spoiling your dog rotten… she’s such a silly brat…



my dog is a spoiled brat and proud of it… she was growling at me last night because I had the audacity to feed myself and not give her any scraps… she had food in her bowl waiting for her to chow down but she had to see what I had first before she would touch it… yes, I have on occasion been known to share my food with her… and now she expects people food as part of her diet…  a little bit of turkey, chicken, scrambled eggs with turkey ham, hot dogs, cheese and such… I was hungry last night and did not give her anything… tsk tsk tsk… 


we got the carpet cleaned yesterday and I took her with me, it was cold outside but she was better behaved in the car than she would have  been at home, I gave her a nice big juicy new bone to chew and she gnawed away… I checked in on her often and took her for a walk or three… 



So now I have a dream/vision… and a dog who seriously needs her nails clipped… she does not like to bathe, although she likes to be in the bathroom while I take a shower, go figure… nor will she let me near her paws…. I cut her nails twice, one nail at a time, and cut the quick the first time out, so she’s a bit leery… understandably… 


anyway, back to my dream… a doggie healing center, complete with a holistic vet, animal communicator, doggie day camp/ranch, K9 spa, massage, groomer, swim pool/aqua paws, dog cuisine/chef, canine reflexology, barkery, a one stop shop for your pooch… 


anyone game?  let’s talk…


now here’s some sites that offer pedicures for your pooch, a ridiculously expensive spa for dogs in NYC, talk about spoiled pooches and cool doggie day care/ranches… 














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3 responses to “spoiling your dog rotten… she’s such a silly brat…

  1. As you know, I have three dogs and nail clipping is not my favorite thing. I have over 60 nails to clip, and each one of my dogs HATES it! If their nails don’t get clipped, the nails wind up all curly..yuck!

    I used to go to my local pet store on Sundays and they would have an elderly lady by the name of “Aunt Alice” trim dogs, cats, and birds nails for free. Every Sunday there was a long line with people and their pets waiting to get their nails clipped. Even though the nail clipping was free, her big tip jar was full!

    She is no longer there. I miss her.

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