socks are a dog’s best friend…


What your dog eats when you’re not home

November 2, 10:21 PM
by Hillary Richard, New York Local Travel Examiner

New Yorkers love their dogs. You can’t walk down any street in this city without seeing a dog on a leash, in a purse, or at an outdoor café. With over 200,000 dogs and counting (according to the 2005 statistics), it’s no surprise that it was a New York veterinarian who compiled a list of the strange things dogs eat.
Dr. Jennifer Mlekoday, the Co-Chief of Staff at West Chelsea Veterinary, created a Top 10 list of non-food items that most appeal to canines based on her work experience.

The top inedible pick for dogs? Socks. Yes, that’s right – the socks dirty enough to be relegated to the laundry hamper are Fido’s favorite. Other items range from the bizarrely unappetizing (rocks) to the strangely specific (corn cobs). Also on the list:

2. Underwear
3. Tights
4. Rocks
5. Balls
6. Chew toys
7. Corn cobs
8. Bones and rawhide
9. Hair ties
10. Sticks

Mlekoday theorizes that many of these items appeal to dogs because they smell like their owners, and that others are accidentally ingested during play.

Next time you find a sock without a partner after doing laundry, think twice before you blame the dryer.…/30/2008-10-30_bowow_dogs_swallow_pins_pens-2.html

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