why dogs bury bones…

my dog had an extra juicy new raw bone and I guess it was more valuable than the other ones because this one she buried underneath her blanket, to make sure that no one else found it. Except that I was watching her at the time… and she figured she’d throw in one of the other bones, too, what the heck. She spent about four hours chewing that bone and a few minutes burying it. And a half hour running around like crazy outside. There was a towel out there that froze in the snow, now the snow is almost all melted but she liked tossing that dirty old towel around and chewing on it, too. She likes a real challenge. Don’t know why she didn’t bury the bones outside. Maybe she thought it would be more convenient to have the bones inside. Just in case it snows outside… 

The forecast keeps saying that it is going to snow but so far it hasn’t. Can’t wait to get to the beach, this time next week, we will be there… Here is why dogs bury bones… from several perspectives…




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  1. I read one of the articles above. I think that my dogs don’t bury bones because they are over fed and food is easy to come by. They don’t have to put anything aside for the “lean” times. 🙂

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