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Have Dog Blog, Will Travel is a dog travel blog written by published travel writer and co-author of five romantic travel guides CeliaSue Hecht.

Writing For You

Monterey Bay area dog travel blogger and newshound writing for you…


Contact CeliaSue at 702-225-8206 or via email at

CeliaSue is available for interviews and expert commentary.

If you need tips, stories or ideas on:

* Current tips about dog travel
* How pet friendly lodging is expanding as more and more pet owners are traveling with their pets
* What to look for when visiting a pet friendly inn
* Inns that truly love animals and those that are ‘fur washing’ their inns

Possible general interview questions

1. What compelled you to begin blogging and why did you pick the topic dog travel?
2. How have you managed to grow your blogs?
3. What current trends are you noticing in the dog travel industry?
4. What lessons can you share about building a successful blog from scratch?
5. How can innkeepers attract loyal and faithful pet owner visitors?
6. Do pet owners care about amenities and extra fees and charges for their dogs?
7. Are pet owners still traveling with their pets in a recession?
8. What is the future of the dog travel industry?
9. What are the best customer service experiences that you have had at inns and the worst?
10. Why should people care about pet owners traveling with their dogs and read your blog?
11. How do you give back to the pet community? Do you contribute to animal rescue groups, fundraise and/or offer regular charitable contributions?

CeliaSue Hecht and Cici in the Press (check out our Press page)…

Media Contact Info:

Media Contact:CeliaSue Hecht
Phone: 702-225-8206

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  1. Love the blog. Keep up the good work!

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