strings attached…

my cute funny pretty girl gets compliments all of the time, whenever we go out anywhere… people see her funny antics, licking feet, rolling over onto her back and showing off her belly and talking to them if they don’t pay attention to her and ignore her and they laugh, smile and give her love back.  They tell me they love her markings and sometimes, we get weird offers… yesterday, we went for a walk to a nearby store and I had to leave her outside for a minute. There was a guy outside collecting money for charity and I asked him to watch her for me. He agreed. When I got back, he told me somebody came along and wanted Cici’s babies and/or he wanted to buy Cici… I’ve had people offer me money for her before. And tell me that they want her babies. She was fixed when I first met her at six months old. She is not going to have any babies. I shudder at the thought of what these people might do to this sweet dog if I sold her to them. It seems obvious to me that they want to make money off of her. I have no problem with that per se, but not at her expense. And from the stories about the Michael Vick dogs, there are too many people out there who seek to benefit from pit bulls and pit bull mixes even if it harms the dog. So, no, thank you.  Sure, I could REALLY use the bucks, and would love for Cici to be able to earn her keep, but I am not willing to sacrifice this good baby girl for the almighty dollar. She is not a money making machine. She is not a cash cow. She is a dog, a friend, my companion.

What a dog is a furry family member… loyal, devoted, faithful… a puppy pillow, a heater on cold nights… funny girl…

What a dog isn’t is a baby making factory, fighter, nor something to use to make money.   Thank goodness for people like Best Friends Animal Sanctuary who are taking care of the Michael Vick dogs who were abused and exploited and traumatized for the sake of selfish greed.  Recently, I read that one of them, Oscar, earned his Good Canine Citizenship certificate with flying colors and is ready to be adopted, that is so great !


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