dirty tricks and dirty dogs…

Rove over…

I don’t really talk politics on this blog, it’s about dogs and the breed specific legislations are relevant… but this is just paaalain pathetic, FAKE POLLS, how low the Rovian politics go… to say that pet owners prefer McCain because Obama does not have a dog, yet…  hummph… let’s do a poll, how many of you prefer Obama… because he represents REAL HOPE, REAL CHANGE, not the same old bad policies we’ve been dealing with for the past eight years… politics of the wealthy elite, who are robbing our country and us taxpayers blind with their failed war, tax cuts for the rich, now they want us to pay for the housing crisis and give the money to those who actually caused the crisis to begin with… puhlease… plus they think we are stupid… they are cynical and desperate…  STOP THIS MADNESS !!!


McCain’s saying is the ad slogan for a depressant…

http://www.funnyordie.com/ videos/ea0b05d406


by: Andrew Sullivan, The Atlantic Monthly

Senator John McCain at a campaign rally in Virginia. (Photo: Reuters)

Editor’s Note: Historically a John McCain supporter, conservative journalist and blogger Andrew Sullivan takes on the issue of John McCain’s integrity as he strives to win the presidency. – vh/TO



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2 responses to “dirty tricks and dirty dogs…

  1. Are you truly suggesting that the McCain campaign is in bed with the Associated Press and Yahoo, and consequently decided to rig a poll about pet owners?

    The AP/Yahoo polls have also showed that people would rather watch a football game with Obama and that the public likes Michelle Obama but doesn’t know enough about Cindy McCain. It’s a trivial poll and certainly not a part of the current political chessgame.

  2. thanks… am saying that these polls are stupid… trivial and they are a distraction from the REAL issues…

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