dog saves dog…

girldujour brought this to my attention… see Comments under doggie buffet post…

reminds me that a few weeks ago, I was at a Starbucks and there was a dead kitty cat lying in this parking lot… a woman ran into the Starbucks and said something about the cat, I thought it was alive and went out to help… it was lying there, eyes open, in the middle where people could run it over again and again… I asked this man if he could move it and he did… I prayed for the kitty…

kind of sad…  but it’s good to know that dogs take care of their own kind.   I know my Cici always finds people to lick and give love to who have recently lost their dog or miss their dog… she provides healing balm to them every day…  dogs know who needs their loving attention, there are some people who she walks right on by and others who she HAS to go meet… it’s always interesting…

dogs are amazing creatures !!!

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One response to “dog saves dog…

  1. girldujour


    I did a post which at the bottom you will see a link to a site where the fools actually think that humans are “above” or “superior” to all other animals. They don’t see that we all need each other.

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