it’s reigning cats and dogs in Florence, Oregon…

Three of the pet friendliest places in Florence, Oregon… are the Aloha Pet Grooming in walking distance to the library on 8th Street, where Cici had her toe nails clipped by a kind woman named Pam… Digital Dunes, on Laurel Street, near to Old Town, a wonderful photographer who specializes in pet portraits and Reigning Cats & Dogs at 1384 Bay Street, near the pier in Old Town. Indi and Dave Brown are the owners of this delicious establishment… they offer treats, samples and wonderfully realistic looking stuffed animals (Cici was barking at several the first time we went inside the shop)… along with all kinds of fun doggie products, food, shampoos and just about anything and everything you could want to give a gift to your friend the dog owner or your pooch.  Tell Indi and Dave CeliaSue and Cici sent you when you visit… this shop is a MUST stop for dog and cat owners… one of their fun bumpers says that My Karma ran over your Dogma…  Cici was the hit of the crowd, center of attention when she did her usual laying down on her back and showing off her belly pose. She received belly rubs and treats galore for her efforts.

saw the cutest bunch of kittens over at the Humane Society, near to the beach. One little tabby that truly won my heart… She and her brothers and sisters are just edible.

although many people have dogs and cats in Florence, there are not many houses or apartments that take pets. Plus, some of the inns and motels do not take pets. A few do and they are overpriced for what they offer. One inn told me that they only take 20 pound dogs. Have not stayed at the Best Western or the Holiday Inn Express but I heard through the grapevine that the Holiday Inn Express has waffles along with their other usual fare for breakfast. Yum.

This is one of Curt Peters lovely photos from Digital Dunes….


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2 responses to “it’s reigning cats and dogs in Florence, Oregon…

  1. I live in CA but also have a house in Florence. Love it there! I’ve been in RC&D many times and you are right- very friendly to both people and pets and so many wonderful things! Everyone should stop there when in Flo!

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