inside vs. outside dogs…

is your dog an inside dog or an outside dog?  I tend to agree with the blogger below about outside dogs… it is cruel and inhumane to leave a dog outside 24/7 especially chaining it outside… with no human contact, no social interaction…. this neighborhood where we are right now is a great example… whenever I take cici outside for a walk, she is bored and lonely in the yard, about 10 dogs start yapping away, they are confined to their yards and have nothing better to do but bark, sad… terrible… call the ASPCA, except I guess in this neighborhood, this is normal… too bad for the dogs.

one thing that cici does like is eating the grass in the yard and she likes to dig holes which does not go over well… she also likes to zoom around and take sun baths…

for now, I have no choice but to keep Cici outside, for a VERY temporary situation, but I take her for walks, take her with me wherever I go in the car, sleep with her outside in the tent, and we are supposed to be in the RV, but she didn’t like it, seemed afraid of climbing the stairs to it, and play with her in the yard… she’s very good and mostly does not bark, mostly she sits by the door and hopes to come in one of these times… wags her tail at whoever comes by the door, I feel bad… and cannot wait until the situation changes… cannot wait for me and my happy dog to be together INSIDE the house again…

just for fun… you know that you are a dog person when you sleep outside in a tent in the rain with your dog.. 🙂

a dog by any other name is still a dog…  now this is one spoiled inside pooch!!!  🙂


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