how much is that doggie toy in the window? woof woof…

Dogs just wanna play with dog toys and have fun… except when they want to sit around, contemplate their dogdom, sniff the world around them, go fetch, play catch and swim in the lake or ocean… and what every dog needs is a dog toy chest filled with a variety of toys that keep them busy and fun quota filled up… every dog has his or her day and that means chewing on rubber toys, as well as sinking their teeth into dog toy balls…

and what dog doesn’t like to lick everything and everyone they come into contact with?  that’s why it’s a good idea to dog proof your home just as you would child proof your home.  dogs just gotta be safe because Fido and Fluffy are a beloved member of the family… just keep small items out of their way, along with harsh and toxic chemicals and chocolate… keep your lawn free of pesticides, dog repellent goo and small plastic gnomes and elves… if you just got to have bird feeders and bells and whistles, keep them high up on shelves and away from your doggie’s reach…  Cici is an escape artist and she has been known to climb over and under and through places otherwise normal dogs cannot, so if you gotta fence your dog in, make sure that the fencing is doggie proof and safe …

Cici also just found a bean bag chair is a great place to sleep on, she does not have her own bed, she just hops onto the bed with me… but there is a lot to be said for giving your pooch their own place to snooze… a dog bed has a lot of benefits, no more bed hogging, snoring and woofing and breathing in your face, and no more falling off the bed because your dog’s four furry paws have pushed you onto the floor !

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