when she was silly…


being silly after all these years, she still loves to lie on her back and get belly rubs… she’s just got longer legs now, and scars from her three surgeries, and that doesn’t stop her from running, jumping and playing…  she’s my puppy and she’s so silly …  

do you have pet names for your dog?  Some of Cici’s pet names are Nutty McNutto, crazy girl, sillyhead, sweetie pie, Cici bug, bugalicious, oshmo the torch carrier (my dad used to say this), brat girl, silly nutty and delicious, pain in my pituitary, and so on… 

in one day, she ate my glove, ran upstairs (where she is not supposed to go), ate icicles (snow is melting and then overnight it freezes), chased birds on our walk, and ate up her new bone, almost, I took it away for another day.


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2 responses to “when she was silly…

  1. I have three Chihuahuas, and my pet names for them are:

    Jonesy – “My little Man sers” , “Jonesy Bonesy” and “Jones”

    Sissy – “My girl friend”, and “Sissy Wissy”

    Tinky – “Tink”, “Tinky Winky” and “My Little Baby”

    Stupid, huh?

  2. well, my names are strange, too… my girl outdid her yesterday today… been letting her go outside without her tether, BIG MISTAKE, she climbed up on the lawn chair outside and looked like she was about to jump the yard gate, I caught her just in time… it makes me shudder to think what could have been because there is the yard, a little hill and the road/street where there are many cars… I brought her inside and she went upstairs again, and now she’s tethered up and asleep… am I going to have to keep her tethered up forever??? sheeesh…

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