Two heroic pit bulls… Dog Jack !

Update: the movie is being played around the country now…


the movie is about a brave heroic pit bull… Dog Jack… plus a deaf pit bull girl named Piglet plays the lead role…  Thanks to the bloggers smartdogs and also terrierman for this story…

Dog Jack! from Piglet’s dog handler/trainer Tracy Doyle…

a link to the film trailer:

the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

The film “Dog Jack” is based upon a novel by Florence Biros. The author was inspired to write the story after learning about the dog from the display in the Pittsburgh museum. Other than the exploits of the dog, the story is fictional.Piglet herself became somewhat of a hero, being the first deaf dog in film history to play such a prominent role. In this day and age when pit bull types are subject to increasingly strict legislation and even slaughter, such as is ongoing in Denver, a film like “Dog Jack” which honors a real pit bull hero for the breed type’s characteristic bravery and loyalty is much needed positive from :


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8 responses to “Two heroic pit bulls… Dog Jack !

  1. jonathan beasley

    That is the prettiest pit i have ever seen

  2. The owner and trainer of the Pit Bull is on the Yahoo Groups Balanced Trainers and International Association of Canine Professionals. I am so disappointed that it hasn’t been released yet.

    I have been waiting many years to see this movie. Now I am going to have to hunt her down and see what the status is!

  3. Allison Kay

    I love the American Pit Bull. I’m trying to make a website to help them, their in need of major help and love.

  4. this is the nicest picure ever??

  5. pauline jackson

    I have a pit that looks exactly like this beautiful dog except mine has a red nose. I adopted him from the humane society. What kind of pit is he? I’ve been looking at alot of pictures wanting to identify what kind of pit I have, and stumbled upon this photo. Can someone help me or guide me to a site that can identify my dog? Thanks in advance!

  6. Gwen Alley

    I’ll bet you anything that this dog is a Dogo de Argentina aka Argentinian Mastiff. They are all white with a black nose generally 80 to 110 lb and are frequently deaf.

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