cottages at little river cove…

When we drove onto the property last week, we saw a few deer and does and later, some wild turkeys behind the cottages frolicking in the forest there.  While there, Cici met a new Lab boyfriend named Cody.  She waited outside his cottage until he came out to play.  There were several other dogs there, two little dogs, and another larger dog. Cici was excited to meet all the other dogs and visitors.

The cottage we stayed at was like an upscale home with all of the modern amenities… It is both kid and pet friendly.

Six of the nine cottages are designated pet friendly (see below). Upon checking in, guests staying in one of these cottages receive a pet welcome kit that includes a pet towel, treats and hot pink waste bags. Each of the pet-friendly cottages comes with a pet bed and there is an outdoor pet shower to rinse away the sand from a day of play on the beach.

The nine cottages are all named for nearby towns, we were supposed to stay in Ignacio but instead are staying in Albion. There is Elk, Humboldt, Caspar, Dillon, Farllon, Jenner, and Gualala.  As we drove onto the 2 acre property, we saw a bunch of deer, including several does and wild turkeys.

The Albion cottage is very modern and features upscale amenities and conveniences, from the
comfortable, contemporary décor – including stainless steel appliances and
granite countertops in the kitchens – to plush robes and an optional
grocery service, where guests can have personally selected staples
waiting for them upon arrival. Amenities include 32-inch, flat panel
TVs and DVD players, along with free Wi-Fi.

Guests can enjoy additional comforts, including in-cottage massage and spa services as well as a concierge
service.The concierge service can help book a sea kayak tour, rides on the
Skunk Train, a fishing trip out of Noyo Harbor, horseback-riding
tours or set up a luxury wine tour to the nearby Anderson Valley.

The  smoke-free property is located at 7533 North Highway 1 in Little River, just two miles south of

Tony, the manager has a brindle dog named PJ and an orange and white dog named Oliver. Both are mixed mutt rescues.

Oliver was rescued from Placencia, Belize. He was a sweet, but beat up young dog who instantly began hanging out around Tony’s cabin. They loved his personality and began feeding him chicken and rice, eventually allowing him to sleep on the couch during the daily heavy monsoons while inquiring with the locals about his story.

A month later, after a complete check up and clean bill of health, he was shipped to San Francisco airport where he became part of Tony’s family. He and PJ got along quickly and aside from what appears to be his occasional longing for warmer weather, he seems to be quite happy and most certainly has a brighter future than if he stayed in Belize.

PJ was an East Palo Alto rescue, adopted 8 yrs ago as a puppy from the San Mateo County Peninsula Humane Society. She is a very close companion who has traveled all over the country and part of the world including NYC, Boston, Miami, Denver, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands. PJ has lived in some of the finer hotels in the world, and experienced a lifestyle that most dogs dream of (sailing, swimming in warm Caribbean waters, cross country travel, hurricane parties, room service, going along on the job, down comforter dog beds, visiting restaurants and bars, etc).

Both dogs are very well adapted to the hospitality industry lifestyle, and handle themselves very well on the property.

They are very excited to warmly greet guests that arrive.

There are tentative plans to build a dog run/park area on the property, but that has not been finalized. They want feedback from pet owners that have stayed at the cottages.  They also plan to upgrade some of the pet amenities offered in the units

Due to popular demand, they have recently increased the pet friendly units from three to six of the nine cottages on site.

They are as follows:

Albion, Caspar, Dillon, Elk, Gualala, Ignacio


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3 responses to “cottages at little river cove…

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  2. Have not been to the cottages but they look wonderful. What caught my eye about this article is the mention of the dog Oliver. I live in Belize and am with the Placencia Humane Society that assisted in getting Oliver shipped to Tony. We here are all happy that Oliver has such a wonderful home. Thank God for people like Tony.

  3. Hello Pamela,

    Thank you for the kind comments. Yes, Oliver is doing quite well, living a nice life on the Northern California Coast. He and his sister PJ have become the official amabassadors for our hotel, and believe it or not, Oliver has become quite picky about his food (he picks out only the chicken from the rice and carrot stew we give him)

    I want to thank you for everything you did to bring Ollie to us. The Placencia Humane Society (Belize)does such wonderful things down there and I am happy I had you as a resource to help us make this wonderful dog part of our family. We could not have done it without you!
    Thanks you for your continued dedication and hard work
    Always in gratitude,


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