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According to a survey of 50 companies by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, dogs in the workplace can contribute to greater employee morale, camaraderie and reduced absenteeism, as well as enhanced productivity and even increased sales. Another survey, cited on the CBS Evening News, said that 46 million Americans would work longer hours if they were allowed to bring pets to work with them…

Employees at dog-friendly environments frequently laud the cheering effect of having a furry friend in the cubicle…Some estimates suggest that as many as 20 percent of American businesses welcome pets. So how can you convince your company to welcome Sparky and turn your office into a dog-friendly workplace?

Here are a few suggestions:

Start small: Start with the idea of a Bring Your Dog to Work day. This allows everyone to sample this new concept. Do the groundwork to ensure this experiment is a success. Limit the invitation to well-behaved, socialized adult dogs that understand basic commands like sit and down. Puppies are delightful but can be unpredictable.Think like your boss: Now that you’ve got a BYDTW day lined up, consider your company’s concerns first. They’re worried about hygiene (potty accidents, fleas, fur), disruption (barking, food theft, chaos), and litigation (biting and aggression). Make sure to address these issues and prevent problems before Sparky shows up in your cubicle.

Be the lead dog: Whether she’s there for the day or becomes a regular fixture under your desk, your dog needs to learn appropriate behavior in the office – and she can only learn that from you. Keep your dog under your control, don’t tolerate barking or aggressive behavior and don’t let your dog annoy or distract other employees.Location, location, location: In some parts of the office, staff may map out a shared territory for canine visitors; in others, you may need to keep your dog in your cubicle at all times. And there are the people who are allergic to dogs. Know where your dog is – and is not – welcome throughout the building.

Make it a policy: If, after one or more successful BYDTW days, the company seems poised to take a more open stance toward dogs in the office, offer to help draft a regular pet policy. Guidelines protect the company and the dog guardian, by making expectations and consequences clear.

Remember: having dogs at work is a privilege and a responsibility.

Make it your job to ensure that your company experiences your dog as a pleasure, not a liability.


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