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cici is a purl of a gurl…



she only wanted to go out and out and out and out… we went to a lake and she ran up to the top of some hills and wanted to jump off some rocks to visit a fisherman but I did not let her do that … duh…


and then we went to visit and she got to lick everybody and then we went out a few dozen more times…

she met a little girl named Sophie, a real cutey about 3 years old, dressed up like a princess, and Sophie giggled when cici licked her feet and face… 

I took her out before we went to sleep and she was too enthralled with bugs and lizards to do her business…

so why did it surprise me when she woke me up at 1 am and had to go out?

she let me know by sticking her head under the bed and moaning… 

so we went out at 1 am and she did her business and i could not fall back to sleep and stayed up until 3 am… 

the joys of being a dog parent… 

so here is a new photo of my cutey mccute that i took yesterday, she was actually getting into posing for me so there is hope yet that she will become a doggie model… and earn her keep around here…  what do you think?


don’t forget to answer the burning question so that you can win this week’s free giveaway….  who played Bonnie Blue Butler in the movie gone with the wind? 




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Getting inn touch with your inner K9 … innkeepers welcome




If you want to promote your pet friendly inn, let me know, perhaps I can help  you… win win win… for more info, visit this page… with helpful tips…


Here’s our new free giveaway contest for the week…sponsored by Doggytug…Kelly now has an instructional video on how to use the toys… on the product page, upper right hand, click on the photo…

Dottie the traveling bikini dog panties (you do remember Dottie) says: Answer this question and win… who played Bonnie Blue Butler in Gone with the Wind?  (hint: i recently had breakfast with her)… 





if no one gets the answer to that question, then the first person who names three of the nine inns I recently wrote about (in May 2008) will win the free weekly giveaway contest…  so you’ve got two shots at winning a great goodie bag filled with wonderful doggytug toys… send us your answer before Friday, May 16, 2008… 

Doggytug toys are the tug toys that dogs love to play tug of war with…  just ask Lainie… who is Lainie you ask, check her out playing with her tug toy… from her free giveaway package… she is playing with the floatie that is for swimming with, by the way…




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from cici to me on mom’s day…

Happy Mother’s day… 

did you know that originally Mother’s Day was a day set aside for women for peace?…/


from My Dog, the bug catcher and lizard stalker, everything sniffer, since I am her Mom… she thanks me because… 
1. Feeds me tripe, kangaroo and hot dog treats until I bark for more 

2. Snuggles and cuddles with me all night long and doesn’t mind when I push her off the bed, sit on her head or breathe into her face

3. Gives great chew toys and plays tug of war at the drop of a hat
4. Takes me on adventures to the beaches and dog parks
5. Puts me in the car (even when I don’t wanna get in) to stay in dog friendly inns and places where I can sniff grass, stalk bugs and eat in the same dining room as the humans
6. Sings silly songs to me like if you’re happy and you know it wag your tail
7. Doesn’t get too mad at me ever even when I slobber on her face, jump up on her friends and dirty the bed with sandy paws
8. Gives me lots and lots of kisses, belly rubs and massages
9. Makes a very convenient and comfy pillow
10. Loves me unconditionally



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I left my heart in Mendocino, Little River and Westport…



At Abigail’s B and B in Mendocino…


We had the whole house to ourselves thankfully the way cici was carrying on…  not sure if it’s Mendocino or cici is just whacking out, having a dog breakdown or what but she was pretty crazed yesterday with all of the dogs, cats and people around here. Abigail’s smells very fresh and not chemical like some places do. The feather bed is very comfy and also very fresh.

We stayed in the Drawing room downstairs. A large, very private sunny room with a view of the garden. It contains a queen sized four poster bed, a large closet, sitting area and full bath with shower/bath combination.

The wine and cheese spread at 5 pm was fabulous… there were different cheeses, two wines, olives, salami, rumaki, a hot dip with artichoke that was scrumptious, different kinds of crackers, and cookies. Slept well and so did cici. got her a new halter instead of her collar, which i like a lot.  she also needs a new stronger retractable leash… They have some nice toys and treats for the pups at the gift shop at the Whitegate Inn, bully sticks for $1 and squeaky toys. 

It was a little confusing to get to Abigail’s so here are the directions. Exit Highway One to Little Lake Road. Turn left on the second street which is Howard. Go two blocks to the Whitegate Inn on your left.  Go to the office, and they will check you in and direct you to Abigail’s which is just down the street . 

At breakfast, which was an egg souffle, some banana bread and fresh fruit, I met a family from the Netherlands and several couples from the Bay area.  after I had breakfast, I came back to the car and cici was shaking a lot, so i decided it would be good to walk her around a bit. 

We went to Evergreen Barn which is around the corner and has pet supplies. She threw up at Evergreen, there were two dogs there that she could not play with so we left… the woman there was kind and suggested I get her some rice. Did some errands and drove north up the coast, a bit twisty and windy but beautiful, a little like driving to Big Sur… we stopped at a beach along the way and got out… and cici had a great time running around getting all of her pent up energy run off, so much fun getting all sandy and wet… she finally sat down so then i took her back into the car and we drove the rest of the way up to Westport… it is a tiny little town, smaller than Little River which is saying a lot…

We looked for signs to the Howard Creek Inn and Farm and found it and drove in the driveway passed some sheep grazing along the grass. 

Howard Creek Ranch Inn is an historic, 60 acre, ocean front farm bordered by miles of beach and mountains on the beautiful Mendocino Coast.  Charles (Sunny) and Sally have been working on the Howard Creek Ranch for the last 20 years. They met, fell in love and bought the property from people who had a commune on the land. Howard Creek Ranch is a Mendocino County Registered Historic Site nominated to the Federal Register of Historic Places.

The Ranch has farm animals, nine cats, award-winning gardens, fireplaces/wood stoves, a 75 foot swinging foot bridge over Howard Creek, hot tubs, on-site hiking, sauna, 1000 year old redwoods, and horseback riding on the beach or in the mountains.

Accommodations include cabins, suites and rooms furnished with antiques, large comfortable beds, and handmade quilts with views of the ocean, mountains, creek or gardens. 

Sunny and his wife Sally came here in 1973 and renovated the old building and built new buildings with some modern amenities of Internet and TV videos of old PBS shows and Star Trek… wireless was intermittent in my room… There also is no phone in the room. Atrium B&B and Abigail’s also had no phone in the room. The Little River Inn, Pacific Mist Inn, Surf Motel and Pine Beach Inn all had phones in the room.  If you want to get away from TV and Internet, Howard Creek is a good place to disconnect.

There is a deli in town for food for lunch and dinner, or you can bring your own. The market/deli is not like the one in Little River, I asked for Chicken Teriyaki and got some hot spicy Indian food instead, I did not know until I got back here. I also brought some hot dogs and breakfast is at 9 a.m. in the dining room. 

Breakfast was the heartiest breakfast ever, delicious… eat until stuffed, lots of portions… strawberry banana pancakes, whipped cream, fresh juice, apple granola muffins, turkey bacon, fresh fruit and edible flowers, spinach and cheese quiche, and the best mint tea ever, fresh from the garden… the gardens are spectacular, gorgeous flowers… and it’s soooo peaceful…  the antiques are real, too… 

The ambiance is very peaceful and relaxing and rustic, and very down homey. You can walk to the beach from here and there is a community living room. We stayed in the Walden room.  It is quite large, with a fridge, sink, coffee pot, hanging plants…  deep rich brown wood walls and reddish brown tile floor. 

I had hoped that Cici would be mellow from her run on the beach, but she was up all night, nosing around sniffing everything. We took a few walks and met the other people staying at the farm. It is lovely to be out in the country a hop skip and a jump from the beach. There is a nice grassy area to relax, sunbathe, and barbecue. You must keep your dog on leash at all times so as not to disturb the animals.

If you stay in the Redwood Suite, there is a beautiful view of the ocean from the upstairs bedroom loft and downstairs… if you stay in the Walden room and people are upstairs in the community room, you can hear them walk around up there. There are 12 rooms, four of which are pet friendly. There is a Beach house, and a cabin, which have ocean views, too. 

Visitors come back to the farm on their birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. Some notables include billionaire entrepreneurs, celebrities, and regular folks from cities near and far. the inn is non-smoking as were most of the inns I stayed at this trip.

Takes about five hours to get to San Francisco, Tomorrow we will travel to Branscomb Road to go across to the 101 and go south to SF. 

Branscomb Road takes about an hour, you get onto 101 (and don’t necessarily know it) and you are above Willits… it was easier than the 128 and took less time and was nice and scenic… 

San Francisco was a whole other matter… the best thing that happened was I found a way OUT of SF easily and fast, by not knowing where I was going… I got off the 19th and had a stop at Geary and 5th. Afterwards, I got onto 19th Avenue, it dead ended and I proceeded towards the 1, the beach and took Hwy 1 south to the 280… easy… no getting lost and driving along the beach, no traffic either… 

We were supposed to stay by the airport but that did not work out so we went to Gilroy and Monterey beach… now we are at a secret location near Lancaster, CA… it is a very nice place is all I can say…  the Mystery and Adventures continue…


Walden room at Howard Creek Inn 





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da view da gorgeous view at Little River Inn…

We slept well and Cici’s much better…she did throw up last night, but this morning seems her happy self, wanting to say hi to everyone that goes by and lick their feet… back to normal…

Today, we are going back to Little River, we just love that town, to the Little River Inn. 

Tomorrow, we will stay, for the first time, in the town of Mendocino. And Tuesday, we will be leaving this area a little bit and go north about 30 minutes up to a town called Westport. Wednesday, we are supposed to meet someone in the big city, San Francisco, and stay overnight near the airport, in a city I used to live in called Burlingame at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. I was surprised to find out that they are pet friendly. 



To Market 


the market/deli in Little River is a wonderful place to eat… They gave me free dogs treats, and have a wonderful selection of foods from enchiladas to salads, spinach spanokapita, egg rolls, sandwiches, cheeseburgers and more… 


 Little River Inn


Everyone needs to be pampered every once in awhile. The Little River Inn is just the place to indulge your senses, unwind, and relax. I’ll tell you why. When you go up the driveway to the Little River Inn, you get a sweeping sense of history and tradition. Just as the trees have deep roots in the earth, the Little River Inn has been here for almost 70 years… six generations. And there are a lot of reasons why. The family. The food. The customer service. Da views, da gorgeous views of the Pacific Ocean. The pet friendliness. Visitors come here year after year, generation after generation to celebrate holidays, anniversaries, birthdays and other special occasions. 

Cici made friends with the dog next door, a poodle mixed with Jack Russell… those poodles are sure getting around… seems like every day you hear about another poodle mix, poodle lab, poodle cocker spaniel, poodle terrier, etc. 



In 1850’s, Silas Coombs, a lumberman from Maine built a family home. In 1864, he married Margaret Boyd, they raised four children, including twin girls, Cora and Margaret. The twins grew up in Little River. Ole Hervilla grew up in a boardinghouse run by his Finnish/Swedish immigrant family in Utah. He came to Fort Bragg to join his brother and ran the Windsor Hotel. He married Cora Coombs in 1939 and they purchased the Little River home from her parents and on May 27, 1939, opened the Little River Inn.   The inn has become known for its old fashioned family hospitality…  Some of the staff members have worked at the Inn for 30+ years. Now, Cally Dym runs the Inn. She grew up in Petaluma, went to Columbia University, lived in New Orleans, Colorado and makes ongoing contribution to the community including the boys and girls club, animal organizations, and other charities. 

Cammie Conlon played Bonnie Blue Butler, the doomed only child of Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara, in the 1939 classic movie Gone With the Wind when she was just 4 years old. She remembers that she loved the pony and said that Clark Gable was very kind to her. She only had two scenes with Vivien Leigh and one of them was cut.  Cammie and I had a delicious breakfast together and she regaled me with interesting tales of the Inn and the family. 


Eco Friendly

Solar panels, recycling, composting, and more innovations to come. 



I had three of the Inn’s specialties… Crab Pot Pie and the Olallaberrie Pie for dessert for dinner. Makes me want to sing that pie song from the movie Michael. Pie pie I love pie my oh my.  Fresh picked berries…Fresh tasty ingredients. the Olallaberrie Pie is made from Calli’s grandmother’s original recipe. yum-o as Rachael Ray would say.  For breakfast, I had Ole’s favorite breakfast, his Swedish pancakes, two eggs and sausage. Quite delicious, and a nice hearty and light way to start the day.


Customer service

check-in was prompt, easy and friendly. When we arrived at our cabin, waiting for us were several very nice touches… a doggie bowl and treats for Cici. A bag filled with towels and sheets to put on the furniture. A  book about the history of the Inn along with a handwritten note and information package. Dinner and breakfast were superb.


Room at the Inn

Deliciously comfortable bed that I stretched out in, a jacuzzi tub, a large screen TV with cable, wireless internet, a fireplace, fridge, and da view da gorgeous view… through the glass doors and the deck, I could see the ocean waves gently lapping away. 


Pet friendliness

Susan (Calli’s mother) rescued three premarin horses that are kept in a beautiful green fenced area across from the Inn, behind the market/deli… Dogs and cats and other pets are welcome at the Inn.  Below are some of the pet friendly opportunities happening at the Inn currently


Yes, Dorothy, Toto Too


This package includes:

Two nights in a luxurious room with a fantastic ocean view


A day at Doggie Day Camp for your pet



 take a day to explore the redwoods, ride the Skunk Train or shop in the village.


This package is available Tuesday through Saturday nights only.


The rate for this package is based on a two night minimum, double occupancy, and

ranges from $472-$580 depending on your choice of accommodation.


Fourth of July Pups on Parade 


And the Little River Inn’s official dog Rosie welcomes other pups to join her in the upcoming July 4th Pup Parade with a two night, July 3 and 4 stay at the Inn.. dozens of dogs will walk along Main Street, receive a red white and blue kerchief and transportation to the parade from the Inn. Call 1888-INN-LOVE to make your reservation. Or go to 




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10 dog friendly things to do at the Pacific Mist Inn…

Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens:

The botanical gardens feature indigenous plants, including the native rhododendrons that blanket the area. Manicured formal gardens, a dense coastal pine forest, fern-covered canyons, diverse plant collections, and flower-filled coastal bluffs overlooking the blue Pacific Ocean. Located on 47 acres that lie between California’s scenic Highway One and the Pacific Ocean, includes canyons, wetlands, coastal bluffs, and a closed-cone pine forest. A moderate climate grows a wide range of tender species which cannot survive the more extreme heat or cold that occurs in other locations.

We saw incredibly beautiful  rhododendrons of many hues, white, blue, purple, pink trumpet, red, peach, white pearl, white swan, blue peter, president roosevelt and took a lovely walk to the beach/bluffs. You can take your dog on a leash and you could probably picnic with your dog, it says the trail is steep to the cliffs but it was not that strenuous… you go through a gate, and cici enjoyed stalking bugs every step of the way. The long walk did not tire her out as much as I’d hoped, even though we walked about an hour… she still had energy left to play with Gracie, the dog at the Atrium B&B. She ran around the yard, and greeted people (lick lick lick)…

We stayed in the lovely, cozy and comfy quilt room (one of three pet friendly rooms) with a fireplace, very comfy bed…while I had breakfast of mushroom cheese omelet, fresh fruit and fresh baked banana bread, Cici played outside in the yard with Gracie.

The Atrium B&B is at the north end of Fort Bragg…

Innkeepers Mary, Gail and Joanna Jenson created the dog park… McDog park on Maple. It took about two years to bring the park into fruition. And came about because of their commitment and dedication and with the assistance of the community, the city and the Parks and Recreation Department. The park has a small dog area and a large dog area, it is entirely fenced and quite a nice size with grass. Soon, they will have a water fountain for the dogs.

Every year there are a few festivals including the Huckleberries and the Hounds, the oldest Ugly Dog contest, and several dog parades and costume parties for the K9’s.

Cici played with about 6-7 dogs at the dog park, and the people and dogs were really friendly (unlike the dogs and owners in Carson City, Nevada)… there was a dog named Zelda, two goldens (huge funny guys), a hound dog, a few others… unfortunately, one dog ruined Cici’s day… I had a bad feeling when I saw the dog and sure enough, the minute this dog came inside the park, the dog got Cici by the throat and would not let go of her… it was difficult to pull them apart, the owner finally got his dog off of Cici and I left, shaken to the core. Cici’s mouth was bleeding. She got chewed up a little bit, it was very scary.  She has not let me look at her much. I was able to go to PAWS, and sat in the car for a bit to calm down, take some Rescue Remedy Bach Flowers for shock.  Got Cici a treat and some dog food, which she gobbled up. Then I was thinking what can I put on her mouth, and thought I needed an Aloe Vera plant. We drove by a nursery and I asked them. The woman there at Parker and Jensen I think it was called, gave me a free aloe vera plant. I tore off a leaf and put some on Cici’s mouth.  Then I went to the pharmacy and got some hydrogen peroxide to clean the two wounds on her mouth. She was not happy about it but it made me feel better.

There is a Humane Society here…

Now we are relaxing at the Surf Motel and Gardens ($49 to $250 plus $10 pet fee per night). This is a very nice AAA motel, they even have beautiful gardens and a pet exercise area, similar to the one at the dog park, only smaller. Each room has a fridge and microwave, cable TV, wireless internet, coffee pot and complimentary continental breakfast in the morning (coffee, tea, hot chocolate, fresh fruits and danish). This motel is at the south end of town and it is quiet. The staff is friendly and helpful.  The Harvest market is next door, this seems like a Whole Foods type of market. Cici and I slept well and love being near the beach.  Just the relaxation we needed after the day we had…

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May day, may day… 10 dog friendly things to do in Mendocino

Everyone said that this is a dog friendly place…Mendocino, it was ok, but the visitor center does not allow dogs. We went into a perfume shop and jokingly I said that my dog needs perfume and the woman said we have dog perfume, toothpaste for dogs, etc. omg…

the chocolate shops are the unfriendliest places I have ever been to… so go to the health food store, where they are friendly and have a great selection of organic and healthy chocolate. 


in Fort bragg, we found Noyo Harbor beach, one of two off leash places for dogs . it was kind of a castoff place but cici found a kindrid spirit girl pit playmate about the same age, mostly black with some white named Mrs. Wilbur. the two of them chased one another across the sand and wrestled each other and just had themselves a doggie good time. Cici was very sad when Mrs. Wilbur trekked on down the road, she is not very good at saying goodbye.  We then made our way into town. 

First, I ate at the Asian Buffett, which was very clean but the variety of food choices was pitiful, two chicken dishes. And then when I wanted to eat ice cream for dessert, I was told that it was only for dinner. For $6.95, they should have more selections. Should have asked for my money back.  I was not even comparing them to Vegas style insane buffets, with more choices than you want to eat. Instead, I compared them to my favorite Carson City buffet that offers chicken and cashews, chicken and almonds,  sweet and sour chicken and a few other chicken dishes, plus shrimp, plus other seafood and beef dishes, and a few different desserts, for the same $6.95. Ok, Fort Bragg is not Carson City.

We then proceeded  to Cowlick’s ice cream shop where I’d read that dogs get free ice cream cones. Cici got a kid’s size vanilla cone and licked herself silly into the zone… The ice cream was homemade, very tasty and two huge scoops for $3.75.


Pine Beach inn

This is a nice pet friendly motel, with free continental breakfast, (cereals, hot and cold, bagels, toast, fruit, juice, hot chocolate, teas, coffee, not bad), with rates from $79 to $179, just before you get to Fort Bragg…  the property has its own private beach…the beach is absolutely its best feature as well as 11 acres of park-like greenery. Cici and I took a walk down to the beach about 4 pm, and at 11 am, no one else was there either time,  and she was able to run around in the sand. On the way, there is a bunch of green, very scenic and the beach itself is quite lovely and enclosed. You have to be a guest of the inn or they will charge you (if they catch you).

There is supposed to be wireless but I did not have any in my room. Two tennis courts, Virapom’s Thai Cafe restaurant, open from 10 am to 9 pm, every day but Tuesday… The pad thai was very fresh but did not have much flavor. Some rooms have jacuzzis and others have ocean views, ours did not have either.  The room had a glass back door, a nice feature, and the place is big enough so you can take your dog for walks on the green grass. The property is located one mile north of Jug handle reserve, and one mile south of the Botanical Gardens, where you can take your dog for a nice tippy toe through the flowers.

Could not find Jug Handle, we turned where it said, but we found ourselves in a private house and then on a dead end street… similar to the Point Cabrillo Lighthouse, except we drove and drove and drove, there was another nice enclosed beach, and then the Lighthouse area, but no parking there, except for disabled, so you can walk 1/2 mile or drive and not park?  strange… maybe it was a weird day…

10 dog friendly things to do in Mendocino County


l. Tiptoe through the Botanical gardens


2. Beach romp (Noyo Harbor or a private beach)… most beaches are dog friendly and dogs have to be on leash


3. Walk thru a park like Jug handle reserve, if you can find it 


4. Get a free ice cream cone for your mutt at Cowlick’s ice cream


5. Stroll the shops in Mendocino, get some doggie perfume


6. Stay at a dog friendly inn such as the Pacific Mist Inn, Pine Beach Inn, Atrium Bed and Breakfast, Surf Motel and Gardens, Little River Inn, Stanford Inn, or Abigail’s Bed and Breakfast… 


7. Dine together at the Stanford Inn


8. Play catch or frisbee at the Fort Bragg dog park


9. Go kayaking with your dog, yes, you can


10. Tiny dogs can take the Skunk train with their owners, if they can fit inside your purse; chew chew… chew chew…  all other normal dogs can visit dog friendly wineries and camp out at many of the campgrounds 

bonus:  have not found a place that gives dog massage or dog yoga, but will keep looking…




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