polar bears and sled dogs play…

While Norbert Rosing was photographing polar bears in Manitoba near the Hudson Bay, a polar bear suddenly appeared.


He was sure he was going to see the end of his Husky sled dogs.
But the polar bear didn’t seem to be hungry.
just lonely…
And wanting a tummy rub. The polar bear returned every night to play with the dogs.

Polar bears and sled dogs make great play pals.
hmmm…  aren’t these great photos?


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7 responses to “polar bears and sled dogs play…

  1. Dalia E. Hettfield

    What a beautiful sight!!! Human people have a lot to learn from animals. This is so lovely that makes me cry.
    Love, Black Dalia.

  2. JulieAnn Zserdin

    that is adorable. It is too bad we humans cant get along with animals as well they get along with each other.

  3. Hi what an amazing picture ,,warmed my heart !!!!!

  4. Heartwarming and very beautiful seeing and reading this amazing story!
    We humans, thinking persons, can learn a lot from the animals: to come in peace…

  5. sandra okamoto

    those are beautiful, touching photos. It’s heartbreaking to think of all the cruelty animals experience-this is a rare opportunity to view animals being animals.

  6. Sonia Rowland

    These two didn’t care whether they were suppoosed to be enemies in the eyes of humans.
    We should all take a very large leaf out of their book.
    The world would definitely be a better place.

  7. k.b

    heart warming
    it makes me smile

    ♥ 🙂

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