do holiday dogs come in all religions and languages?

well, you have seen the Santa and elf dogs, dressed up in red and white…  could it be that there are not only Christian dogs but Jewish ones? other religions?  Hindu ?  Muslim ? dogs that celebrate Kwanzaa?  I suppose that if the family that has a dog is a certain religion and the dog is a furry family member than the dog is the same religion of the family…  I have never really thought about Cici’s religion … she’s a dog…

Do Jewish dogs get circumcised? Are Christian dogs baptized? are Hindu dogs allowed to eat meat?

we are pondering important questions this season… for instance, do dogs in other countries that speak other languages understand only Spanish, German, French, for instance or do they also understand English, Hebrew, or Hindi?  Do dogs need a book about Yiddish ?  is there a way to raise a Jewish dog different than a Christian dog or a Hindu dog?   gimme a break, people…

here’s a few examples of Jewish dogs dressed up in religious garb…  Happy Chanukah whenever it be… or however it is spelled… Hanukkah…

deck the halls with potato pancakes, gefilte fish and matzo balls…   tis the season to be Molly Greenblatt…  🙂

Jewish Holiday Biscuit Yogurt Gourmet Dog Treat

how to raise a Jewish dog…

has Chanukah gone to the dogs?


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One response to “do holiday dogs come in all religions and languages?

  1. Mr. Wonderful

    You don’t need a “break” when talking about How To Raise a Jewish Dog. Don’t take the title literally. If you read it, you’ll see that the (fictional) rabbis of the Boca Raton Theological Seminary (a ref to the Monks of New Skete) teach you to raise your dog “the way we were raised as Jewish children.”

    It’s not about literally making your dog Jewish. It’s a satire on how middle-class Jews of a certain modern era were raised. It’s hilarious, if that helps.

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