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Another way that K9’s can earn their keep is through dog modeling…  this guide shows you how to get started… if you want to show off your dog and earn money…  


someone recently suggested that Cici could become a dog model… I fell down on the floor laughing my butt off… this person obviously has never met my girl Cici… assuming that dog modeling requires a dog to sit or stand still for more than 30 seconds at a time… she does do that on occasion… and that a dog listens and obeys basic commands on cue… hah… need I say more? 


yesterday, I took her out behind the house because she needs exercise… I was happy to let her roam around back there because SHE NEEDS EXERCISE… she sniffed her way over to the neighbor’s house where lo and behold, they have a dog… the dog, Sunshine, was indisposed unfortunately… hurt herself… and was being confined. Me and the neighbor lady chatted while the K9’s whined… Cici was beside herself, barking at me even after we got home… how dare I take her away without letting her play with Sunshine… and then out in the yard, she heard these other dogs down the street in the other direction barking. She kept coming into my room barking at me to take her there immediately… I felt bad for her, wanting to play with some dogs, any dogs, and this really was not a viable option for her… what is a dog mom supposed to do ? 

we will be moving in two weeks and hopefully to a place filled with K9’s … not… at least a place where she can sometimes play with others of her species… 


but I digress from the subject at paw…


animal acting classes
Once you register with the Animal Actors Agency, you will be able to join our STUDIO DOG TRAINING CLASSES, similar to dog acting school, which will increase your dog’s potential as an animal actor.


We are currently NOT accepting any new submissions for 
animal actors. Please check back on our website soon for updates on when 
we will begin to accept submissions.


How much money will my pet make?
Payment to you will be made promptly upon payment to Hollywood Animals. The animal rental fees for dogs, cats and birds vary depending on various aspects: a) how many days the animal is working; b) is the animal highlighted or is it background atmosphere; c) the type of required ; d) how trained your pet is. To give you an example, dog rentals can be anywhere from $50.00 to $300.00 dollars per day.


I’m looking to supplement my income and thought that putting my dog on TV would be the way to go…
The #1 most important reason to get your dog involved in studio work should be that it’s FUN FOR YOU PET! If you are just in it for a buck, you are in it for the wrong reason. Don’t expect to get rich off of your dog doing a few shoots here and there. If your dog or cat is uncomfortable around distractions and becomes distressed around strangers and you are unable to put in the time and patience in overcoming these obstacles, then studio work is not for you.


What Makes a Good Studio Animal?
Basic Obedience – Your pet should have reliable basic obedience. Typical obedience commands include heel/loose-leash walking, sit, down, wait, recall (coming when called) and stay. Proofing all obedience behaviors around distractions and at a distance is key for studio animals.
Environmental Conditioning – Exposing your pet to challenging and interesting environments with stimulating sights, sounds, smells and textures.
Socialization – Exposing your pet to new environments that include interaction with pedestrians, crowds, small children, other dogs, other animals, motor vehicles and machinery. On a set, your pet will be working with trainers and actors and must be able to work with people other than his or her guardian!
AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) or Therapy Dog Guidelines – The requirements for a certified Canine Good Citizen are excellent guidelines for the makings of a good studio dog. Learn all of the exercises required for certification including accepting a friendly stranger, handling by a stranger, walking in crowds, sit and down in place, coming when called, obedience under distraction and supervision by a stranger.


Fifi Dog models… awww, look it’s a Dal… sweet, but do they take mutts and mixed breeds???   oh boy, can you Cici now?




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3 responses to “dog models…

  1. I say let dogs be dogs. Not to sure any dog would be happy walking down the “CAT”walk

  2. Amazing! Dog acting schools! Being from India, I probably will have to wait for such a facility here. I have quite a few promising models in my shelter.

  3. Fantastic post, I favorited your blog post so I can visit again in the future, Thanks, Jonas Watling

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