photo with santa claus…

I tried to get Cici to take a photo with Santa Claus today at Petco but the store manager stupidly put the dog line to take their photos next to cats in cages… not very smart… Cici went nuts as she does when she sees cats, so no these are NOT photos of Cici with Santa, just photos of dogs with Santa that I found on the web… awwww shucks…

she didn’t like their doggie treats either… and there were no dogs for her to play with at the dog park…

tried to get her to take a photo with this cute Santa bear at Office Depot, to no avail, either… I keep telling Cici that cooperation is good for the doggie soul, but she looks at me, and says hey, where’s the treats ?


three people yesterday and today told me about someone going to see an animal communicator… I can talk to animals, too, just call me Dr. Doolittle, aka the animal whisperer… angel whisperer… ghost whisperer…



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