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Pit bull news

When it rains, it pours in pitbollian land, it seems, whenever there is news, there is lots of it these days… so here’s a bit of what is going on… 

Patrick Update

The Essex County Prosecutor’s Office has confirmed that the Kisha Curtis case is scheduled to continue today, Friday February 22nd at 9:00 AM. While this case has taken almost two years to get to where we are and that is so difficult for many to understand, the NJSPCA does appreciate the efforts of the Essex County Prosecutors Office and the patience of Judge Cassini. The justice system grinds forward so slowly in some cases but the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office has and continues to take this case seriously. Frustration is often expressed when cases drag on but the single most important fact of this case is that Patrick has recovered, is doing amazingly well and is happy and loved with the Scavelli’s. I personally have no doubt that Patrick will be forever, “Patrick Scavelli” !!! Capt, NJSPCA

Curtis continues to deny abusing/neglecting and abandoning Patrick, asked for pre-trial intervention, it was rejected, and the next hearing date is April 8.


Good news

The Maryland House of Delegates has voted UNANIMOUSLY to pass legislation that will protect dog owners in Maryland from discrimination. Dog owners, property owners, concerned citizens and lawmakers have all been working together to find a solution to a 2012 Maryland Court of Appeals ruling that put severe financial and emotional burdens on dog owners and landlords. Next up, the bill goes to the Senate where, according to the Baltimore Sun, it is expected to be favorably received. There is no ‘us vs. them” in Maryland: everyone is working together to achieve safe, human communities!


Hero Dog Saves Couple From Apartment Fire


A dog’s heroics helped one family escape an apartment fire over the weekend.

The dog woke up a couple in the nick of time after a fire burned an apartment building in Sheffield, AL. The couple said that if their dog didn’t wake them, they wouldn’t have made it out alive.

Boots is a 9-month-old pit bull mix. Her owner, Brandon McDonald, said he and his wife were asleep in an upstairs apartment when the fire broke out early Saturday morning.

He said the dog kept nudging him, and even barked a couple times, but it wasn’t until she latched onto his arm that he then opened his eyes and saw smoke inside their apartment. Mcdonald said the dog’s bite didn’t break the skin or leave any bruises.

Like others in the building, the couple lost everything in the fire, but they said they’re thankful to still have the dog and each other.

“I’ve always kept a pit bull,” said McDonald. “I won’t ever be without a pit bull again. I will never get rid of my dog. I love my dog to death.”

Firefighters believe the fire started in a downstairs apartment. An exact cause has not yet been determined.


Detroit area may lift ban of pit bulls…


In Nevada



A Broward County, Florida commissioner has filed a motion to make it illegal to own “pit bulls” in Broward County. This issue is on next week’s commissioner’s meeting agenda. PLEASE SHARE and please make your polite and respectful opposition to this proposal known to the county commissioners. It is very important to note that Florida state law PROHIBITS cities from passing BSL

Florida Statute 767.14 prohibits local governments from regulating dogs due to breed.


“According to a 2008 study, “Breed Differences in Canine Aggression,” pit bulls are markedly less aggressive toward their owners when compared to other dogs. And the breed has displayed below-average levels of aggression when encountering strangers.”


“Breed-specific legislation is useless. BSL accomplishes nothing. It doesn’t improve public safety, or even prevent dog bites. It’s expensive. It does nothing to hold irresponsible dog owners accountable for their actions, while at the same time punishing responsible dog owners, and here’s the kicker: Not one single animal welfare organization supports the policy. Not one.” ~Shorty Rossi



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Justice 4 Patrick

Are we ever going to see Kisha Curtis go to Jail???  will she ever be charged for abandoning, neglecting and starving Patrick nearly to death?  We are patiently waiting for the wheels of justice to play out, but it seems that every time Curtis goes to court, there is another delay in sentencing her. Patrick is safe and being well loved and taken care of, thankfully. AND how long this case is taking to resolve seems endless.  Sigh.  Just want a verdict already.  Was there one today??? Waiting patiently to hear the word. As soon as I see credible, confirmed info, I will post it right here…

 Capt. Yocum of the NJ SPCA

Important that everyone stay focused on the most impotant issue involved in this case, and that is Patrick. Obviously the Defense Attorney will do everything within reach to delay the case moving forward as well as try to use any information he can get that might shine any positive light on his client. Do not over react to media reports or articles that are circulated in the press. The facts and evidence in this case are clear and although it has dragged on for what seems forever, in the end I believe justice will be served. Thank you to the supporters that were in Court today (you all ROCK) Patrick is sound asleep right now and does not have a care in the world. Capt TRULY APPRECIATES all of the continued support for both Patrick and NJSPCA……………Just sayin………….. Capt


“An attorney for the woman charged with tossing Patrick the pit bull down a Newark high-rise trash chute last year has filed a motion seeking records from the state Division of Youth and Family Services, about its dealings with her three children…

“Superior Court Judge Joseph Cassini III set the next court date for Aug. 27, when he will decide whether the information, which would otherwise remain sealed, may be used to supplement Curtis’ pretrial intervention application.”


Kisha Curtis, accused of starving Patrick, is scheduled to be sentenced today at the Essex County Court House in Newark, NJ. Curtis admitted to tying Patrick to a staircase on the 19th floor and leaving him there without food or water when she moved out of the State of NJ but denies throwing Patrick down a garbage chute from the 19th floor of a 22-floor building in Newark, NJ in March 2011.

Kisha Curtis was indicted of a Fourth Degree Animal Cruelty by the New Jersey Grand Jury. Her sentence, if found guilty, can carry up to 18 months in jail and a up to a $10,000 fine. Curtis was made an offer by the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office where she would serve up to 18 months in prison, a $5,000 fine and 30 days community service. Curtis is now asking to be placed in a Pretrial Intervention Program (PTI), where she would not have a criminal record for abusing Patrick. She would be rehabilitated to correct her behavioral problems. PTI would reduce the burden on the court and allow resources to be devoted to more serious criminals. This would seem to benefit all involved except for the animals neglected/abused in New Jersey. In this State, it is difficult for Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) agents and Animal Cruelty Investigators (ACIs) to prosecute animal abuse cases since the victims and the witnesses are often the animals themselves. 




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Patrick’s abuser trial

Latest word from NJSPCA…


Patrick Case Update : No decision today, Defense again argued that they needed more time (laughable actually) Continuance date has now been set for July 31st. Do not get angry over yet another delay as the single most important thing in this entire case is Patrick and his well being. As every day passes I firmly believe that it solidifies Patrick’s future with the Scavellis. Capt


Tomorrow, Monday, July 9, 2012 will be a BIG day for both Patrick and Lennox… and dog lovers worldwide.

Update: Kisha Curtis trial Monday July 9, 2012

Curtis has asked for pretrial intervention program (PTI), she appears before the judge Monday morning. The judge will grant her the PTI or proceed to sentence her.

If people do not show up in masses, the judge will rule as if it were just one of the many hundreds of animal abuse cases that have come before him so many times.

Kisha Curtis court date:

9:00 am Monday, the Courthouse is located 50 West Market Street

Newark, New Jersey 973-693-5700.



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kisha curtis fails to show up in court

it was a miscommunication, she showed up in court today, Wed. May 30, 2012

she had a waiver last time and thought she did not have to show up on Tues. Next hearing is July 9. A trial date may be set or a final plea offer extended at that time.

“Curtis is applying for a pretrial intervention program, which if accepted, would eventually wipe the criminal charge from her record. She has previously rejected the state’s plea offer that calls for up to 18 months in prison, a $5,000 fine and 30 days’ community service.”


maybe she will end up in jail after all?

“Curtis, who is free on bail, was supposed to appear in Superior Court in Newark this morning for a status hearing but never showed. By 11:30 a.m., her attorney, Andrew Rojas, told the judge he hadn’t heard from her in a week.”


Judge Cassini is giving Curtis 24 hours to appear or an Arrest Warrant will be issued. at 4pm Wed. May 30th a warrant will be issued for the arrest of Kisha Curtis for not showing up for her court date …

where is DOG the bounty hunter when you need him ??? (LOL… he’s in Hawaii not New Jersey)…

what I learned from Janet Evanovich Stephanie Plum series is when someone fails to appear (FTA) in court, a warrant gets posted for their arrest and a bounty hunter and police can bring them back to court where they face possible arrest and more fines…

what is a status hearing?

The Status Hearing is an informal discussion between the Judge, the prosecution and the defendant about the case. After considering the case against you, you can decide whether to change your plea or to continue with your not guilty plea.

At a Status Hearing you:

* have the chance to discuss the charges against you, with the Police Prosecutor and the Judge,including anything you may disagree with.
* learn what the Police say has happened and why they think you are guilty.
* can ask questions about anything you don’t understand.


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scoop on Patrick hearing

Patrick’s Legal Update on 4/23/12: NJSPCA filed multiple animal cruelty charges in March of 2011 against Kisha Curtis. The charges against Curtis were upgraded to more serious charges and the prosecution of the case than was shifted over to the Essex County Prosecutors Office. There have been numerous delays and postponements but the case continues to move forward. Many Defendants request PTI but the odds of Kisha Curtis being successful requesting PTI are very low. NJSPCA will continue to stay focused on the Prosecution of Kisha Curtis and will continue to work with the Essex County Prosecutors Office to that end. NJSPCA also appluads the statements made by Judge Cassini that Patrick is well taken care of and “That Patrick survived is a miracle” and that “Patrick has bonded with his caretakers and his environment” Strong words for a strong dog… Please focus on the animals. Capt


well, it seems that AHS has been busy getting in the way with more papers filed still trying to get their greedy paws on Patrick… but the LOVE prevails…

To All: No progress with the Kisha Curtis Criminal case today as the time was spent on AHS’s third (3rd) Brief / Motion that was filed about one month ago, again seeking custody of Patrick. As with the first two requests this was also denied by the Judge who ruled it premature. Patrick will continue to stay with the Scavelli’s until the conclusion of the Criminal case and at that time the Court will rule on Patrick’s permanent custody which the NJSPCA believes should be the Scavelli’s. The next Court date will be posted here when we get it. Capt

from GSVS Hospital

Patrick will remain in our foster care pending the outcome of the criminal case. The Judge in his decision today said that he was satisfied that Patrick was doing well and had no intention of changing his foster care placement at this time.

Judge Cassini on Patrick’s case: “If it isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it…”


an anonymous source said,

I thought that you all would appreciate knowing some things from the hearing today.

Some of you may have seen the report on NJ News 12 tonight, but from my notes…

The Judge said, at the outset, that he would not discuss the criminal case today, but instead, would focus on AHS’ petition for possession of Patrick. KC was not in the courtroom.

Harry Levin (AHS’ attorney) acknowledged that, since there has been no adjudication in the Curtis matter AHS’ petition for possession of Patrick is “premature”, but asked that AHS be given an opportunity to hold an “inspection” of Patrick “by experts, to ensure that his circumstance is satisfactory”.

The assistant prosecutor was very strong, and argued that the state is satisfied that Patrick is being well cared for, and that since AHS is not a party to the criminal matter they have no right to inspect Patrick or his circumstance.

The Judge read, for the record, his synopsis of the case thus far, which included the words “Kisha Curtis is still the lawful owner of Patrick” (which is, sadly, the truth). But the Judge also said “I found that AHS does not have any possessive interest in Patrick”. (Happily, that is also the truth, and his finding was upheld by the appellate division).

The Judge also said that it is clear that Patrick is “loved” and well cared for, and that there is “no evidence” that Patrick is in any jeopardy and no reason to believe otherwise. The Judge further said that to allow an inspection of Patrick by AHS would be to “interfere with the custody of Patrick”.

The Judge then said “The question here is about AHS’ fidelity and integrity…what is the nature of AHS? It was a miracle that Patrick survived and is in excellent health, happy and healthy. Patrick is living a life that AHS should hope for every pet. My belief is that if it is not broken, don’t try to fix it”.

I hope that what happened in court today will give you all, as it does me, continued reason for optimism. The assistant prosecutor was excellent, and the Judge is clearly sympathetic to Patrick as a living being. The Judge sees Patrick as more than just “property”, of that I am sure.

and meanwhile, Kisha Curtis wants a pre-trial intervention


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Patrick on Pet Stop

On March 17th 2011, a desperately neglected dog miraculously made it through the night; in the morning, “Rocky” became “Patrick” & Patrick’s Movement, the brain-child of one Karen Powell (Patrick’s Movement NJ’s esteemed Admin.) was born. “Thank you” to all around the globe who created Patrick’s Movement FB pages in a show of solidarity to join forces in the trenches; individuals & rescues & shelters that do whatever it takes to save lives every day.

Kisha Curtis new trial date?  Thought it was some time this month but am not finding the info. I called the NJ SPCA and GSVS Hospital and finally got a call back from Capt. Yocum from the NJSPCA.  He said that April 19, is the new date at the Essex county courthouse.

Seems like it is taking a very long time for Curtis to go to trial and be prosecuted. Just saying, Capt.

Patrick on TV Pet Stop


what do you think?

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Justice for Patrick

Patrick in the news
In the matter of Kisha Curtis Pre-Arraingment Conference concluded, Pre-Arrainment Hearing scheduled for January 20th, 2012. Capt
 To All: Please join me in sending an email to the lead NJSPCA Officer in Patrick’s case Sgt Al Peterson and thank him for his untiring efforts to bring justice for Patrick. Sgt. Peterson’s email is apeterson@njspca.org ………..Sgt Al is very dedicated to helping the animals in New Jersey. Thanks Capt

I am sure emotions will be running high. This has been a long emotional 9 months of ups and downs. I ask that you all join me in focusing on Patrick and his future as the number one priority in this case. It has been and will continue to be my main priority to make sure that Patrick remains safe and protected. Patrick’s future is so much more important than the future of Kisha Curtis. Just sayin…… Capt

Respectful correspondence can be forward on behalf of Patrick to …………..Please take note that the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office will not be accepting e-mail or phone calls concerning this case. Anyone wishing to contact them can send a fax to Essex County Prosecutor Carolyn Murray at 973-242-4901 or mail correspondence to her at 50 West Market St., Newark, N J 07102. Any correspondence should note that it is in regards to the Kisha Curtis/Patrick case.


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Patrick & Lennox update

The grand jury hearing was today. They won’t determine guilt or innocence. at hearing, they present evidence and determine if an indictment should be handed down to charge Kisha Curtis with the felony convictions. If they determine there is enough evidence to charge, then it will go to court to determine her guilt or innocence.

Grand Jury Hearing will be continued next Friday with testimony by NJSPCA as the last witness. Assuming that this case will move forward to trial at the conclusion of the Grand Jury Hearing, NJSPCA will post date, time, location




fyi, word about Lennox, the innocent therapy dog in Belfast, Ireland who is supposed to be killed for not being but looking like a pit bull.

ok, this is the latest news…

as of October 19, 2011, Lennox has been given another reprieve…A point of law has been submitted which the judge will now consider. This could take up to a month. More to follow.

Lennox is still alive


KCS asked someone on the DDA Discussion page about what happened today in court in Belfast. This is what they said.

‘What they’ve done is ask the judge to state his case which means he explains his ruling to other judges and they decide if there has been an error in his use of the law. That’s what will happen on October 21st. If there has been then the appeal can be reheard but if not then this would be the end of the case completely. ‘


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Patrick’s custody at stake

If you are obsessed, you have already seen the latest updates from NJ SPCA, the Captain…

Patrick’s custody hearing is on June 2. Not sure when Kisha Curtis goes to trial before the Grand Jury.

Here are the updates including a photo… what a gorgeous guy, huh… what a difference two months of tender loving care has made thanks to GSVS Hospital doctors and staff !!!

NJ SPCA To All: Have to share one great thing about Patrick with you. To Patrick every morning is a new adventure and Patrick could actually care less if it is hot or cold, sunny or raining, calm or windy….Patrick bursts outside and loves whatever the day brings, I love that about him…. Capt

The Patrick Miracle
in case you missed this: NJSPCA knew that seeking and supporting a Court Order to keep Patrick at GSVS could possibly restrict regular updates. It was a risk worth taking to make sure that Patrick remained at GSVS and continued his recovery. Tough not to be able to update regularily but am sure the end result will prove that it was a risk that paid off for Patrick. Capt. Yocum

This is a good recount of past events/issues regarding Patrick…including his back story and the reason for the custody battle… Basically, many allege that it is AHS greed. AHS does not have a very good reputation, it is a high kill place. Been some terrible incidents of fraud and adopting out an aggressive dog that was supposed to be euthanized to an elderly woman who was mauled by the dog.

Many of Patrick’s fans want Patrick to be adopted by the GSVS staff member who he has bonded with and who loves him.


Is it Saturday Blog Hopping time already? Time goes fast when you have a dog blog… Happy Memorial weekend, be safe. And don’t forget to check out Life with Dogs and Two Little Cavaliers and catch the code right here…


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Dear Kisha Curtis… curious minds want to know

Dear Kisha Curtis,

On Friday, you pled not guilty to the charges against you for abusing your dog now known as Patrick.

Animal advocates rally for Patrick the pit bull as former owner pleads ‘not guilty’ | Science update

At the rally I held on Friday in Carmel, a few people who came by cried when they saw and heard what you did to Patrick. They were horrified.

But in your world, according to your statements and your mother’s statements, a plausible adoption method is to leave a LIVE animal tied up to a railing and SOMEONE just comes along and takes the dog off your hands… wow, how easy and convenient for you. No muss no fuss.  You don’t have to feed the dog and You don’t have to be responsible.

well, years ago, here on Planet earth, I worked at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. And what we did was we took really good care of the animals, fed them, gave them lots of water and treats, gave them medical care, played with them, socialized them, trained them and then once a week we would go to Pet Smart and talk to people about adopting the animals. When someone was interested, we’d put them through a process to see if they were a good match, able to be responsible for the animal for life and willing to do what it takes to be a pet parent. If so, they paid a fee and became pet parents.

So now, I have a few questions and comments. Curious minds want to know.

You appeared to be surprised that people are upset with you. Let’s clarify this. Hundreds of thousands of people (maybe millions) around the world have created 60+ Facebook Patrick pages (The Patrick Miracle has 104,000 fans) and created The Patrick Movement when they read about what you did to Patrick. Because we LOVE animals.

Normal people DO NOT starve animals. Celebrities Alyssa Milano, Julie Benz and Eva Longoria have posted, twittered, petitioned and facebooked for STRICTER LAWS and PUNISHMENT against people like yourself who ABUSE ANIMALS.

Eva Longoria Wants Harsher Punishment For Animal Abusers
Eva Longoria and Alyssa Milano have begun their support for an online petition that will call for more severe punishment of those convicted of animal abuse.

Wanna know why?

Because there is a WELL DOCUMENTED connection between people like yourself who abuse animals who ALSO abuse children and people. Plus, we LOVE animals and cannot fathom how someone like yourself could starve an animal to the point of starvation and near death and be all smiley face in court.  Call us crazy.

So how come your story keeps changing?  In one news report I read that you left Patrick tied to the railing for a week. Today, I heard you say it was two days. Which one is it?

You claim that someone gave Patrick to you but you could not take care of Patrick. Why did you not return the dog to that person since you could not take care of the dog or give the dog to someone else who could take care of it?

If you only left Patrick without food and water for a few days or a week, then how come the veterinarian said that Patrick had been STARVED for months?  Do you leave your child without food or water for a week or months?

Did you actually ASK any of your friends, neighbors, relatives to HELP YOU FEED PATRICK or take care of him?  If not why not.

Did you not know that there are ways that you can feed a pet, places where you can get FREE PET FOOD at animal shelters and sometimes even pet stores if/when YOU ARE TRULY INDIGENT?

Have you ever heard of PETS OF THE HOMELESS?  They’re a national organization that actually help FEED PETS (FOR FREE) of people who cannot afford to feed their pets.

From today until May 15, 2011 there is an event for the Patrick Movement folks to donate pet food and feed pets at shelters (animal or homeless) or become collection sites. We crazy animal nuts actually help feed other people’s pets in addition to our own even those of us with limited means FIND WAYS TO FEED PETS (OUR OWN AND OTHER PEOPLE’S).


What do you know, they have FIVE collection sites in New Jersey, none in Newark, ok. there Has to Be One in Newark, NJ asap.


Your defense seems to be that you chose to abandon an innocent dog WHO COULD NOT TAKE CARE OF ITSELF by tying it to the railing outside your apartment hoping SOMEONE other than you would take care of it… who was that magical SOMEONE (I’d like to meet them) and how come several eyewitnesses said that Patrick looked thin months before and was tied to the railing then, too?  Would you leave your child tied up to a railing and hope SOMEONE would come along and take care of your child, too?

How was Patrick supposed to eat, drink and go potty tied up to that railing? Or did you not think about Patrick having to do those normal things that any LIVING BEING has to do when you tied him up and abandoned him?  Did you EVER think about Patrick?

Did you not notice that Patrick looked like a skeleton, that it is NOT NORMAL for a dog to have their bones sticking out of their body because they have not enough flesh to cover the bones?  If not, why not. Do you need glasses? Would you not notice if your child had not enough flesh on their bones?

Truth be told, YOUR ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN YOUR WORDS… YOUR ACTIONS tell the world that YOU DO NOT CARE ABOUT PATRICK, and YOU DID NOT CARE ABOUT PATRICK enough to FEED HIM, and MAKE SURE that he was taken care of as any regular, average, normal person would do. So that is why we cannot fathom what you did.

If I were in Newark or Albany or wherever you are, and I worked for Social Services, I would BE VERY CONCERNED ABOUT YOUR CHILD(REN) because obviously your priorities are askew, to say the least.


1. Not in a straight or level position: “the door was hanging askew on one twisted hinge”; “her hat was slightly askew“.
2. Wrong; awry: “the plan went sadly askew“; “outrageous humor with a decidedly askew point of view”.  More »

Was food and drink supposed to come magically down from the sky to take care of the dog left tied to the railing? Oh that’s right,, there was that magical SOMEONE who was supposed to some along to feed and take care of Patrick so that you could move and not have to deal with the dog anymore.

Some place I also read that you had Patrick tied up to the railing for months because the dog bit you. Why do you suppose that the dog bit you? If Patrick bit you maybe he was trying TO GET SOMETHING TO EAT (desperate times desperate measures) because YOU CHOSE NOT TO FEED HIM.

Seems like you have food to eat and drink, plus enough money to buy yourself clothes, hair weaves and make-up, what would you do if your mother left you alone as an infant to fend for yourself, no food, no water, tied up to a railing and strange people just walked on by? Maybe you would cry and hope SOMEONE would stop and take care of you. Eventually, you would die alone in agony if NO ONE did.

Patrick was on the brink of DEATH when he was brought to the hospital. Within a few hours he would have DIED. They did not think that he would live through the night. His temperature did not even register. But a beautiful doctor Lisa B. decided that she did not want Patrick to die unloved and uncared for. She wanted him to die fed, hydrated, caressed by loving hands and told he was a good boy.  So she fought to save his life. And to her surprise, he fought, too and survived. That is all Patrick needed food, water and love. And you could not, would not, did not, and refused to give that to him.

So am really trying to understand how someone could either be so cut off from reality and humanity and/ or intentionally how they could inflict such cruelty to not feed an animal for months and then leave an animal to die like that. Hungry, alone, cold, tormented, afraid.

And am thinking maybe Patrick was so hungry he probably ATE YOUR HAIR WEAVE because YOU CHOSE NOT TO FEED HIM NOR TAKE CARE OF HIM PROPERLY…

Why did you not take Patrick to the local shelter since you were unwilling and/or unable to take care of him INSTEAD OF LEAVING HIM TO THE MERCIES OF SOME MYTHICAL NONEXISTENT BEING TO TAKE CARE OF HIM?

Decent, caring normal regular average people want to know how you could be so irresponsible to an innocent animal and expect us to believe your stories.

Anyone who believes you, I’ve got a bridge to sell you in NYC.

PS: Read the story below. This woman saved two pets lives that WERE NOT EVEN HERS during a fire.



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