-5979

Please DO NOT donate to ASPCA nor Humane Society of USA nor PETA. They do NOT help animals/pets.   More info at :

Friendly Fire…

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Super hero dog training

Logan C. is just a regular teenager growing up in Nova Scotia, Canada. Only thing is she has a peanut allergy that is lethal. If she is near any form of peanuts, raw, cooked, butter, dust, she has allergy symptoms that escalate from difficulty breathing to shock.

The scary part about having a nut allergy is that there are many foods that contain nuts (and not just the obvious ones), causing a reaction in people who are highly allergic. Last year, lax school teachers and officials caused Logan illness and having to stay away from school because it was too dangerous for her health.

“Lo was 1 yr and a half when she was diagnosed, having a reaction to the test,” said Nikhi, her mom.

“A school outing last year to Subway almost cost her her life, and she spent 11 days at the IWK in Halifax fighting for her life. We had to be ambulanced there, because our hospital was not equipped to handle her case. She also had an outbreak of rash and breathing issues, and a subsequent trip to the hospital after a class outing. One bully was tossing garbage into Lo’s bag. This is also the same child who thought it was funny to run her hands down Lo’s back, after sneaking/running up behind her, and saying she had just had peanuts.

“The oils left behind, the residue, are extremely scary, because they can appear as sweat would…so NO way of knowing.

*I went repeatedly to the school about one of Logan’s teachers having peanut butter and peanut products in the classroom. It took three phone calls and one requested meeting to find out she had another hidden jar. Her reason for having this deadly food near my daughter? It cost 1.99 on sale.

“There were many days where there was not soap in the bathrooms, so how would the kids eating peanut butter wash their hands thoroughly.

*While discussing issues we were having, the tables were turned so that whatever Lo MAY have done wrong became the highlight of conversation.

*I have tried to climb the ladder with the school board, and no calls were returned.

*Each exposure Lo has had…not ONE person called to see how she was doing, from the school. When we were at the hospital, the principal called my my mother and wanted to make sure “my nose was not bent out of shape”,” she shared.

Nikhi and Logan were devastated by the response from the school.

A couple of months ago, Nikhi decided that enough was enough and determined to find a peanut detector dog for Logan. A dog that could save her daughter’s life. And that is when Declan, the Super Hero Dog in the Making appeared. Declan is in the process of being trained as a peanut detection dog by Tecla’s K9 Academy, LLC.

“Dogs in shelters are there for a MULTITUDE of reasons, and you CAN find a good dog, like Declan. As far back as we know his history- he went to BARCS Animal Shelter after being found injured. He may have been hit by a car, and BARCS fixed his leg, and he went to stay with foster Mama Michelle, while he healed. Some reasons dogs are given up; too old, too playful (puppies), their people are moving, no time, parents have passed, going on vacation, it is the Christmas holidays and so on.” Nikhi said.

“I made a concise list of what I needed the dog to be, as well as what I wanted the dog to be- I found it very useful, especially when I need to consider my own allergies, as well as time and money for grooming. Allergies and time for grooming were at the top of my list, as whoever the dog is needs to be well cared for and clean. My preferences were simple: short-hair, preferably male, young, and a Pit Bull type dog, with a desire to work, and friendly with people of all ages, as well as other dogs. The ears and handsomeness were an added bonus!”

A Peanut Detector Dog is a valuable tool for a person with an allergy to peanuts. Since a dog’s sense of smell far surpasses that of humans, detection of odors is a perfect job for these dogs. Our Peanut Dogs, undergo extensive training, are easily able to detect minute quantities of peanuts in any form

The cost of training a peanut detection dog, like a bomb sniffing dog or any service dog, is difficult to manage on a tight budget.

So Nikhi reached out to her friends who are holding an online auction to raise funds for the training. The auction will be held from August 13th at midnight and run until August 19th at 4pm EST. if you would like to donate an item or services, please email

To follow Declan’s Journey please go to his page  Here is a Direct Link to his Fundraise link for anyone who would just like to donate that way

Auction to Help with Declan’s service Super Hero Dog Training will Open August 13th at midnight and run until August 19th at 4pm EST if you would like to donate please email me at and
Thank you!!
Please check out From Underdog to Hero: Declan’s Diary (Journey of a Shelter dog)‘ Page to follow his Journey!
please go to his page is a Direct Link to his Fundraise link for anyone who would just like to donate that way
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Dollars for Daffy

The Barkers Dozen has launched the “Dollars for Daffy” fundraiser, where the organic dog treat baker will donate a portion of the profits from the sale of its products to Daffy Trinka, a 6-year-old Toy Fox/Jack Russell Terrier and loyal fan of the company, who is in need of medical care for an unknown illness.

During the fundraiser, which will run through April 2012, The Barkers Dozen will donate 50% of the profits from the sale of its treats purchased on its online store – - to Daffy and her owner Ingrid Trinka. Plus, when customers use the promo code “DAFFY” at checkout, they will receive a special thank you gift from The Barkers Dozen. To donate to the Dollars for Daffy fundraiser without making a purchase, please use the Chipin widget on this page.

Meet Daffy, a spunky 6-year-old Toy Fox/Jack Russell Terrier suffering from a mysterious illness.

Two years before Ingrid met Daffy, her beloved Dachshund BetsyRoss passed away. From that date forward, she prayed that another dog would be sent her way – one that would be right for Ingrid, and one who would be happy with her as a companion.

One day a colleague at Ingrid’s workplace rescued a dog from a bad situation, and asked if she wanted the dog. “Immediately I said ‘no’. After all, the dog didn’t have big brown eyes and long luxurious fur like I’d been used to,” Ingrid said.

Eight months later, Ingrid continued to pray. Until one day, when a friend reached out to her and asked if Ingrid wanted her dog. The friend had been given a dog, but didn’t want the pup. “I drove over, saw the dog, and immediately said ‘no’. In fact, the dog growled at me!”

It wasn’t until the friends sat down for tea and the dog’s story was told, that things clicked for Ingrid. “I started putting things together. This was the very same dog who’d been offered to me eight months earlier! It was like God was saying ‘Here’s your second chance … this is the dog I’ve chosen for you’.”

Ingrid took the pup home the same day, and changed her name to Daffodil (Daffy for short) because “I told her ‘you’re going to blossom here’.”

But before blossoming, some growth was still needed.

“She stayed in her crate, day and night. I felt so bad for her, a dog with nothing to do and uncertain about her future,” she said. “Daffy was wanted at one time – the people who had her had gotten her spayed and her first shots, and then one day got tired of her, and threw her out the door to fend for herself. I learned that she hung around the farm because it was the only place she’d ever known. She was outside in thunderstorms and snow, and had to scrabble with chickens for any food to eat.”

Her stomach was ulcerated and her teeth were a mess, and she was about 3 years old at the time, by Ingrid’s guess.

“She was terrified of anything in my hands. Even a fork was a potential weapon and she cowered under the table,” explained Ingrid.

It was a full year before Daffy would look her mom in the eye. It took another year for the dog to trust Ingrid with any object in her hands.

During the past year, though, Daffy blossomed into an amazing dog, just as her mother predicted. Daffy, a fast and eager learner, has picked up endless tricks and commands – even carrying letters from the mailman. She is no longer afraid of thunderstorms, and can sleep right through them. She loves everyone, and is a calm, quiet girl with perfect manners, according to Ingrid.

“She never asks for anything, she’s agreeable with any situation, and she’s lived the worst. I pray she has forgotten the past,” she said. “To think, someone threw away such a treasure, and now, Daffy and I both win! I thank God for being the match-maker, and I consider Daffy a hero for enduring the endless nights of living outside in the elements, enduring the years without love or human contact, eating food thrown out for chickens – her spirit is amazing.”

But the trials for Daffy aren’t over. Almost a year ago, Ingrid noticed that Daffy was violently jerking and having tremors when she was falling into a deep sleep. It does no good to wake the dog up, because she has to suffer again when going back to sleep. “She has jerked so hard that she’s fallen off the bed more than once. Her tremors shake the bed. They bother her, she gets up and paces, then comes back to bed only to go through it again. By the time the night is over, both of us are worn out,” said Ingrid.

Daffy has been seen by her vet three times about her condition, but a diagnosis and treatment aren’t possible until more tests are taken. Ingrid and Daffy’s small town do not have the facilities or equipment for the tests, so they need to travel more than 250 miles to Manhattan, Kan., to the Kansas State University’s College of Veterinarian Medicine, for blood tests and an MRI.

Unfortunately, Ingrid doesn’t have the $2,000 at the current moment to take Daffy for the tests, though she has spoken to two doctors at the institution, who believe it may be something neurological, but can’t confirm without seeing her.

Ingrid believes that Daffy may have suffered abuse or a head injury before she was rescued.

“Please say some prayers for my hero girl. God couldn’t have created a more perfect dog. Daffy is truly my match made in heaven,” said Ingrid.

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Adopt your favorite shelter

Giving to those affected by the Texas fires

To help those affected by the Texas wildfires, select VCA Animal Hospitals in the state of Texas (in and around both Austin and Houston) are offering free boarding for companion animals.

Go like their facebook page…

Austin-area hospitals:

VCA Ben White                     VCA Northwest Hills          VCA Tanglewood

2417 W. Ben White Blvd     3426 Greystone Drive         2110 Slaughter Lane, 120

Austin, Texas 78704            Austin, Texas 78731             Austin, Texas 78748

512-444-7518                         512-345-5067                       512-280-0878

Houston-area hospitals:

VCA Tomball Veterinary Hospital                                         VCA Woodlands Animal Hospital

28800 Tomball Pkwy                                                                 428 Rayford Road

Tomball, Texas 77375                                                                Spring, Texas 77386

281-351-5441                                                                             281-367-7553

VCA Spring Animal Hospital                                                VCA Ashford Animal Hospital

1811 Spring Cypress                                                                 12633 Whittington

Spring, Texas 77388                                                                  Houston, Texas 77077

281-353-5167                                                                             281-497-3917

Tis the Season

In this economy, a group of creative animal loving folks came up with a great idea. They’ve created a new website that enables folks to donate money to your favorite animal shelter/rescue organization. As you shop, a percentage is donated to the shelter/rescue. How cool is that?  And if you do not see your favorite listed, you can add them to the list. It is a FREE service.

When you shop through at one of the retail merchants, Adopt-A-Shelter™ is paid a commission.  Adopt-A-Shelter™ directs 100% of the donation displayed on directly to your shelter / organization. Prices, customer service and discounts are all the same at stores such as PetSmart, Best Buy and online at Amazon and others.  And you do not need to register with the Adopt a Shelter site, or login or subscribe to anything !

Easy as 1 2 3… Adopt a shelter/rescue … Go Shopping … Shelter/Rescue Gets Money

Start shopping and donating.  Before you know it, the holidays will be here…


If you need step by step instructions like I did here goes:
Go to

Under “1 Choose a Shelter to Adopt.” Click on “Search.”

It will drop down a list of shelters & rescues.

Click on your group.

If you don’t see your favorite group,  Go up to the bar and click on “Add a Shelter.” Fill out the information. It may take a day for your group to be approved.

Once you’ve clicked on your shelter, an orange square appears that says, “Shop Now.” Click on it.

A list of types of stores will appear.

Click on Amazon. Because it carries everything, Amazon appears under every category.

Once you click on the store, it takes you to the store’s website. You shop as you would ordinarily shop.

Spend lots of money! Buy cool stuff.

and when you go shopping with your dog, here’s some tips for doggie etiquette:

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Learning compassion on the streets

for everyone, especially those in power, it should be mandatory to walk in another’s moccasins… furry paws and all… what would happen if shelter admins actually had to live for a night or a week in a hard damp cell, in a shelter with a concrete floor, no pillow, no blanket, all kinds of upsetting noises, many dogs crying, barking, whining, and little attention.  Double dog dare ya shelter employees to do this as an adventure/experience in LEARNING COMPASSION, growing a heart for the animals you are supposed to be servicing.

Be a Pit Bull for a day from Adrienne Clegg

The Patrick Movement for NJ
~~ edited ~~ “One guy left his dog in a locked car in [a Nevada] Walmart parking lot. Cops were called, man was located in the store, made to put on a heavy jacket he had in his car, and sit in the locked car for 15 minutes while the dog was given water and checked for heat stroke. Then he was ticketed…bet he never does that again!” ~d

As many as 3.4 million Americans are likely to experience homelessness this year  a 35 percent increase since the recession started in December 2007  and a majority will be families with children.

And I commend these people in Tennessee for getting out of their comfort zone and experiencing life through another lens.

(Chattanooga)-What would happen if you were 18 years old, three months pregnant, from Chicago, and your boyfriend left you in Chattanooga, Tennessee, with $5 to your name? A small group of Dr. Lisa Muirhead’s nursing students at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga embraced that scenario as part of The Homeless Project.

When her students arrived for what they thought would be a lecture, Muirhead instead divided them into groups, dropped them off at downtown locations, gave them different identities and challenges, and asked them to spend three hours exploring how they would survive.

This “lived experience” allowed students to view lives in a very vulnerable population. Students explored whether they could wash dishes for a free meal, tried to seek shelter, searched for resources and located people who could likely guide them, including homeless individuals.

“At the conclusion of the experience, students examined their preconceived ideas, attitudes and assumptions about the homeless. These ideas and attitudes, when present in the health care system, can lead to poor interpersonal relationships between patients and health care providers, patient resentment, distrust, disparate care and poor health outcomes,” said Muirhead, Assistant Professor in the School of Nursing.

One group met with Chattanooga Mayor Ron Littlefield to gather the facts about the local homeless situation. According to the mayor’s office, there is a base rate of 300-400 homeless in Chattanooga. Since the population moves seasonally, Chattanooga’s spring thaw may cause the number to bal¬loon to more than 1,000. Economic pressure has created a growing demographic of homeless single earner families, often mothers with children.

Armed with experience and knowledge of the health issues and needs of homeless individuals, the students developed a community service project that met both their educational and service goals.

“The students decided to participate in a commu¬nity-wide event called Project Homeless Connect. Starting with an operating budget of zero money and no supplies, students had to consider marketing, media, resource procurement, logistics and educating their own group,” Muirhead said.

Students at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga respond:

“You look at people and you sort of sum up how you think they live their lives very quickly. And you can be so wrong, so absolutely wrong. So I’m not going to assume anymore.” —Julie Henry


“I don’t spend much time thinking about where I’m going to eat, where I’m going to sleep or what I’m going to wear. That can take up a whole day for a homeless person.

“You look at underpasses differently, you see trash cans differently, you see area businesses differently if you only have $5.” —Abby Lee


“They sleep outside, they get food, they share food, and people are mean to them most of the time. They are normal people, they’ve gone through hard times and they are not happy with their lives. They wish it were different, but they don’t seem to know how to get out of the situation.” —Kathleen Hoffpauir


“When I shook his hand and said, ‘David, it’s a pleasure to meet you,’ I had an instant friend. To actually see someone caring was such a surprise to him. These are people we normally look through, not at.” —Christopher Wheatley


“At the very end they asked us ‘can we ask you for one favor, since we’ve done some favors for you?’ And the first thing that came to my mind was they wanted money, which I would have gladly given them. But all they wanted was a hug. It was a very touching moment.” —Kelly Fuller

please donate pet food, treats or via paypal to Patrick’s Pet Food Bank in Seaside, a Pets of the Homeless site.


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