growling at my reflection…


she found another reflection, the glass door to the yard, and she was growling and barking so I let her outside to get that dog, and she went outside and looked around puzzled, what happened to the dog??? so funny… I wish I could have videotaped that… then she was growling at the reflection and put her paws up to the glass, but as i tried to take that photo, she looked down and put her paws down… I got this one when she was not really into it anymore… she is confused, what happened to the doggie in the window??? 

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Filed under all you need is a dog, comedy, dogs, funny, how much is that doggie in the window, laughter is the best medicine, mutts, pit bull, puppy vs mirror, smile

One response to “growling at my reflection…

  1. That’s comical. I never had a dog that did that.

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