holiday time at the beach…

can someone explain how come my dog barks and growls at her reflection in doors but not at the sight of herself in a mirror?  where we are staying now, there is a regular mirror in the room and she has not had any problem with seeing herself… yet at home, she barks and growls at the doggie in the reflection of the door… 

she LOVES the beach, and being Mrs. Social Butterfly… wagging her tail, sniffing doggies, we went to Carmel on Xmas to the Cypress Inn, lots of dogs and their owners walking around and my dog was in doggie heaven… people and dogs and treats, what more could she ask for….now we shall walk on the beach/dunes… it’s 50+ degrees … unlike the 20 degrees we left…

we did drive for about two hours in the snow to get here… and then it was easy sailing, except for getting lost and not finding the directions and info I had written down…



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2 responses to “holiday time at the beach…

  1. Carmel is one of the MOST beautiful places in California. Lucky you. It has been cold. I live in Southern Califonria and I woke up this morning at the temperature was 59 degrees! Brrrrrrrrrr 🙂

  2. cold is all relative… it’s 52 here now and it was 20 degrees when I left Nevada… so 59 sounds pretty warm to me 🙂 and yes, Carmel is beautiful and we LOVE being at the beach !!!

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