eating at the doggie buffet… the way to a dog’s heart is through its stomach…

does your dog enjoy eating at the doggie buffet as much as Cici does?  where do they serve dogs a doggie buffet, you ask… well, anywhere and everywhere I take Cici, to the Office Depot parking lot, running errands, getting gas, walking her around the neighborhood, she finds a yum yum doggie buffet of treats to eat wherever we go… the stinkier, smellier, the better… could be old food that people have thrown away, poop other dogs have excreted, or unknown and unidentifiable objects that I’d prefer not to know what they are… especially when I have to stick my hand into her mouth to get her to drop whatever it is… dead birds and other animals… yuck… but to Cici these delicacies are apparently what make the doggie buffet delectable, exotic and interesting… and a neverending surprise… the entree’s of the day… moo goo poop pan…    sweet and sour dead bird…  egg drop scoop…

fun at the doggie buffet !

I suppose one could host a doggie buffet party where pooches could sample a variety of canine delicacies of high quality, organic and natural dog foods and treats, such as raw foods, real dog bones, grain free kibble, beef, sweet potatoes, carrots, green beans and  apples, Lamb Stew, and hearty, healthy wholesome meals made with oatmeal, carrots and peas. Of course, dessert would consist of special doggie treats to satisfy various canine cravings… yum… chow down !

now here’s some wise common sense tips for feeding multiple dogs treats and/or meals…  Cici has  picked up some bad food habits from other dogs… and I have learned to feed her separately away from other dogs, and that includes treats…to avoid and prevent food fights… in case you want to host a safe doggie buffet party…

feasts for the K9 …–why-do-some-dogs-gobble-up-their-food-at-lightening-speed.html

what is your dog eating?  think outside the bag…



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3 responses to “eating at the doggie buffet… the way to a dog’s heart is through its stomach…

  1. girldujour

    Did you see this video from Santiago Chile where one dog is hit on the freeway and a random, wild, dog braves the speeding traffic to bring the other dog to safety?

    Unfortunately, the first dog does not live, but it’s an amazing story nonetheless.

  2. Guy

    I’ve found that even if my dogs love stinky dead things I can always tempt them with some homemade dog treats!

    It’s great fun making them and trying out new flavors!

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