will the 10,000th visitor… please ring the bell… you’ll win a prize…

This blog is approaching 10,000 visitors, in less than six months time… I’m curious as to what the significance of 10,000 unique visits since October is. Let’s have a party, a celebration… When I started this blog I just wanted to write a blog for the sake of writing a blog because I’d heard that everybody had a blog these days. Being a writer, I figured that since writers write words down then a writer like myself should probably have a blog. Besides, I was cooped up with my dog for a few months so what the heck… pun intended. And we had traveled last summer to some fun places. A blog would give me an opportunity to write about traveling with my dog at a time when my dog and I were put on hold. In limbo. Unable to travel. She was tethered, I was her cabinmaster. 

It did not occur to me at the time that anyone would actually read my blog. That there would be people who would come and visit me and read my posts and make comments. Until the first or second week, when two newspaper friends put links to my blog in their respective papers, the Reno Gazette Journal’s columnist Mark who writes about Mostly Dogs, and Salem-News Editor Tim King.  Suddenly, there was a flurry of visitors and I was hooked into this blogging thing… Hey, I’d always wanted to write a column. 

Soon it just became fun to write about my dog and other dogs and travel and chocolate. I could wax poetic with no editor making me conform to deadlines or word counts or content.  Wow. Freedom.Now there is no going back.  And I have started writing blogs for other people and getting paid to do so. Ka-ching. That’s a nice feeling. And I’d like to do more of the same.  If you’d like to hire me to write your blog, website copy, newsletter, article, press release, donation letter or more, email me and I’ll give you a discount if you mention my blog.

Check out Bloggers for Hire…

I am listed on the bottom with a few (ahem) of my samples…  


There are more… click it out…


This one even has content about pets… foreclosure pets… ugh… 


I have learned a lot… So thank you dear readers…

I write the blogs that make the whole world sing… that make the whole world laugh… that make the whole world sit up and take notice… that make 10,000 visitors keep coming back for more ?   y’all come back now y’ hear…

and the 10,000th visitor will win a prize, so be sure to let me know… meanwhile, keep those cards and letters coming in…

One gal wrote:

I LOVE your website. It’s wonderful! So creative and interesting. I read every word–absorbed it from the moment I logged on to it until there were no words left to read—intrigued the entire time. Congratulations on such a beautiful and informative website.

Thank you for all you do.


14123905.jpg   14732374.jpg    15886893.jpg    16508586.jpg 



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2 responses to “will the 10,000th visitor… please ring the bell… you’ll win a prize…

  1. Congrats on the success of your blog efforts. May your bounty continue to multiply abundantly. Sincerely, Randy Peyser

  2. Congratulations! = )

    It’s a great feeling I am sure.

    Any tips on how you built your readership?

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