Is your Dog dreaming of a vacation?

Go to Carmel, CA. a very dog friendly town!

Top 10 Reasons to Bring your Dog to Carmel:

1. Never dine alone at Carmel’s many dog friendly restaurants. For instance, Forge in the Forest offers a dog pound menu.
2. Wagging tails spark creative juices.
3. Dogs are great foot warmers.
4. Dogs can run/walk leash-free on Carmel beaches.

5. Dogs make a fuzzy and warm cuddle partner after the lights go out.
6. Carmel has many great dog boutiques- shop for matching outfits!
7. Barking and woofing are good for the soul.
8. Stop for a sip at Tiffany’s. Even Carmel’s finest retail shops place a water bowl on the sidewalks. And your dog is welcome in most Carmel stores and some banks.
9. Dogs don’t mind waiting while you paint, shop, nap…
10. Dogs love to socialize with other dogs and humans and birds.

Or visit Kanab, Utah:

Some Pet Friendly hotels/motels

Fun sites:

Be a Dog Whisperer…

Get a Puppy Passport :


Traveling with your Pooch Tips


See the World with your Mutt


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3 responses to “Is your Dog dreaming of a vacation?

  1. Awesome! Peoples pets are special! I know mine are like my childeren and I don’t go on many vacations because I can’t kennel my dogs. I just will not do that. This sounds like a great place and I will have to look into trying something like this!

  2. well this is useful… (at least for me)

    very thanks

    best travel

  3. Jeanette Llera

    Thanks for curating this info 🙂 As I really enjoy Carmel, CA and it’s lovely French country cottage architecture, I will now be able to plan a trip with the furbaby too! This is an expansive list!

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