when harry met cici…

Cici has a new beau… from our undisclosed location we drove near to yosemite, to a little town called mariposa to visit a gal named Melinda who is building a healing center… the road was VERY tricky and windy up to her place from the town but from 99 to the 41 in fresno to the 49 it was quite lovely… very refreshing and inspiring to see green trees again…


when we got here, we were greeted by the welcoming committee… first, star bear, a very large dog (part Malamute and border collie) put his paws on the car and peeked in to say hi… then irene the hound dog said hello… jenny rose the lab joined in and then we made our way out of the car and harry met cici,  it was puppy love at first butt sniffing…


Harry is a six month old Queensland Heeler…  and cici is still a young gurl, so they bonded instantly, jawing, wrestling, licking and rolling in the dirt and there is quite a lot of that here… cici’s new halter is quite dusty now… she immediately jumped into the filthy pool and swam in the water.  really warmed the cockles of my heart. and i was greeted to find out that we would have to leave early this morning… a fine welcome…  I came here to find out about becoming a caretaker, I think not…

still, there are two yurts going up, a fabulous view from this mountain, cool fresh air and we had turkey burgers for dinner, after dinner entertainment was provided by harry and cici… and soon star bear wanted to get in on the action… jenny rose was the only one who did not seem to appreciate the attention that cici garnered from the two males… irene was not all that thrilled, either. 

we visited the yurt after dinner and all was fine until two neighbors dogs came along and looked like they would attack cici, we hightailed it through the garden, as a precaution and made our escape back to our tiny cabin… it was off to bed at about 8 but of course we did not actually fall asleep until about 3 am, and we got up around 6… cici does not seem to do well sleeping when windows and doors are open and she can see wildlife… star bears came and sat on our porch to protect us and cici wanted to play with him… and she was restless… there were two tiny beds, one a couch, and i thought she would sleep on that and i on the bed… she ran around, trashing the blankets, trying to get settled to no avail… then she decided to come visit me in my narrow little bed, plop she goes… we have not slept together in a tiny single bed since last year, she cradled my legs… then she was off again to the couch… then back to me at some point, where she cuddled my head… and took over the bed… i went to the outhouse, actually it’s a small bathroom with a compost toilet, and came back and there was cici in her usual place in the middle of the bed… the bed is a little high off the ground and i did not want her to jump off of it, so i tried to move her, finally got her and me where i wanted, cuddled in my arms, she was shaking slightly, and we finally fell asleep…  had some weird dreams…

this morning, we arose at the crack of dawn, and I went outside to go up to the main house to go to the bathroom, and the dogs greeted us good morning… star bear first, of course. then we had a nice breakfast, cici and harry played and chased cats and we were ushered on our way… 

we were going to hang out in Mariposa but I was utterly unimpressed (been there before, too) and decided to take the 140 to merced which I thought was madera… we had stayed in a motel there last year. got to merced and realized I was in a different place and decided to head up the 99 a bit and we got off in Turlock, saw a sign for a motel and they take pets, and here we are… my back will mend, nice to stay in a non dusty queen bed, with wireless internet and all of the amenities of modern life, a  tv, phone, etc.

we may go back to the coast in the morning, we shall see… for now, we will rest… cici needs a bath and she met a new friend at the gas station, where they have a taqueria and pizza place.  the pizza guy took care of her while I ran in to get a burrito… very nice… 


don’t forget Gone with the Wind… who played Bonnie Blue?




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