holiday gifts for your dog… some of the silliest, ecofriendliest and absurd…

 Some of the most absurd, eco friendly, organic and cute..!.shtml?trk=1


ok, why does a dog need a spa for $40, can they not make do with a nice bath?  buy some good lavendar shampoo from the health food store for $5-6 and suds away…


luxury poochie perfume for $250-500… for two to four ounces…yeah sure right, if you buy this, I’ve got a bridge to sell ya… harvested exclusively in Switzerland… 


just so you know that i am not a total grinch… how about some all natural fragrances for your mutt for $12.99 and up…


or some all natural doggie treats like Paul Newman’s or Sister Joan’s Liver Nutri-Bits Boot for $4.95… and they support a good cause, I think…,49635.htm


or you can purchase all natural organic treats from australia


or from


HAND-PAINTED BREED PICTURE ‘PAW’TY CAKES FOR YOUR DOG! These are NOT computer-printed images on icing paper sheets!!! We hand-paint your dog’s picture directly onto the cake!!

(Kitty cakes too!) 


* Just $5-$10 to paint your dog or cat’s picture on his or her birthday cake!



you can always dress your dog up in a dumb outfit….


Deluxe Dog Santa Claus Suit 


Dress your dog up this christmas with the Kyjen Deluxe Dog Santa Claus Suit! This christmas dog costume is top quality and easy to put on and take off. This holiday dog costume comes with Santa hay, beard, a plush body suit and boots. Dress your dog up this Xmas! 


Prices Starting At: $9.99



now this is what every canine needs… dog greeting cards made from rawhide, edible cards… cute idea actually… you just have to get the from England…



chow now brown bow wow… how about a raw bone for $1.50 from the grocery store or


some all natural organic dog food for $90… puhulease…  they do have some other reasonable products here though…


you can also get all natural organic dog food for $30  (go to your local whole foods or wild oats health food store)…. different brands, I like Paul Newman’s and so does Cici, she’s got taste..


how about a loofah dog, this is cute… for $5


and then we have doggie sweaters… for the really pampered puppies…


and you can also give your dog a playmate from a rescue shelter or their own personal trainer or canine rehab from an aqua paws type place with a pool and caring staff or you can take your dog with you wherever you are traveling, yes, we are going to the beach, Monterey and Marina and Pacific Grove and Carmel, we shall visit for three weeks, and enjoy the beach, chase the birds, and have fun in the sun, well, it’s been pretty cold here, so the beach will be a nice change of pace and play…




oh by the way, none of these companies are paying me to promote them, so tell them if you buy that I sent you so that they can send me a nice thank you gift for Cici…


bow wow for now… 



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