washing the dog at the car wash?


five creative uses for a bidet

they left out washing the dog in a bidet…  if a cat can drink from the bidet, then certainly you can wash your dog in a bidet…

now you can also wash your cat, these photos are hilarious, so just had to include this… cici thinks they’re funny, too…  is this kitty cat turning on the faucet for her bath or the dog’s bath???  hmmmm….


you can also wash the dog at the dog groomer, petco has a handy dandy dog washing place. and other doggie dog wash places offer do it yourself service, there was one in Florence, Oregon where you can take your car and dog and wash both of them, probably not at the same time, and at this cottage, they had a place to wash your dog off before you bring the dog inside, wash off the sandy beach, mud and grass from their paws… good idea, and they supplied towels, too…

am looking for other creative ideas, to get my dog washed, she does not like to take baths, i usually take a wash cloth to her… and rub…  perhaps she’d like a bubble bath… ahhhh, smells woof…

there is also a product I will review soon that is supposed to be like a big sponge with soap that you can wash your dog with, especially handy for when you are traveling and don’t want your dog to be dirty and you also don’t want to make a big mess in a hotel, inn, b and b, cottage or motel …

any other ideas for washing the dog???   well, it is raining outside, raining cats and dogs… should I just bring shampoo and we will have a party?

getting them to like taking a bath???   where is my dog’s rubber ducky when you need it???

here’s a few tips and video from a vet:


and here is what martha stewart says, including nontoxic flea control…


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