point reyes pet friendly…

Point Reyes Lighthouse and Seashore have been along the way from Bolinas to Bodega Bay for me in the past… A lovely little town along the coast…

If you want to give yourself and your dog a gift, visit Point Reyes whether for a holiday, girlfriends getaway, wedding, or just because occasion…

One of the pet friendly places in town, at Point Reyes Station is on the Old Point Reyes Schoolhouse Compound… we stayed at the Barn’s Loft, a lovely, compact room with kitchen, and great views from every window… a gas fireplace kept us cozy throughout the cold and rainy weather…. Paintings by Karen, the proprietor, are on the walls… and there is a delightful courtyard, with BBQ and fenced so that puppy can play… also the shower in the bathroom is divine as is the Organic Lavendar Salt in the kitchen cupboard.


Two other rooms are for larger groups, Grays Retreat and Jasmine’s Cottage… all of the rooms are pet friendly and kid friendly, there is an old sheepwagon that looks like fun for the children.  Gray’s retreat has two private patios and each of the rooms has a large book collection of local info about cats, dogs, chickens, whales and nature.

each of the accommodations are private, serene and within walking distance to town.  The entire compound reminds me of a French country inn.

In town, there are several pet friendly stores and restaurants as well as a doggie area where puppies can play.  Guests can gather their own fresh groceries at Tomales Bay Food Company, Cowgirl Cheese Company,  Toby’s Feed Barn and the Bovine Bakery.

On the trails, doggies are  mostly not allowed not even on leash and there are a few nearby beaches for pups to play including Limantour.



There are two local weekly newspapers chock filled with community info Point Reyes Light and the Citizen.

Other pet friendly inns include Olema Inn.


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5 responses to “point reyes pet friendly…

  1. eM

    we were in this area in late Novemeber we stayed at a rather bedraggled place, and am glad to know of other choices. Our dogs all got several ticks – we ended up removing over a dozen from our four dogs. Our holistic vet recommends Frontline Plus or the preventic collar.

  2. Rj

    Saw your review…could you recommend
    which unit you think would be most suitable
    for a couple. Most romantic or best w/a pup?

    We’ll be travelling for the 1st time ever with ours…
    who is housetrained but still young. Noticed that only Jasmine Cottage is truly private whereas
    the Barn Loft would be above others, and the main Gray’s retreat (below it) would also in a way share walls. (to the Barn Loft folks) If we have a dog we can’t be sure won’t yap yet (a couple of times)
    do you think Jasmine Cottage makes the most sense? Did you happen to see inside the other units & could comment which you thought was the coziest/cutest, too? (which might not correlate to best for the dog) Thanks! 🙂

    • I did see the various units.. it just depends what you like, space is nice, the barn loft was very cozy, intimate and private and had great views, a small kitchen and was fine for me and my pup… if you want more space, then go for the Jasmine cottage… overall, I would suggest that you speak with the innkeepers. good fortune…

  3. Rj

    Thanks so very much! Didn’t see your note until now. Am wondering if we should consider the Loft after all, and travel w/my elderly mom & let her be in the downstairs part. (the Retreat)

    That way, I suppose *all* would get the nicest views…
    and yet, we wouldn’t have to worry about disturbing others. Hmmm…will mull.
    Then again, my hubby may not appreciate me bringing mom on-board. 😉 Btw, what type
    of dog did you bring with you? A true pup,
    or…full grown but smallish dog?

    And lastly, do they have an actual bed in this unit,
    or only pullout sofa bed? Is hard to tell from
    their website. Thanks again! 🙂

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